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Mumnset Village Show - Cupcake Competition

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ChippyMinton Mon 18-Jun-07 11:31:17

Right ladies, new thread, let's get the rules set down so we can get baking

littlelapin Mon 18-Jun-07 11:33:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

my DH is going to think I'm (more) insane!!!

kittylette Mon 18-Jun-07 12:10:31

Can i join in?

absolutely kittylette!
we haven't established the rules yet though. nor do we have a deadline.

kittylette Mon 18-Jun-07 12:14:58

How exciting!!

kickassangel Mon 18-Jun-07 12:15:42

can we agree the mix & no of cakes for this one? hard to judge rise when we all use different quantities & sizes

kittylette Mon 18-Jun-07 13:07:59

Any idea of when this might happen?

Ill need to get the ingrediants in!

Rhubarb Mon 18-Jun-07 13:09:12

Can I be the pissed-up rampaging one that eats all the cakes and farts in front of the vicar?

ChippyMinton Mon 18-Jun-07 13:11:30

I suggest rules:
1. the recipe and size (muffin or fairy cake) is up to you (ie anything goes)
2. the deadline is midnight on Sunday for pictures to be posted on the competition picture trail
3. you may submit a maximum of six cakes in total in all or any of the following categories as suggested by littlelapin:

Best decoration
Most inventive presentation
Best childrens' entry

Whaddya think? Keep it simple

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 18-Jun-07 13:12:51

Rhubarb - of course, but we will have to find a vicar - someone on Mumsnet must be a vicar.

Rhubarb Mon 18-Jun-07 13:14:23

Oh oh oh, don't forget the fart lighting competition! I wanna be entered for that please along with Percy. Thank you.

UCM Mon 18-Jun-07 13:14:27

<<<wipes brow again>>> I can't keep up. Right so these can be anything in a little paper cake duberry. I always think of cupcakes as ones with thick choccy icing on?

kittylette Mon 18-Jun-07 13:15:56

Yeah i was thinking big hu-age things whih icing

ChippyMinton Mon 18-Jun-07 13:16:07

Yep. Think DD has some miniature paper cases somewhere, that might be fun

Slubberdegullion Mon 18-Jun-07 13:20:10

I'm in

I will have to be doing this covertly (SMS stylee) as DH and my RL friends think I am currently in the hold of some underlying mental health issue which I am in compensating for with cake.

ChippyMinton Mon 18-Jun-07 13:22:51

In case of doubt i have consulted the mighty wiki for a definition of cupcake:

A cupcake is a small cake made in a cup-sized container, several of which are available in one metal sheet. The pans are often lined with paper baking cups so that the cupcakes don't stick to the pan. As with larger cakes, frosting and decorations are usually applied.


Rhubarb Mon 18-Jun-07 13:37:42

Can we have a rude vegetable show too please?

And how about a section titled '101 things to do with a stale cupcake'?

kickassangel Mon 18-Jun-07 13:42:02

so, if we want to enter all 3 categories, we need to enter 2 in each one?
i assume we need an innards shot of one, to show rise?

i can afford to 'lose' this one - as i may have mentioned earlier, my cupcakes won prizes back in my youth. i will remain supreme in my confidence.

also have a perfect alibi for excessive cak baking this week - first meeting for a new forum of teachers, so i can suck up to new boss & make myself popular!

ChippyMinton Mon 18-Jun-07 13:48:44

that sounds sensible KAA. Just no more than six cakes in total or the judges will be swamped.

Anyone fancy judging this fine contest?
Rhubarb? Tigi? MrsCake?

kittylette Mon 18-Jun-07 13:50:08

Is there a beginners section?

or shall i just enter in the kids section!

kickassangel Mon 18-Jun-07 16:22:45

Arse - have just discovered that i'm having my kitchen flooring done starting tomorrow & ending next week! high amounts of dust, MUST NOT drop anything on it, can't get it wet & all food & equipment have to be removed!

bang goes my plan for letting dd & a friend decorate cakes then 'wash up' for me (secret ploy to get mopping done by dd).

i shall, however, persivere.

Peachy Mon 18-Jun-07 16:26:38

I'm in although my cakes are suually more taste than looks iykwim. Damn shame I fell out with MIL- national cake decraring award winner and sugarcraft supremo! but no rosette is worth THAT phone call LOL!

cupcakes Mon 18-Jun-07 16:26:41

I feel I am duty bound to enter.
But I can't do picture rail.

kickassangel Mon 18-Jun-07 16:32:40

cupcakes - i put my pics on my profile page! apparently it still counts, although i still can't fathom why i didn't win!

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