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Graze - contact number?

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minimoonumbertwo Wed 27-Jan-10 13:17:35

Does anyone have a contact number for the Graze box people? I started getting deliveries of the yummy boxes a few weeks ago but need to change some details on my account and the relevant page on the website has been crashing for about a week now.

Does anyone have any way of contacting them?


Comewhinewithme Wed 27-Jan-10 16:09:18

Just googled looks like they don't give out their number hmm.
I did find this link though HTH

minimoonumbertwo Wed 27-Jan-10 16:42:25

Hmmmm thanks comewhine i can't even get onto the contact us page on the website though so i'm not quite sure what to do!

Thanks anyway...

wisso Thu 01-May-14 11:06:37

You can cancel the purchase of a box at any time before the cut off times relevant to your delivery day by visiting your deliveries page and selecting "box options", "make a change" and "cancel weekly box". For more details please see the managing my orders section of our FAQs.Please submit any questions you have about these Terms and Conditions or an order you have placed or ordering in general by email to or write to us at:

26 Dunstable Road

rawrrrz Thu 07-Aug-14 13:52:14

I was tempted to order, I googled and found this. Had to sign in through my own details, I don't expect the 'free box' that I was promised even though I told them my name and address. Half of it looked ehh, I was looking forward to a free box of yummy selectables, advertising lies. You don't ever get to that part. This is just noise.

amyatgraze Tue 24-Feb-15 15:03:35

Hello there!

My name's Amy and I'm one of the customer service team at

I know this post is a little old, but it looks like a subject that pops up again now and then, so I thought I'd lend a hand by posting our official contact information for you.

We don't have phone customer service at graze, we specialise in outstanding service by email - we strive to answer every email we receive within 24 hours. You can reach our team Monday to Friday 9am-6pm at - or is fine too smile

Our postal address has changed since the post above. If you do need that you can find the latest version in our ts and cs here:

However I'd definitely recommend email instead, as that'll be quickest!

Do stop by and say hello on Twitter and Facebook too:

I hope this is handy smile

Happy grazing, mumsnet!

- Amy

stoddey123 Tue 14-Apr-15 16:45:28

what is graze number

MichaelJoeK Fri 15-May-15 21:14:19

I did get my free box. They are good quality snacks and you can choose how often you get them.

DragonsCanHop Sun 17-May-15 21:20:49

I love my graze box and find the website really easy to use to bin items or rate them.

anywarner Tue 21-Jul-15 09:13:11

Hi, been trying to contact Graze for over a year now with various contact addresses, including the ones above. All I want is to change my delivery address. I don't have my account or log in details and it's becoming very frustrating! Help!!!!

Weekipper Wed 22-Jul-15 17:45:48

I emailed them a month ago and they got back to me within 24hrs and solved my issue. Very helpful so would recommend emailing them

Redglitter Wed 22-Jul-15 17:52:59

Have you tried contacting them via Twitter or Facebook

sexynanny7 Fri 07-Aug-15 17:20:48

I am requesting that as of 8/6/2015 that my membership and all orders be cancelled. thank you.

amyatgraze Tue 18-Aug-15 17:28:12

Hello folks,

Just checking in again in case we can offer any one some Customer Service help - it looks like we might!

We can't adjust orders directly from this forum, but do pop us an email and we'll be happy to offer assistance asap.

graze's main emails are: (for the UK) and (for the USA)

Thanks so much. Happy grazing in the meantime smile

Mark7thH Wed 23-Dec-15 00:18:03

I accepted the E-mail offer for the website. I then thought again and cancelled within days of joining. Now more than a month later I find they dipped into my bank account by charging my credit card (the same one they say they don't have on file). I'm contacting the bank in the morning to let them know this charge was unauthorized AND an attorney if they don't refund the illegal charge and cancel the subscription that I already cancelled over 30 days ago.

I did finally find this company. Graze is actually Nature Delivered Inc. Their phone number is: (NUMBER REMOVED BY MNHQ) . I found this at this website:

I currently have only found this company to be a SCAM. They tell you how to cancel, but the options aren't on the screen. They won't provide a phone number and charge you even after you cancel before the deadline. They also won't respond to E-mails. Stay away from

cdtaylornats Wed 23-Dec-15 11:14:51

Graze is excellent, I have in the past cancelled for a while and then gone back.

It's easy on the website. Never had a problem skipping a box if I am away. The vast majority of snacks at good to excellent, obviously some are unpleasant to my personal taste but if you rate them as "don't send" you never see them again.

Stormyseasallround Wed 23-Dec-15 18:57:00

I've used Graze for over a year now without problems. A box every fortnight, which is eagerly anticipated by all 5 of us. The kids have definitely widen what they'll taste as a result of it.

SHANNON09 Mon 04-Apr-16 18:37:08

I just gave GRAZE all of my banking info ,only to see that my son is allergic to almost EVERYTHING ...( I did think I would like it though) Due to the fact that they have NO CONTACT number...I canceled ..! I do not even want the free box...I also went on to my banking and saw that they already made an error...LOL...They say they will take a dollar to check your card..?? well THEY TOOK A DOLLAR .????THREE TIMES,ha ha ha ha...Oh yes I am finished.To bad though,the snacks looked good and has nice write ups...Thanks for all the info everyone...Have a good day..!

DCITennison Mon 04-Apr-16 18:39:56

Wtf have Graze been lacing their boxes with?

sparechange Mon 04-Apr-16 18:42:54

I only get lovely lovely snacks in mine, DCI
I hope Amy comes back so I can get some of the US versions though. Looks like they get the fun stuff...

Dainas Fri 18-Nov-16 06:47:02

Hi I desperately need to get ahold of the graze people I sighned up got a box ended my description then they sent me one. How do I send it back I don't want to get charged for it. I don't know how to do email. I need a phone number or advice

CurtainsforRonnie Fri 18-Nov-16 06:50:44

Cancel your direct debit through your online banking.

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