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Quick salmon marinade, anyone?

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BearintheBigBlueHouse Sun 31-Jul-05 14:42:16

BBQ-ing salmon this evening (yeah in the drizzle probably) - has anyone got any ideas for a marinade to make it taste a bit more interesting? TIA

Ameriscot2005 Sun 31-Jul-05 14:45:01

Soy sauce or teriaki sauce.

WigWamBam Sun 31-Jul-05 14:45:38

My dh likes a simple oil/lemon juice/crushed garlic/herb dressing, but you could try honey, orange juice, oil and herbs instead.

WigWamBam Sun 31-Jul-05 14:52:11

Have you got/could you get any maple syrup? Because this sounds lovely.

lunachic Sun 31-Jul-05 14:57:43

pesto and parmesan crust is nice

for marinade id try lime juice chillies coriander etc
or cook in white wine and herbs

lydz Sun 31-Jul-05 15:34:15

Lime juice and grated (fresh) ginger - mmmm

BearintheBigBlueHouse Mon 01-Aug-05 09:31:34

Thanks, M'Ners or should I say Angels. Went for honey & soy - had no maple syrup in the larder - which was very tasty - will keep the other ideas to hand for the next time (like the lime & ginger one particularly).

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