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Pre preparing roast potatoes the day before

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ParadiseLaundry Sat 01-Dec-18 14:52:14

I have a vague recollection of Jamie Oliver saying on one of his Christmas specials that it's possible to pre boil potatoes and dress them in the fat and then refrigerate to roast the next day.

Has anyone done this? I'm thinking about doing this for Christmas but don't want to compromise the deliciousness of my roasties on the big day!

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SnuggyBuggy Sat 01-Dec-18 14:55:28

I actually find they crisp up better when prepped a day before

FiveNightsAtMummys Sat 01-Dec-18 14:57:31

Try it now and see how it goes? I do this alot and we like them. I've currently got some slimming world roasties in my freezer.

ParadiseLaundry Sat 01-Dec-18 15:01:30

God I'm such a thicko, it never thought to try it before! Thanks I will try it this weekend! Glad to know it's possible at least. So can you actually freeze them too? Or does that work better with the kind of fat you would use with a slimming world recipe, which I presume isn't goose fat.

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dontticklethetoad Sat 01-Dec-18 15:02:32

Going against the grain here, I find that they are a little dry if I parboil etc the day before.

FiveNightsAtMummys Sat 01-Dec-18 17:42:01

I par-boil and dry them with kicthen towel and then I spray with fry light and freeze them in a good bag. I cook mine from frozen and they taste nice. They don't crisp up very well tho but that's because there slimming world ones and have fry light so very little fat.

Yeh def try it before. Also I don't know if you've tried but I make up Yorkshire puddings and freeze them too and they taste lovely. Altho not slimming world friendly!

Bigonesmallone3 Sat 01-Dec-18 17:43:28

Surely nothing can be better than fresh roasties

noenergy Sat 01-Dec-18 17:50:48

I parboil mine and put them in the fridge. I drizzle oil on before putting them in the oven.

Didn't work when I froze them, they didn't crisp up as nicely

icklekid Sat 01-Dec-18 17:52:23

We tried this last year. Effectively roasted and froze and then roasted again like twice cooked chips. They were amazing. I doubt it would work with fry light. Christmas day is definitely an off plan and enjoy day for me

villainousbroodmare Sat 01-Dec-18 17:53:47

They are perfect when made up to 48hrs ahead and refrigerated but imo freezing is a mistake, and makes them sort of wet.

villainousbroodmare Sat 01-Dec-18 17:54:58

I'm sure it depends a bit on the variety of spud also.

Bonkersblond Sat 01-Dec-18 17:57:50

There's a BBC recipe on line to freeze ahead, Parboil then toss in oil, flour and salt, cook from frozen and they are very soft on inside and crispy on the outside.

MustBeDueSomeBetterFeet Sat 01-Dec-18 17:59:50

Just done my Christmas roast potatoes today! Following the lovely Mary Berry of course, so par boil, fluff in saucepan, roast for 10 mins at 200 fan in duck fat/veg oil mix, then freeze. Roast for an hour on the day!

HumphreyCobblers Sat 01-Dec-18 18:00:37

I did this the other day as I have 24 to cook for on christmas day. Par boiled, added goose fat and refridgerated. They cooked beautifully.

I didn't want to risk the temperature drop that would ensue if I put frozen ones in.

HumphreyCobblers Sat 01-Dec-18 18:01:21

Refridgerated? sorry refrigerated

TheRhythmlessCarolMan Sat 01-Dec-18 18:02:27

Wtf are slimming world potatoes?????
Have they been growing in fat-free soil?

MustBeDueSomeBetterFeet Sat 01-Dec-18 18:03:35

Another reliable freeze-ahead recipe I've used many times:

theworldistoosmall Sat 01-Dec-18 18:07:53

Wtf are slimming world potatoes?????
Have they been growing in fat-free soil?

I was wondering the same thing grin

FiveNightsAtMummys Sat 01-Dec-18 18:08:42

Yes there grown in fat free soil and contain 98% air. I only mentioned them as I have some in the freezer, it's just roast potatoes but fry light oil instead of normal oil. I won't be using them on Christmas day, there for now.

theworldistoosmall Sat 01-Dec-18 18:10:35

But yea when I'm cooking a roast for loads, I parboil, season, oil, cover and leave in the fridge.
When I need them, I take them out before I need them to bring the temp back up. Then in a hot roasting pan as I would normally do with a bit of oil on the bottom.

AltogetherAndrews Sat 01-Dec-18 18:19:56

I par boil, roast for half the time in goose fat and then freeze, usually 2 or 3 weeks ahead. I use disposable baking trays, so the whole thing, fat and all goes in the freezer with foil over the top, and then I can just bung it back in the oven with the foil removed on the day when I take the meat out to rest. Works perfectly, I think they are better that way. I do the same with the honey roast parsnips, and also cook and freeze the red cabbage in advance too.

Bonkersblond Sun 02-Dec-18 19:05:19

That's the recipe I use Mustbedue

ragged Sun 02-Dec-18 19:13:17

We do this daily. Have done for yrs. Yesterday's leftover boiled potatoes (fully boiled, not parboiled) are tonight's roasties. We don't add the fat until they go into oven.

ragged Sun 02-Dec-18 19:13:44

what kind of seasoning do you add? That's unknown to me & DC would freak out at it. Off to google

Tigerpaws57 Mon 03-Dec-18 09:31:08

Has anyone tried cooking stuffing balls and pigs in blankets ahead of time then just reheating on the day? Thought it might reduce oily trays and could be reheated in a heap rather than needing to spread out on a tray for even browning.

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