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Using a supermarket to cater for special party

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woodhill Wed 10-Aug-16 17:19:43

I'm hosting a family party for a special wedding anniversary. Want to enjoy it myself so wanted to do a finger food buffet but ready prepared.

I was thinking of ordering from either M&S or Waitrose or open to other suggestions.

Anyone done this and how did it go


Pinkheart5915 Wed 10-Aug-16 17:24:10

I have uses m&s a few times, with no complaints at all

Do you have a local bakers near you? I am using our local bakers for buffet food for ds 1st birthday next month

Scarydinosaurs Wed 10-Aug-16 17:25:28

I used waitrose just for sandwiches and an afternoon tea type party and they were brilliant.

Jaimx86 Wed 10-Aug-16 17:27:32

Family used M&S for my mum's 60th this weekend. Wide selections of sandwiches and sides, the large quite is nice. Think she spent £250ish for 30 people. Only let down was the sushi - very bland.

Jaimx86 Wed 10-Aug-16 17:27:51


DurhamDurham Wed 10-Aug-16 17:34:42

When it was daughter's 18th birthday we used some platters ordered from Sainsbury's to supplement our homemade buffet and to take the pressure off and because making hundreds of sandwiches is very boring
There was a lovely selection and they all got eaten. I wouldn't pay for salads etc as you can just throw them in a bowl or cheese platters as they're easy too.

woodhill Wed 10-Aug-16 17:38:40

Yes I will do crudités myself and may make the odd thing. Just want to take pressure off myself.

HelsinkiLights Wed 10-Aug-16 17:38:46

At my friend's 50th birthday all the food was from M&S. It was lovely & no leftovers either (and she had loads of food on the tables.)

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 10-Aug-16 20:31:45

I would advise getting a couple of quotes from local caterers. We used a local sandwich shop and had a lovely fresh, tailor made buffet delivered to the venue for a really good price. We too had assumed M&S or waitrose would be best and caterers expensive but this excellent.

Gardencentregroupie Wed 10-Aug-16 20:34:11

Used Waitrose for DH's 40th, we had some sandwich platters, little canapé type things, a platter of meats, a selection of cheeses, and various desserts. Absolutely delicious and we had leftovers for days. I would definitely use them again.

Memyselfandthatotherperson Wed 10-Aug-16 20:52:26

Do you know anyone with a Costco card? You can get nice sandwich platters and yummy sushi.

woodhill Wed 10-Aug-16 21:08:19

Yes I have one. Good idea.May go and look.

I have to admit I like the idea of the food being delivered.

YelloDraw Fri 12-Aug-16 10:27:52

For a few family events of about 20 to 30 people we have used M&S and waitrose party stuff - has always been great.

Chasingsquirrels Fri 12-Aug-16 10:35:24

We used mainly M&S with a couple of sushi platters & Heston chocolate popping candy bites from Waitrose for the party we had after our wedding a month or so ago.
We supplemented with some other bits we just brought and cut up.

The food was all good.
M&S dessert bites were v nice, and their fruit skewers were much enjoyed.

OliviaStabler Fri 12-Aug-16 10:36:18

Definitely go with Waitrose. They are amazing.

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