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Films for 15 year old girls

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Startailoforangeandgold Tue 02-Oct-12 16:52:58

DD and her friends meet up and watch DVDs quite often and with Xmas coming up I thought they could do with some new ones (some of the group are on my present list)

So far they've done:
Hunger games
Pirates of the Carebian (Sp)
all the HPs
Friends which DD hates
to kill john tuker
bad teachers
twilight (sp)
Nancy drew
a Cinderella story 1/2
high school musical 1,2,3 (about 50 times)
he's just not that in to you
operation pettycoat
in time

Excuse spelling DD typed this.


PandaG Tue 02-Oct-12 16:55:16

not a film but what about Outnumbered the tv series? Very funny

HiHowAreYou Tue 02-Oct-12 16:57:13

Whip it.
Bring it on.

kellestar Tue 02-Oct-12 16:59:12

Empire records
Legally blonde

SorrelForbes Tue 02-Oct-12 17:01:41

What about some of the 80s Brat Pack films? Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, St Elmo's Fire.

shhhgobacktosleep Tue 02-Oct-12 17:03:52

Snow White & the huntsman out on DVD very soon. Tool my dd (16) to see it and she loved it
27 dresses - dd & her friends never seem to tire of watching.
Moulin Rouge - as above ^^ they love it

sugarandspite Tue 02-Oct-12 17:14:59

Miss congeniality
Dirty dancing
A league of their own
10 things I hate about you
50 first dates
The princess bride

mummytime Tue 02-Oct-12 17:16:16

Mean Girls
Save the Last Dance for me

bruffin Tue 02-Oct-12 17:49:49

Dd 15 suggests
Wild Child
Angus thongs and perfect snogging

If they like hsh then Camp Rock

Never Been kissed
School of rock

ProudNeathGirl Tue 02-Oct-12 17:54:05

Introduced mine to Life of Brian on Sunday. She loved it. £3 at Sainsbury's

bruffin Tue 02-Oct-12 18:21:11

Hairspray both musical and old version

AViewfromtheFridge Tue 02-Oct-12 18:22:37

Stand by me
Shawshank Redemption
Lord of the Flies (early 90s ish version)

BillComptonstrousers Tue 02-Oct-12 18:24:53

Whip It
Easy A (I watched ths last week and really enjoyed it)

BillComptonstrousers Tue 02-Oct-12 18:25:52


Rutherford Tue 02-Oct-12 18:34:47

Not mentioned so far:
Easy A
A Knights Tale
Step Up
Coyote Ugly
How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
Sweet Home Alabama

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 02-Oct-12 18:57:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Startailoforangeandgold Wed 03-Oct-12 00:50:40

DD2 has outnumbered, I'd forgoton that
Some kind of wonderful was a group of boys at universities favourite.

They might well like Moulin rouge

A lot of the others I'm going to have to google. I'm no film buff

A huge thank you thanks thanks thanks thanks

Well apart from viewfromafridge Lord of the Flies is the only book I've ever wanted to burn. I wear glasses and was the kid that got teased and while I wasn't fat, I do rather feel for Piggy.

monsterchild Wed 03-Oct-12 00:54:17

Whale Rider (thought it may be a bit young, I thought it was great)
Roman Holiday
Sabrina (I prefer the Bogart one, but the newer one is ok too)
Mystery Men

Ok, they are older movies, but I think they're good!

Startailoforangeandgold Wed 03-Oct-12 01:13:34

You can't let impressionable young ladies watch Gregory Peckwink

monsterchild Wed 03-Oct-12 01:25:49

Oh, yes, well, I hadn't thought of that! He is dreamy!

Startailoforangeandgold Wed 03-Oct-12 01:39:10

My Mum used to iron with all the old movies on, I have rather a soft spot for mr Peck and Mr Grant.

monsterchild Wed 03-Oct-12 01:50:08

me too, And their parts were so witty, lots of fast, funny dialogue. I miss that sometimes in the midst of things exploding, vegetable stands being knocked over and aliens attacking...

SPsFanjoLovesItGangnamStyle Wed 03-Oct-12 01:50:41

Cabin in the Woods

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