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Do you get milk delivered and if so, is it expensive?

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Rocinante Sat 06-Mar-10 14:00:59

I'm thinking of getting milk delivered, mainly to support local services, but can't really afford to be completely altruistic - so how much more do you think you spend a week on milk deliveries than you would in a supermarket?

Normally I'd ask my neighbour, who is the font of all knowledge, but she's away this weekend.

thelunar66 Sat 06-Mar-10 14:08:08

Yes... from a local company... Watsons Dairy, but they only delivery every other day and not on weekends.

1 litre on Monday
1 litre on Wednesday
2 litres on Friday

It cost £4.44 a week.

The downside is that the milkman turns up as early as 1am sometimes, stops outside my bedroom window with his music blaring out and engine running and wakes me up!

Also, if I don't leave exactly £4.44 out for him, and leave a tenner or fiver due to having no change, he just pockets the lot. I never get left any change angry

I'm thinking of telling him to stop delivering as its all such a pita. I only keep him on to support the service. If custom drops off they will stop the service and the local old folk with no cars will get no milk at all.

Rocinante Sat 06-Mar-10 14:15:49

That's probably about what I'd be ordering and just looking at it on Tescos it would cost about £3.50. So it's about 30% more expensive.

I'll have to think about whether I'm that good-hearted or not.

UndercoverWorker Sat 06-Mar-10 14:19:26

I use Dairy Crest. 4 pints of semi three times a week is about £23 per month or thereabouts. We've only had this since last Sept and it's brilliant. It's all done online including holidays and payment, easy peasy.

CMOTdibbler Sat 06-Mar-10 14:19:28

We had a leaflet recently for Milk and More, and I thought it might be a good idea. Looking on their website, it cost at least 50p for 2 pints more than we pay in Waitrose (that was easy to check at the time), and skimmed milk doesn't come in glass bottles, so no eco advantage there.

So, we just make more of an effort to buy milk from the local farm shop instead

UndercoverWorker Sat 06-Mar-10 14:23:49

That's who ours is through. I'm sure it is more expensive as you say but DD drinks a lot of milk, we were always running out so it's worth it to know we've got milk coming rather than get our lazy arses in gear

clayre Sat 06-Mar-10 14:26:44

i get 16 pints delivered and week and it costs £6.80, i think it works out cheaper than going to the nearest supermarket and spending a fortune on stuff i dont need but buy it cos i see! From tesco i would be £6.12 a week for the same amount of milk!

tallbirduk Sat 06-Mar-10 21:46:10

That's funny CMOT - we have Diary Crest (Milk & More) milk delivered, and our skimmed milk does come in glass bottles.

ArthurPewty Sat 06-Mar-10 21:49:59

Message withdrawn

MaisietheMorningsideCat Sat 06-Mar-10 21:50:52

We have Quothquan Dairies, a local diary franchise scheme who deliver twice a week. 2 litres is £1, six free range eggs £1, Scottish butter £1, big block of cheddar cheese for £2. Definitely cheaper than any of the supermarkets.

Lonicera Sat 06-Mar-10 21:51:36

ours is 59p a pint and it comes in glass bottles

BikeRunSki Sat 06-Mar-10 21:57:22

We live in dairy farming country and get our milk delivered direct from the farmer. He comes 4 times a week at 6.45 am. 44p/pint in glass bottles. I leave a cheque if I don't have change. All comms via a note in the milk bottle! And it means we never run out...... bacause I havn't got round to going to the supermarket.

lambanana Sat 06-Mar-10 22:44:03

We get a pint of semi skimmed delivered every day (in a bottle) but get the kids full fat milk with the shopping delivery.

Like to think we are supporting the local dairy and the price is the same as Lonicera's.

Helpexcel Sat 23-Mar-13 19:27:50

Can I bump this thread to ask how much milk deliveries are now?

SandyChick Mon 25-Mar-13 21:58:51


We have our milk delivered from a local dairy. I get a pint of whole milk delivered every morning.

They usually come around 6.45am. It's 70p per pint. Semi skimmed is cheaper. It's only my 5 year old drinking cows milk at the mo as myself and ds2 are intolerant and Dh is away. Money is collected every other week. I put a note in bottle to make any changes to order etc. They have never missed a delivery. Even when we've been snowed in. I've been having milk delivered for years and will never go back to supermarket milk.

shoegal13 Sun 02-Aug-15 15:09:24

hi 2 years on i know....but does anyone know what the current prices are for a pint of semi skimmed delivered? i signed up last week, starting tomorrow but was harassed at the door by my very barky lab plus my son who has autism shouting in the background & can you believe i didn't actually ask how much it would be?? i requested 4 pints every 2 days plus OJ. i was aware of supermarkets pricing milk ridiculously low & had been thinking it would be good to support local farmers etc. but having just googled it does seem pretty expensive, as a carer not exactly got money to waste. i think i spend about £16 a month on milk now @ three/four 2 litres of semi skimmed a week. wondering what my direct debit would be for delivery??? also having googled, found a recent article that was in the Telegraph a few months back that mentioned some milkmen get their milk from large milk processors like Muller Wiseman & Arla, hardly the local farm industry i had in mind. ok big ramble...& thanks in advance.

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