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Save the planet!!! What small steps have you taken today?

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Mrscog Mon 27-Nov-17 14:46:10

Following on from a thread where we were all discussing how we wanted to reduce our impact on the earth I thought I would start this thread for us to share ideas/motivation etc.

This is a non-judgmental thread and is about whatever steps you want to take to reduce consumption. None of us are perfect and we've all got to start somewhere.

My small steps today -

1. Morning school run incorporated as part of DH's commute.
2. Afternoon school run due to be done on foot.
3. Didn't bother going to Aldi as to be honest I have enough food in to cobble some stuff together.
4. Just used microfibre cloth with water to wipe down kitchen rather than dousing with chemicals (hadn't chopped any raw meat etc so no need to be too clean).

Mrscog Mon 27-Nov-17 14:47:04

5. Just turned off an ipad which was playing to itself.

User5trillion Mon 27-Nov-17 14:59:41

Sat here freezing but heating isnt on! I have also dug out kids gillets as I have been a bit lazy and got into the habit of switching the heating on instead of just putting on a jumper! Doh.

LinzerTorte Mon 27-Nov-17 15:54:36

Great idea for a thread. My small steps so far today:

1. Cycled to Aldi
2. Didn't buy tomatoes or cucumber as both were from Spain (and cucumber was shrink wrapped)
3. Took DD to her piano lesson by bike (I almost always drive her)

I failed to have a car-free day, however, as DS missed the bus after school so phoned to ask me to pick him up. He could really have waited half an hour for the next bus, I suppose; I'll need to be stricter in future.

Currently looking for a bigger reusable water bottle than the one DS has at the moment; he needed one for a football tournament a few weeks ago and DH bought a big plastic bottle, which really annoyed me! He has a 500 ml Glogg for school, which is really good quality and more affordable than some of the other brands, but I think the company has closed down so I'll probably go for a Klean Kanteen one.

Oddish Mon 27-Nov-17 15:57:16

I didn’t put the sweet potatoes in a separate plastic bag when buying them just left them loose. And pondered the biodegradability of dental floss and what the alternative could be 🤔 any ideas anyone?

Mrscog Mon 27-Nov-17 16:14:07

Hmm I don't know Oddish, but I do know that questions have been raised about the efficacy of flossing, -

So maybe you could just cut down on flossing? Every other day - reduces amount by 50%!

Mrscog Mon 27-Nov-17 16:17:20

user5trillion yes I wore my coat for an hour in the house. I always like holding off on heating as long as possible!

The good thing about all this planet saving is it is also quite money saving!

picklemepopcorn Mon 27-Nov-17 16:26:27

I can't identify anything today that is new... I'm trying not to go to Aldi and buy a face cream, because it has plastic tube. Does that count? I don't know how long I'll hold out. I'm not buying plastic packaged cosmetics or wash stuff any more. I'm using up what I have.
I'm electric car in the week, and petrol on long journeys a couple of times a month.

Ooh, I know! I've just done the second half of a Mumsnet chicken for tea, and saved the bones for stock.

magpiemischief Mon 27-Nov-17 16:26:36

Didn't do any cleaning or use any cleaning products apart from washing up liquid.
Read books for a lot of the day, tv & radio off.
Heating set to 16 for a lot of the day. Later turned up to 18. Used a blanket firstly when cold.
Washing being dried on airier / in airing cupboard.

magpiemischief Mon 27-Nov-17 16:29:01

Sorry these things aren't new.

Just started reading my tree book and starting to feel sorry for lonely trees deprived of their same species communities. Not exactly sure what to do with the info. Cannot fit many more trees, sensibly, into our garden.

picklemepopcorn Mon 27-Nov-17 16:32:47

My ethical toilet paper and bamboo toothbrushes arrived this week. And I didn't do any cleaning but I'm not convinced I can claim that's ethical living not laziness...

Mrscog Mon 27-Nov-17 16:32:55

You know what, I don’t think our things need to be ‘new’, I’m just hoping we can spread the enthusiasm for small steps!

Mrscog Mon 27-Nov-17 16:34:04

If laziness has ecological benefits picklemepopcorn then it’s a win as far as I’m concerned!

