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Nurses pay: I know it’s a long shot to ask....

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QueenofmyPrinces Tue 06-Feb-18 08:12:11

I’m currently on maternity leave and want to reduce my hours from 37.5 hours down to 25 hours by doing two long days a week instead of three. I don’t dork nights anyway.

Are there any nurses on here, Top Band 5 PST scale who just work two days a week who could give me an idea of what their typical monthly bring home pay is?

TinaMena Tue 06-Feb-18 18:12:57

Divide your full time pay by 37.5, then multiply by 25. That will give you a rough idea. It will be slightly out because of the way tax works (you'll get slightly more), but it will give you an idea.

MaryWortleyMontagu Tue 06-Feb-18 19:00:43

I'm not a nurse but you should be able to use the salary calculator website to work out what your net pay would be after reducing your hours.

snarkleton Tue 06-Feb-18 19:03:46

Does it include any weekends as then you'd have unsociable hours weighting too

scaredofthecity Tue 06-Feb-18 19:06:42

I'm one off the top, 25 hours, take home is 1200ish after pension before any enhancements. I think each increment adds about £50.

Babyroobs Tue 06-Feb-18 21:13:29

I am almost top band 5 and do 15 hours a week and come out with around £900 - £950 a month but I do work probably 3 x 12 hour night shifts a month and a couple of days at the weekend. Not sure in that helps. When I used to do 22 hours it was probably around £1300- £1400 per month .Bear in mind that 12 hour shifts will be 11.5 hours after breaks taken off ( well that's what ours count as ), so 2 a week would be 23 hours.

retirednow Tue 06-Feb-18 21:39:46

It will be roughly one third less than you are getting now

QueenofmyPrinces Tue 06-Feb-18 21:47:27

We do 12.5 hour shifts.

It’s been really helpful reading all these replies. I didn’t think my overall take home pay would drop as much as a 1/3 though due to the deductions being less than what they are full time.

I don’t do nights but I will be doing weekends.

I’m going in to talk to my Managers on Friday about returning to work and I’m feeling nervous about requesting to drop my hours without knowing that my take home pay will be if I do.

QueenofmyPrinces Tue 06-Feb-18 21:48:37

scaredofrhecity - does that figure include nights and weekends?

Paleshelter Tue 06-Feb-18 21:53:53

I'm a top band 5, work 18.75 hours doing 12 hour shifts working nights and weekends. I can get anything between £1050 - £1200 depending on how many in social hours I do.

Paleshelter Tue 06-Feb-18 21:55:08

*In social hours

Paleshelter Tue 06-Feb-18 21:55:42

Mean unsocial hours!!

QueenofmyPrinces Tue 06-Feb-18 21:59:35

My friend who is a few pay grades does two long days a week (2x11.5 hours) and comes out with just under £1’100 and she doesn’t do nights or weekends.

I was kind of hoping I’d come out with about £1’300 but I’m not sure that’s looking likely....

scaredofthecity Wed 07-Feb-18 09:14:09

No that's before enhancements, a Saturday is about £30, a Sunday £50.

scaredofthecity Wed 07-Feb-18 09:14:35

I don't do nights either

QueenofmyPrinces Wed 07-Feb-18 09:16:57

That’s really reassuring, so do you come out with about £1300 then?

Alwaysatyke Wed 07-Feb-18 09:20:38

Assuming you're on 5.6% pension contribution and no student loan or other deductions I make it £1288 take home, ish (this is using my nhs pay calculator)

scaredofthecity Wed 07-Feb-18 09:25:19

It's 9.3% pension unfortunately... just on the cusp.
It obviously depends what I work but yes around £1300ish.
I mostly do 10 hour shifts not 12 (theatres) but i find it is a really nice amount for work/ life balance. I did 18h before and that wasn't enough.

Owletterocks Wed 07-Feb-18 09:25:50

When I worked 2 long days as top band 5 I would take Home between 1200 and 1400 a month depending on unsocial hours etc. Your pension contribution is based on your full time wage so you will need to keep paying the 9.3%. I tried to reduce mine as my income was below the threshold and that’s what HR told me

Alwaysatyke Wed 07-Feb-18 09:30:29

Ok, 9.3% pension makes it £1240. That's with no unsocial hours enhancements or anything

QueenofmyPrinces Wed 07-Feb-18 09:31:10

Brilliant - I’m feeling much happier now!!

I’m planning on reducing to 25 hours for the next few years and then back up to full time (possibly) and I just need to know me and DH can manage it and you’ve really helped!!

Sweetpotatoaddict Wed 07-Feb-18 09:34:36

I would reckon around £1250, unsocial hours dependent.

NewBallsPlease00 Fri 09-Feb-18 19:28:22

You could always do a bank shift of you were short from time to time?

Gibble1 Fri 09-Feb-18 19:56:15

It’s frightening when I look back at my wages from 5 years ago. I got paid more then doing 30 hours on nights (13 every 4 weeks) than I do now working full time with 1 Saturday a month.
I now get £1700 a month. It’s worth a lot less these days 😕

dotdotdotmustdash Mon 12-Feb-18 18:18:54

Don't you lose some paid time for a meal break on a 12.5hr shift? Even 30 mins?

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