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butternut squash seeds

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pipo Thu 15-Jan-09 22:19:22

are they suitable for wild birds?

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forkhandles Thu 15-Jan-09 22:32:31

Seems like they are! Found this on Google for you

Another great option for those seed loving birds is to save seeds from melons, pumpkins, butternut squash, etc. Wash them to remove the remaining pulp. Then place them in the oven on a cookie sheet for about an hour at 180 - 200 degrees or until dry. This will prevent sprouting. Another way to dry them is to place them in the sun on an old window screen - but watch out for scavengers!

pipo Thu 15-Jan-09 22:37:49

oh thank you. I've looked at RSPB site but didn't google. I think the birds in the garden will be enjoying their breakfast for the next few days.

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GrimmaTheNome Thu 15-Jan-09 22:40:39

I've sometimes wondered if they are suitable for humans too - I roast pumpin seeds to eat, so why not? But then again, I guess the birds need them more.

Wouldn't mind if they did sprout - normal birdseed can lead to all sorts of oddities under the bird table!

MindfulBear Mon 06-Jan-20 12:18:04

Found this. Says the birds rarely take pumpkin and melon seeds...... did they take your squash seeds?

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