Simple meals to cook in a caravan.

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Tortoise Mon 15-Mar-10 12:09:43

Going on a SC caravan break 1st week easter hols for 7 days. One adult four children!

Last time we ate out too often and had too much crap food.
This time i want to be more prepared with recipes to cook.

So far i am thinking spag bol at least once!

Problem is that these vans do tend to have a lack of equipment! And as we are going by train i can't take any extras with us.
Will be buying from local shop so fairly limited food wise too.

Nothing with fish please!smile

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justallovertheplace Mon 15-Mar-10 12:12:27

We used to spend all summer in a caravan <gets misty eyed at memories>
We were in Devon so ate a lot of pasties with new potatoes. In fact, that's the only meal I can remember that we ate! I do know that we used to have bacon for breakfast as well, the smell still reminds me of waking up in that caravan. Are your dc happy to have things on toast? Eggs? Beans?

Tortoise Mon 15-Mar-10 12:14:31

We are going to Devon. smile
Yes, something on toast is a good idea.
MMmm hadn't thought of bacon for breakfast. grin

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justallovertheplace Mon 15-Mar-10 12:16:22

I swear it's the reason I live down here now- so many happy childhood memories Are you going anywhere near Bantham? That's where our caravan was. You'll find the local shops a godsend whereever you are really. But yes, have spent a few minutes racking my brains and all I can remember eating is pasties. My mother will be horrified grin

Tortoise Mon 15-Mar-10 12:20:44

No idea where Bantham is TBH. blush We are going to Dawlish Warren. smile

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OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 15-Mar-10 12:22:35

Can you get tesco to deliver to the caravan?

justallovertheplace Mon 15-Mar-10 12:24:49

Ah lovely, just down the coast from me (Exeter) You needn't worry. Those caravans are nicer than my house shock My grandparents rented one for a week a few years ago when I had my tonsils out so they could take dd 'on holiday' while I recovered. They are amazing. Bearing that in mind, I would say the local shop is a bit crap and deffo to get Tesco to deliver (though I have vague memory of grandparents having difficulty doing this, not sure why though. Maybe they dont deliver to holiday homes? Worth checking)


Ivykaty44 Mon 15-Mar-10 12:26:16

There is a small supermarket in the town, jsut take a few bits with you that you know you will need and eat.

helyg Mon 15-Mar-10 12:26:47

Lots of pasta dishes can be made with just a couple of pans, one for the pasta and one for the sauce. You have already suggested spag bol, but you could do carbonara, or a tuna sauce like you would put in tuna pasta bake, or a steak and mushroom sauce... Stir Fries can be good too, if the frying pan isn't big enough then just fry them in a saucepan. Baked Potatoes with different toppings? And as a PP said you have to have a full cooked breakfast....

Ivykaty44 Mon 15-Mar-10 12:30:37

Get each child to carry some food stuff for each meal - that way you have four meals and if you take some then 5

beans on toast

pasta with sauce - use a condensd soup as the sauce and add cheese

spag bog

sausages and mash

see I would take tins of tuna to make a sauce and tuna melts - but you don't do fish sad

StayingDavidTennantsGirl Mon 15-Mar-10 12:30:43

Dawlish Warren is lovely - we went there for days out several times when the dses were younger.

How do your dc feel about cook-in pasta sauces like the creamy tomato homepride one? That can be done in one oven dish, and you can put cheese in it to add protein.

You could do tortillas - some cooked chicken or ham, grated cheese, salady bits and some sour cream or mayo, and they all choose their own fillings.

A pie from the supermarket, with new potatoes and veg. Or salad with ham and boiled eggs or with quiche.

Fish and chips for one meal, maybe.

StayingDavidTennantsGirl Mon 15-Mar-10 12:31:26

Ah - sorry - I see you don't do fish.

Tortoise Mon 15-Mar-10 12:34:23

Oh yes carbonara love that.
Do Tesco deliver to holiday parks?
We went to the same park last year so luckily know Londis is close by and Gerards/Geralds(i think that's what it was called!) supermarket too.
Am i right in thinking there is a bakery too? It is DS1's 13th Birthdayshock while we are there and it would be nice to get a cake of some sort.

I dream of moving to the Exeter area. Hopefully one day! Think we have to change trains in Exeter! That will be fun with 4 DC and luggage! grin

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Tortoise Mon 15-Mar-10 12:37:24

Crossed posts.
Tortillas/wraps great idea.
Pasta sauces that i have tried are a bit blergh.
Ivy DC will each have their suitcase to pull along. I might take a ruck sack with some basics like i did last time. smile

Thanks for ideas. Keep 'em coming. grin

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justallovertheplace Mon 15-Mar-10 12:40:27

Ah, this makes me so nostalgic. We all used to come on the train with my mum too, me and my older brothers pulling our own luggage. If you all get cabin fever (inevitable I tell you) just think of all the lovely memories you are giving them I'd love to take my 2 to a caravan when they're a bit older. Exeter St Davids is a doddle btw, lifts everywhere and the Dawlish train is a real old jobby with bench seats and a lot of room to dump stuff at the end of the carriages.

30andMerkin Mon 15-Mar-10 12:41:20

Take a small bottle of olive/cooking oil, and some salt and pepper sachets (knick collect them from any service stations/cafes etc you eat in beforehand!) with you - small country supermarkets often only have GINORMOUS packets of things like this, which you'll never use over a week.

Tortoise Mon 15-Mar-10 12:44:21

smile yes lovely memories.
Mine are 5,6,10 and 12 and have been doing these type of holidays with them since youngest was 3. Used to go to Weymouth but discovered Dawlish last year and were desperate to go again.

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Ivykaty44 Mon 15-Mar-10 12:47:30

slip a couple of cans of beans, soup in each suitcase - not a lot when each item is seperate but a lot more when in a single back pack smile

take a rucksac aswell with bits and bobs smile

I am not keen on brought pasta sauce - that why I use condensed soup - much nicer

take a look here for some ideas

also do pack a grater

NestaFiesta Tue 23-Mar-10 16:18:35

1. Vesta curries!
2. Make a one pan Spanish omlette with tinned spuds, any meat or veg and loads of eggs.
3. Hot dogs make a good caravan meal (skip the onions as you will live with the smell for days)
4. make "poor man's pizzas" using pitta breads and make under the grill.Just toast one side, flip over and add ketchup, cheese, peppers, tinned sweetecorn,anything else you can find really.

MarmadukeMarmalade Wed 24-Mar-10 16:55:08

home made burgers - packet of mince, 1 egg and a few bread crumbs ( I usually use 1 slice of bread and roll it between my hands) and a bit of chopped onion. Mix it all up and make into patties then I just grill - nice with salad and rolls!

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