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What to serve with thai green curry

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TheOrigRightsofwomen Fri 26-Jan-18 10:30:46

I've got a couple of friends coming for dinner tomorrow. All pretty casual, but it's taken SO long to arrange so it's going to be special.

I'm doing thai green curry with chicken and jasmine rice.
I've got a packet mix that you just add the coconut milk and chicken to. Is that awful?

I won't do a starter, but would like suggestions of what veg and/or accompaniments to serve with the meal and also what to serve after wards. They are both very good cooks and I'm looking forward to pushing the boat out a bit for them (and me!).

I am a reasonable cook, but more a Delia person (need to be told exactly how much to add, how long to stir for and what it should look like), rather than Jamie Oliver with his glugs and 'stir for a bit' style.

Time wise, they're arriving 6.30pm, we'll eat around 7. My 8 yo son will join us for dinner and pudding and then I was thinking I'd get some cheese and crackers to leave with my friends while I put LO to bed.

No one will be drinking.

Inspire me! I can easily go shopping tomorrow but am limited to just regular supermarkets.

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moreismore Fri 26-Jan-18 10:34:17

Oyster crackers and sweet chilli sauce are nice ‘nibbles’
Okra and Baby sweetcorn stirfried with a little soy sauce and then sesame seeds sprinkled on would be nice.
Am sure packer mix will be fine but you can also buy little pots of green curry paste which you just add coconut milk too and they are lovely.
Bamboo shoots (tinned) are a nice addition to the curry.
I also like a little fresh lime to squeeze over mine and perhaps some fresh chopped coriander?

moreismore Fri 26-Jan-18 10:35:05

Oh and afterwards Rachel’s organic so coconut rice puddings which are amazing! You could serve with fresh mango

Buglife Fri 26-Jan-18 10:40:10

When you say packet mix do you mean a paste or a powder? A good Thai green paste would be better. A side dish of steamed green veg tossed in lime chilli and garlic might be a nice, or maybe a noodle and veg dish? And I agree serve with wedges of lime and fresh coriander and maybe some finely sliced chillis so they can add to taste at the end.

I’d go with some really lovely ice cream for pud but I’m lazy with puddings as I’m more about the mains!

FluffyWuffy100 Fri 26-Jan-18 12:10:00

Add in green peppers as well as your chicken, will make the curry much nicer.

I would serve thai fish crackers with dipping sauce for snack with drinks if you aren't doing a starter.

Then with the curry I'd add in a vegetable dish, either steamed green veg with a thai dressing as @Buglife says. The green veg side in Jamie's 30 min Sea Bass is really nice. Or do a nice Asian slaw like this HFW one.

Defo serve the curry with fresh coriander and wedges of lime. I'm a fan of a sprinkle of sesame seeds too.

Pudding - think tropical. Coconut ice cream, coconut rice pudding, mango, passion fruit, papaya, lime. That kind of thing.

Simple would be a tropical fruit salad with ice cream (you could offer coconut and chocolate). Or serve these GU passion fruit puds

TheOrigRightsofwomen Fri 26-Jan-18 12:18:05

Wow, amazing. Thank you! Looks like some quite simple things will turn it from an everyday dinner to a special meal.

Will have a proper read after work.

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Mummyoftwo91 Fri 26-Jan-18 15:48:15

What about some spring rolls?

TheOrigRightsofwomen Fri 26-Jan-18 19:55:06


I have both a jar and packet in the cupboard. I'll use the jar then.

Here's my list:
Oyster crackers
Sweet chilli dipping sauce
Baby sweet corn
Mange tout
Soy sause
Sesame seeds
Fresh coriander
Fresh chilli
Green pepper

Fancy ice cream (coconut or tropical) or GU desert.

I'll ditch the cheese board, it just doesn't go, does it!

I'm excited.
I can't really cook the curry in advance can I?

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Atticusss Fri 26-Jan-18 20:39:12

I've always added baby sweetcorn, carrot and mange tout or green pepper into my Thai green curry. Sometimes new potatoes. I do like some of the veg suggestions above though. We usually serve with rice noodles. I don't see why you can't make the curry in advance? Just not the rice.

ineedwine99 Fri 26-Jan-18 20:46:52

WE add green pepper, spring onion, green beans and dry roasted peanuts, serve with spicy thai cracers from Sainsburys. Aldi green thai curry paste is great

GimbleInTheWabe Sat 27-Jan-18 06:43:03

I'd serve some pak Choi with it rather than traditional British green veg, stir fried in some soy, sesame oil, chilli flakes, squeeze of honey or dash of mirin, something like that. I usually chop the whole 'leaf' as it were in half lengthwise or in to quarters if it's a really big one. And def the spicy prawn crackers and sweet chilli dipping sauce.
It's actually much easier than you think to make your own Thai curry paste. It's usually a chop and blend jobby, but the premade pastes are pretty good and obvs less faff.
Def don't make it in advance as it's really quick to make anyway and is the kind of thing best served fresh. Sounds lovely!
Pud sounds good and I sometimes also buy a bar of naice dark chocolate which always seems to go down well too. People usually have it about 20 mins after pud if they're still after something sweet. Have a good nice OP!

FluffyWuffy100 Sat 27-Jan-18 08:11:40

t's actually much easier than you think to make your own

I’ve given up making my own curry paste. The freezer was full of lemongrass, galangal etc and I reckon my pastes weren’t any better than the good ones you can buy and were costing me more.

Hope your dinner party went well @TheOrigRightsofwomen

TheOrigRightsofwomen Sat 27-Jan-18 09:00:27

It's this evening Fluffy

I shall let you know how it goes. I forgot to get pudding! Will do that today. Got all the other stuff yesterday.

Wabe thanks for those suggestions. I'll try them when I'm not planning on serving to other people (see my OP...I'm not good with a dash of this and a glug of that and I suspect pac choi is not very forgiving if not cooked just right!)

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TeaAndBisquits Sat 27-Jan-18 20:14:35

Hope it's going well? I really want to eat a Thai green curry now!

TheOrigRightsofwomen Sun 28-Jan-18 07:58:17

It went really well!

However since they didn't offer to help wash up I won't be inviting them again grin

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GimbleInTheWabe Sat 03-Feb-18 09:21:55

It's my turn to host this weekend! We've got my friend and her DP over for dinner. I'm Sticking with the Asian theme but hopping over to India and making a chicken biryani and attempting onion Bhajis for the first time.. the biryani recipe is rick steins 'rosewater biryani', it's really tasty and is even better as leftovers the next day!

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