User5trillion Mon 27-Nov-17 16:43:43

I also bought a new work top and a coat for my mum at the charity shop. Gave some of my sons too small clothes away. I did some batch cooking and did 2 meals in the oven -could have used the hob but oven was on.

I already selectively wash clothes as hubby just chucks everything in the wash basket. I think we live fairly consciously if you dont count all the car driving and meat eating 😕 but we are going veggie 2 days a week and using a lot less meat. It takes 28000 litres of water to make a beef burger😱

The single use plastic is tricky but I have switched to bars of soap, boxes of washing powder. I am fairly frugal (tight). I tend to eat seasonally and once had a conversation with my 4 year old about why she couldn't have blueberries as they came from Peru - whilst other people eye rolled at my performance parenting 😂 she them pointed at a massive pack of walkers and asked if they were made in our country, I said I wasnt sure - clever little rug rat pointed out the G.B flag on the front, haha, it was still a no mind! But bonus points for trying.

There is lots of stuff I cant do anything about but trying to improve all the time.

picklemepopcorn Mon 27-Nov-17 17:17:52

I'm all for the easy wins. I've been buy8ng more locally ethically produced meat. I'm meeting resistance from the family when I cut down our consumption!

I've had success converting my eldest to eco balls in the washer. No more washing detergent.

But I weakened and bought zoflora when I meant to just use eco cloths...

LunchBoxPolice Mon 27-Nov-17 17:28:37

I bought a reusable cup from Starbucks today. I have decided that I will only have coffee to take away if I have this with me. I didn't realise until I read on the other thread that you can't recycle takeaway cups, I have always put them out with my recycling. blush
Ds likes to use a straw so I am going to replace the plastic ones with something reusable.

Mrscog Mon 27-Nov-17 17:32:00

lunchboxpolice YY I invested in a reusable cup recently too - I really like it - and the 10p off I get in the staff canteen when I use it!

Uumellmahaye Mon 27-Nov-17 17:32:03

I started buying bars of waitrose glycerine (vegatarian) soap instead of plastic bottles of handwash and shower gel
I've started using method cleaning products (no bleach or disinfectant in sight)

LunchBoxPolice Mon 27-Nov-17 18:08:26

25p off per coffee in Starbucks smile it is expensive anyway, but coffee is my vice.

SuffolkBumkin Mon 27-Nov-17 18:11:28

Didn't eat meat or dairy, no blood on my hands!

picklemepopcorn Mon 27-Nov-17 18:17:22

I failed to make handwash out of bar soap...

Polyanthus Mon 27-Nov-17 18:18:25

Ooh! I like this thread! Directly inspired by the previous thread, I cut up two of my son's old t shirts for cleaning rags today. They were too stained/bobbly to be handed down or charity shopped.

I'm very much baby steps with cleaning products. In the kitchen I use microfibres cloths plus either method sprays or an old spray bottle refilled with water plus a capful of concentrated cleaner. But in the bathrooms and sometimes for e.g. Window sills or skirting boards I usually use paper towels (again with similar sprays)I think I will stick to paper towels for the loos (after all this is baby steps and it's a little better than cleaning wipes) but I will now use t shirt cloths for the bath & basins etc.

I am interested in the people who have moved to soap and think that might be next on my list. Though am slightly put off by memories of soap scum round basins and bars going sticky in a puddle of water in soap dishes - tell me it's not like that any more

Kursk Mon 27-Nov-17 18:20:04

Picked up a roadkill deer this weekend, our second this month. That has given us a years worth of meat in the freezer.

To heat the house we only use wood. We cut our own trees from our land.

magpiemischief Mon 27-Nov-17 18:29:49

Oh and we are still getting some solar energy from the British winter sun. We have a hybrid car which mainly is run on electric. Hardly use any petrol.

magpiemischief Mon 27-Nov-17 18:33:22

To heat the house we only use wood. We cut our own trees from our land.

I find cutting wood a difficult concept to reconcile [sad[ because I'm reading this at the moment:

And have read quite a few other books which show the same findings. Trees are just too amazing to cut willy nilly.

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