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Can anyone recommend an ankle brace/support for netball

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Brytte Tue 27-Dec-16 14:35:32

DD has unstable ankles and she has had two bad sprains this past year. She'll be playing netball at school next term and I want to get her semi-rigid ankle supports to wear. She's tried the Aircast A60 but it dug and was painful to wear. Does anyone have a recommendation?

ElizaSchuyler Wed 28-Dec-16 17:05:17

Has she seen a physio. Dd has similar issues (she's hype mobile & does ballet) & the physio told her not to get over the counter supports & she's been given strengthening excercises to do twice a day.

Brytte Wed 28-Dec-16 17:34:09

Yes, she's seen a physio for the other ankle she sprained and does exercises following on from that. After Christmas I will take her again to see if she needs different exercises for this sprain on the other ankle, as it is higher up. It's likely she concentrated on exercising the other ankle instead of both ankles and left this ankle more prone to a sprain. She's also flat footed, and that's only been recognised 6 months ago, so has orthotic insoles to help correct pronation and pressure on her joints.

I was taping her ankle for sports the past few months and then she was wearing a light support but she went over on her ankle whilst running during PE. She'd forgotten her kit and was wearing borrowed trainers and kit, and wasn't wearing any kind of support.

ElizaSchuyler Wed 28-Dec-16 17:44:35

Ouch. I expect part of the problem is that often school PE teachers don't understand. Luckily for my dd she attends a specialist dance school & so they took her off dance completely for a bit & also have knowledge of these issues (opposite to your dd - very high instep & flexible ankles). Even though she only sprained one ankle she has to do the excercises on both.

She goes tomorrow & finds out if she has the go ahead to dance again. Sorry I can't recommend a support. Dd tapes her ankles but is going to get a supper from the physio that will be custom made.

She's been reccomended Sketchers trainers as being supportive for her.

helenwilson Thu 29-Dec-16 19:02:13

Hi, I play netball and had a bad injury about seven years ago (I am nearly 40 !!) since then I have worn a Victor ankle stabiliser which has allowed me to play competitively for the last few years. I bought it from a netball store but it is an Australian brand and I can't see it being sold in the UK anymore (it is still on sale in Australia !). There is a similar one I have seen here, it's the Aso ankle brace but I do not have personal experience of it. The reason I like this style is that lace up braces allow for really supportive tension around the whole ankle, and the figure of eight straps add an extra layer. I cannot fault my brace if you can find a Viktor, but the Aso has good reviews on Amazon - I'm sure sports physio can also point you In the right direction.

Brytte Thu 05-Jan-17 22:42:09

Hi. Just saw this reply. Many thanks. I have ordered lace up supports with a figure of eight strap so it's good to read that you have had success with that type.

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