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Hermes tracking updates, missing parcel?

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SpringerS Wed 31-Aug-16 12:02:07

I bought an item on ebay last week that the seller had specified was either collect in person or the buyer could arrange a courier. I live nowhere near the seller, so I decided to arrange a courier. I picked Hermes as I've recently ordered a lot of stuff that is click and collect at Argos and Hermes have been the courier who move the parcels and I've had no problems with that method.

I was sent a tracking number by Hermes and have checked regularly. The seller dropped the parcel at a drop off point last Thursday lunctime and it was collected at lunchtime of Friday. On Saturday morning the tracking was updated to show that the parcel received at the local depot on Friday evening and it showed an estimated delivery of Wednesday. There were no updates over the long weekend, which made sense if people weren't working. Yesterday morning there was no update other than the estimated delivery changing to Thursday. This morning no update apart from the estimated delivery changing to Friday.

I checked just now and the update that my parcel arrived at the sender's local depot has disappeared as has my estimated delivery date. Does this mean my parcel has disappeared? Is it going back to the sender? I've been googling and can see that Hermes is a company that a lot of people have issues with, so I'm quite worried.

19lottie82 Wed 31-Aug-16 19:06:21

Give it a few more days, they most likely have a back log after the bank holiday.

If no sign by the weekend then you can technically open an item not recieved case with eBay...... Although morally I'd say the loss is your responsibility, and suggest you put in a compo claim with Hermes. I'm assuming you paid for adequate insurance?

OneInEight Wed 31-Aug-16 19:21:58

As you have arranged the courier it is your responsibility. You can claim compensation from Hermes though if it never arrives. I wouldn't have thought you have a case with the seller as they posted the parcel as you arranged. Give it a few more days though I think especially with it being a bank holiday. We had a delivery to us that took much longer than it should have done but eventually arrived and I have just had to chase one up for a customer that Hermes delivered to the wrong address but was luckily found yesterday (helpful royal mail postman his in a safe place). But usually they have been good for us.

19lottie82 Wed 31-Aug-16 20:15:40

Oneineight....... Not true. If the OP paid by PayPal, the seller must prove the item has been delivered. The OP can open a case and will win, if the item doesn't show up.

Morally, tho it's another matter, as I explained in my earlier post.

SpringerS Wed 31-Aug-16 22:24:27

If the parcel never shows up it's absolutely not the seller's fault. She has done nothing other than I asked, so I won't be going after her. I managed to get on a livechat with a Hermes representative today and their system apparently shows it as 'out for delivery' and that it will be with me in 2-3 days. So hopefully that will happen. It's just annoying that the tracker that I can see is showing me less steps have taken place than I could see yesterday. I did take a screenshot of the livechat, so if I don't have it by early next week, at least I have some sort of proof that they have it.

19lottie82 Wed 31-Aug-16 22:33:11

Hi OP, yes I know it's not the sellers fault..... I'm just pointing out that technically you could claim your £ back from them, if you desired, as they can't prove delivery of the item.

This is why sellers should never accept PayPal for collection items, or allow buyers to arrange their own courier. Luckily for them, you are honest, but a lot of others are not.

SpringerS Fri 02-Sep-16 09:58:54

Well my tracker has come back to life and apparently it's with the local courier and will be delivered today. Fingerscrossed it works out. It's addressed to my husband's workplace. So the courier should have no issues with unanswered doorbells or anything as the door will always be open onto a staffed reception desk. And he's let the receptionist know to expect it today.

It's my DS' first day at preschool today, so it would be nice to have this sorted as I have more than enough anxiety today. wink

SpringerS Sat 03-Sep-16 12:30:47

The eagle has landed, been thoroughly checked over and is safely stashed in the attic for Christmas! The Hermes service itself was great but the tracker was worse than useless. I'll probably get a feedback survey in the next few days and if I do I'll fill it out and let them know about it.

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