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Slow cooker fudge

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reikizen Sat 31-Jan-15 12:12:50

Christ, who would have thought it would be so hard! Does anyone have a slow cooker fudge recipe which isn't in American measurements please?

Lifesalemon Sat 31-Jan-15 16:30:57

I haven't but I was intrigued as it sounds good so I googled 'slow cooker fudge UK' Quite a few recipes came up but I'm sorry i don't know how to link.
Let us know what it's like if you make it. I might have to try it. smile

Binglet Sat 31-Jan-15 16:37:20

200g Milk choc
200g White Choc
(or 400g any choc basically)
1 tin condensed milk
Vanilla essence
Knob of butter

Shove all in SC on high and leave lid off
Stir every 10mins for about an hour or so.
Pour into a tray and cool (add dried fruit, choc chips etc at this point)
Once cool pop in fridge overnight.

Beautiful choc fudge. I do it all the time. White choc and cranberry is a fave.

Perfectlypurple Sat 31-Jan-15 16:44:03

I might give that a try binglet. I love home made fudge but hate the time it takes having to stir all the time.

I have just made a slow cooker mint aero cake, then adapted the recipe and did a cadburys caramel one using the caramel nibbles.

reikizen Sat 31-Jan-15 17:26:12

Brilliant, thanks. That's tomorrow's pud sorted!

Lifesalemon Sat 31-Jan-15 19:33:50

Wow, purple where can I find the aero cake recipe please. I use my slow cooker lots but always for savoury dishes. I didn't realise all these sweet treats were possible in it.

Perfectlypurple Sat 31-Jan-15 20:03:28

Screen shot of the recipe

Perfectlypurple Sat 31-Jan-15 20:07:47

Hang on, for some reason my photos won't show all of them when I try to add to the thread

Perfectlypurple Sat 31-Jan-15 20:10:40

Hope this link works

Lifesalemon Sat 31-Jan-15 21:56:27

Thanks purple the link worked and I've bookmarked it. Can't wait to try it.
It looks amazing.

spleenyone Sun 01-Feb-15 20:43:58

Binglet, I have followed your fudge recipe and have it in the slow cooker now, thanks for the tip!

duzzlightyearsmum Tue 03-Feb-15 09:09:33

Thanks for the link purple it's in the slow cooker now can't wait!

sliceofsoup Tue 03-Feb-15 09:47:20

That aero cake looks great. Have bookmarked it!

spleenyone Tue 03-Feb-15 18:05:12

The fudge was amazing! Thanks for the recipe. So easy and delicious.

Binglet Thu 05-Feb-15 08:59:58

No problem! It's the best fudge and you can do so much with it. I do it for gifts in jars. grin

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