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**urgent Nigellas Spatchcock Chicken from Nigella Bites**

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EnidfromtheVILLAGE Thu 18-Aug-05 07:35:30

It is sick and wrong that I do not own a copy of Nigella Bites.

I think she has a spatchcocked chicken thing in there and I am planning to do it tonight on the BBQ - does any kind mumsnetter have it and could post it for me?

Pretty please

EnidfromtheVILLAGE Thu 18-Aug-05 09:25:17


MummyJules Thu 18-Aug-05 09:28:24

Okay I have it - Am just typing it up for you. Bear with me!

MummyJules Thu 18-Aug-05 09:33:46

Do you just want the recipe for the chicken or do you want the poussins and quails too?

MummyJules Thu 18-Aug-05 09:37:19


1 Spatchcooked Chicken, marinated in:
Juice of 1 Lemon
2 Tablespoons of Black Peppercorns, lightly crushed in pestle and mortar,
100 ml Olive Oil (not extra-virgin)
2 cloves of garlic. peeled and bruised

to sprinkle over;
Maldon Salt
Handfull of fresh parsley, chopped

Sit the birds in their marinade in a dish onto which they fit snugly, cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge, ideally overnight or for 24 hours. though even a couple of hours would have an effect.

When the barbecue is good and hot, lift the birds out of their marinade and cook on the barbie until the flesh has lost all raw pinkness but is still tender within and the skin is crisp. It's hard to be precise about times, since barbecues differ even more than ovens do, but on my barbecue - a gas fired outdoor chef, which I love to distraction and, since it has a lid, I use even in the winter the rain - the chicken takes about 35 minutes.
Along with the maldon salt, sprinkle freshly chopped parsley over the chicken.

Let me know if you want the recipe for the poussins and quail.

Hope you have a nice evening.


EnidfromtheVILLAGE Thu 18-Aug-05 09:45:56

you angel

thanks so much

x Enid

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