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Oswestry School

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Kiwikiss1 Sun 22-Oct-17 06:34:24

Hello, we are looking to relocate to Oswestry and wondered if anyone could share their experience of Oswestry School? I have searched previous threads but they are quite old. It looks amazing and I would love to hear what parents think of the pastoral care, curriculum, happiness of the children etc. Also, do the parents socialise together much? We do not know anyone in the town so would be keen get to know people and make friends. Thanks!

Kiwikiss1 Wed 25-Oct-17 07:20:08


Citrasun Tue 31-Oct-17 08:04:37

I don’t have direct knowledge of the school as my DC go to another local independent school, but I do know children who attend. The general feeling is that it’s a nice school with good pastoral care, but needs a bit of money spending to improve the facilities and it is not the most academic school in the area.

I would have been happy for my DC to go there, but in the end chose another local school that I felt suited my DC better.

Have you compared any other local schools OP? There are several very good local state schools in the Oswestry area, as well as the other independent options.

Daisy70 Fri 03-Nov-17 08:48:03

I'm a mum at Oswestry School and it has been the best choice we made.

As Citrasun said before, there are lots of other schools in the area, both Independent and state, but Oswestry stood out for us hands down.

The pastoral care is excellent, you'd be hard-pushed to beat it anywhere, but their examination results are also excellent with pupils achieving better results than in other local Independent schools - amazing really considering Oswestry is non-selective, so each child does their very best.

The school has recently renovated their dining hall and my son comes home and tells me how it's like a John Lewis cafe! They have a new sports hall being built and there seems to be lots of irons in the fire there.

I would definitely go and visit, don't write the school off, we have been (and still are) extremely happy to have chosen Oswestry.

Kiwikiss1 Wed 08-Nov-17 08:43:45

Thank you both so much for your comments. It is the pastoral care that attracted us from the start Daisy70, as this is what matters most to us. We are going to visit on Friday but after reading all the reports about the community and family atmosphere of the school I think we are already sold :-).

Kiwikiss1 Tue 14-Nov-17 19:06:25

Daisy 70 - have PM'ed you x

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