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Carmel206 Tue 02-Dec-14 21:41:14

Could anyone tell me what sort of grades are necessary to pass the Perse Cambridge Y7 entrance exam? I don't want my DD to feel she has failed miserably and knock her confidence. She is coming from state school and is a level 5 across subjects in the state SATS system.
We did some bond papers referenced on some related posts. There are some topics we will need to cover as they haven't done them in her school yet.

Any information very gratefully received.

lottysmum Tue 02-Dec-14 23:10:19

I think Perse have some sample pages on their website ....if she's level 5 she should be OK....My daughter recently passed entrance for a Indie (scored really well) and was Level 5....I dont think the entrance exams are as tough as 11 Plus...

SpyingSquirrel Wed 03-Dec-14 09:07:58

I have dc who went from state school to the Perse and think level 5 across the board at this stage sounds about right. Reading on here I would say exams for state grammars and London independents are tougher, just because more people are sitting for each place.

Make sure she is familair with all the topics covered by the exam and the format the exams will take - I think the verbal reasoning is done on computers for example. The humanities test is new to me but looks like you just need to absorb and remember information from a video. One of mine struggled with creative writing to a time limit so we practised that.

I think it's about 3 children applying for each place, so obviously more will fail than pass, but equally some children will have applied for more than one school and the Perse will be their second choice. As far as I'm aware you don't get told your scores - just that they had a large number of outstanding applicants and sadly you didn't make the cut. I do know of at least one child who failed at year 7 but got in for year 9.

Good luck. I remember how difficult it was trying to work out if dc was the required standard when you have no reference points. I still have no idea if mine got in comfortably or just scraped in at the bottom - I just know they did it.

Carmel206 Wed 03-Dec-14 22:50:51

Thank you both for your comments, may I ask one more question? How did your child settle in coming from a state primary to the Perse - in terms of making friends and also the level of work etc - was it a very difficult transition?

SpyingSquirrel Thu 04-Dec-14 13:33:14

Carmel mine found the transition very easy. Number 1 child knew no one at all, number 2 knew no one in their year group - only older sibling plus a few of their friends.

I think the school balance the forms well and they seemed to be placed with like minded children. There are also loads of lunchtime activities so they can go and do something rather than feel like JonnyNoMates in those first few weeks. Dc1 attended lots of lectures at lunchtime for the first few weeks.

They have now settled with a nice group of friends - a mixture of children from small village state schools like themselves, from larger state schools and independent prep schools.

Work wise the transition was even easier. They had less homework than their peers who went to state schools. Obviously I don't know what the pace is like in lessons but they both seemed to cope fine.

It really isn't a high pressured hot house. There is plenty of time for lots of other activities. Mine rarely finish at 4 but that's because they have chosen to try out a huge range of extra curricular stuff. They then fit in homework after that (and still seem to find time for endless computer games !) My only negative is that if they play sports this can take up all of Saturday, but mine like doing it so it's just me finding it restrictive!

Carmel206 Thu 04-Dec-14 22:37:05

Thank you again - that is so reassuring. We really loved the open day but I have heard suggestions from others of too much pressure, children not able to cope with the amount of homework etc. so I have a sort of nagging worry - assuming she gets a place of course - so this is very helpful to hear.

HereIAm20 Fri 16-Jan-15 16:47:45

Thanks for posting this. My son has just taken the year 9 entry test and it has really eased my mind. He was level 6 at year 6 tests and is in Yr 8 top set for his current prep school but the only one from his school taking The Perse entrance as his school goes on to year 13 anyway. It has been difficult to ascertain therefore whether he would be of the right level too (especially as his current school are keen to retain him).

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