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Nurses - how does this job application statement sound?

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smurfgirl Mon 31-Mar-08 16:22:01

Applying for band 5 job in oncology. Will be newly qualified.

I am a student nurse due to qualify in October 2008. I am hardworking and work well within a team, and have good numeracy, computer and literacy skills. I am enthusiastic, highly motivated, professional and work within the NMC Professional Code of Conduct and local trust guidelines and policies.
During my training I have worked in areas caring for oncology patients within ward x Castle Hill and in the community. I have also cared for patients in the post anaesthetic for procedures such as the insertion of Hickman lines and removal of tumours. Whilst working in these areas I have built up a keen interest in oncology. I am very interested in this area of nursing and on completion of my training I am keen to join a nursing team providing care for cancer patients. Once I have settled into my role as a band five staff nurse I would like to gain further qualifications in this area.
Througout my training I have been involved in palliative care and have used and have a good understanding of the ’Liverpool Care Pathway’ and have seen how valuable it is within the care of the dying patient. The experience of providing care for the dying patient and their family has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of my training.
As part of a teaching and learning module I recently taught another student about oxygen therapy and this experience confirmed that teaching and mentoring will be an aspect of nursing I will find highly fulfilling, once qualified.
I have managed patients, giving direct nursing care under the supervision of a qualified nurse and have demonstrated that I have the prioritisation skills needed to organise my workload effectively and safely while implementing high quality holistic nursing care. I have shown excellent communication skills with patients, their families and carers and the multi-disciplinary team.
Undertaking a module in evidence based practice, and participating in audits and quality monitoring programme on issues such as nutrition, infection control and wound care have helped me to understand the importance of research and continuing professional development in order to provide the most appropriate, effective care to patients.
I am flexible with regards to my working hours and the needs of the service. Were I to be successful in this application, a position in oncology would allow me to consolidate my existing learning and put the skills I have gained throughout my training in to practice.

I have got all the essentials in from the job description but have no desirables but have tried to include plans to get them.

emandjules Mon 31-Mar-08 16:57:47

sounds v. good to me. My personal statement is weak compared to that and i have got a job interview for every job i have applied for. (did not get job sometimes, as crap at interviews, but that is another story grin)

Good luck!!!

smurfgirl Mon 31-Mar-08 17:00:29

Do you think it is better to handwrite to do online application?

nailpolish Mon 31-Mar-08 17:02:53

ive always handwritten my applications
and ive always been asked to interview!

good luck!

your statement sounds very well thought out

smurfgirl Mon 31-Mar-08 17:09:21

Thats what I thought but I am feeling lazy. I have lovely handwriting so think its probably good to do <<shallow>>

I hand wrote the last one but only closed on Friday so no idea how thats gone haha!

plageme Wed 13-Apr-16 09:53:43


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