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Quick! How do I soften butter to bake with it without melting it?

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mrsbabookaloo Mon 15-Jun-09 20:31:20

Need to make cupcakes for dd to take to nursery for her bday tomorrow, and butter has just come out of fridge. I don't have a microwave.

...I also don't have enough eggs or any icing sugar, but think I can borrow those!

PS Can I have kudos for baking despite the fact that I dc2 is due in three days, we were up with dd from 4am-7am this am, I've had to take her to the doctor with a suspicious rash today and also all the drains were backed up and I paid an eye watering amount for a plumber to make a mess and render me unable to do any of the maternity leave stuff that I was supposed to be doing today....

mollyroger Mon 15-Jun-09 20:32:59

grate it with a cheese grater - trust me it works

duckyfuzz Mon 15-Jun-09 20:33:44

pop it in the oven as its heating for the cakes (or grill above oven aas oven heats, iyswim)

morningpaper Mon 15-Jun-09 20:33:59


Bakersman Mon 15-Jun-09 20:34:08

Yes I was about to post the same, grate it. Works a treat

mollyroger Mon 15-Jun-09 20:36:41

do you know, that was tip I nicked off mumsnet - from one of those ''really crap tips you see in crappy magazines and people actually get paid for'' threads grin

It was WELL hidden among the ''make a stylish rain hood from old carriers and fag packets'' tips though....

mrsbabookaloo Mon 15-Jun-09 20:37:08

Thanks, can always rely on mumsnet for a quick reply (but no sympathy for my blatant whingeing). grating sounds like hard work, but I'll try!

southeastastra Mon 15-Jun-09 20:38:12

i peel it with a potato peeler

StirlingTheStrong Mon 15-Jun-09 21:06:08

I chop into small pieces and leave on a plate for a short while and it softens quickly.


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