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Paypal Chargeback as a seller

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nauticant Thu 17-Nov-16 08:43:33

I've just received my first Paypal Chargeback claim.

The buyer bought the item on ebay using Paypal, I sent it Hermes tracked to the address on the transaction, it arrived and was signed for (I paid extra to get a signature). Two weeks later the buyer is now claiming their money back because the transaction was "unauthorised". No contact from the buyer although naturally they'd see the transaction both in their ebay and Paypal accounts.

Presumably their plan is they keep the item and for Paypal give them back their money, £200. My plan is to make sure Paypal don't take it from me.

I will provide the tracking information to Paypal (it was always on the ebay transaction) but I don't think Paypal will be able to use it to see the delivery address online. Therefore, I'm also going to provide in pdf form the shipping label, etc I can copy from my Hermes account to show that.

There is good information online about dealing with Paypal Chargeback cases although some of it is contradictory. Does anyone have any experience of dealing successfully with these claims? Thanks.

Costacoffeeplease Thu 17-Nov-16 09:07:47

Someone paid us for a service in May (therefore no proof of delivery or similar) then in August did a chargeback, absolutely no idea why, and she said it was a 'mistake'. We finally received the funds back last week confused it's been a nightmare. However, with signed proof of delivery you should find it easier, I would have thought. Good luck

nauticant Thu 17-Nov-16 10:15:21

Thanks. I phoned Paypal to confirm all they'd need would be the online tracking information and a screenshot of my Hermes account showing the delivery address related to the tracking number, sent those two things off, and dead quick got the funds released. Fingers crossed I'll keep my money. It'll be interesting to see whether Paypal are forced to hand over £200+ of their own. I believe I'll find out the decision in 75 days.

What a pain. This game does grow more tricks as time passes doesn't it?

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