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Cafcass problems - looking for advice or suggestions

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melpearl Wed 11-Jan-17 13:00:04

Cafcass have lied and misquoted, added incorrect assumptions and pretty much made up a completely incaccurate picture of who I am in a Section 7 report. The father of my child is manupulative and makes up complete stories about things that have not happened at all then tells Cafcass. Over 7 years of being in courts and we had the final hearing August..... Except we were given a Cafcass Family Assistance Officer to assist. As it was the same one that told the lies and produced the untruthful section 7 report, she has continued to make up her own thoughts, she turns up at my child's school to question her. My child tells the truth and Cafcass go to the father and tell him what my child has said. The father says 'oh no i would never de da de da.....'. Cafcass write that I am making the child say things about the father. This is not true. Cafcass due to leave our case at end of January 2017 and the father is started his standard pattern of trying to build a case. He has not turned up for 2 contact sessions and told my child that he would not be turning up for the next one. We still have to go to drop her off as if I don't I will be in breach of the order. The father has told the child that she must have contact with him on a different day. My child is 8 and tells him no and that he is wrong, but he shouts at her and tells her she must do as he says. This is a tiny piece of what is going on as there is a history of emotional abuse to me and my child and a few minor dv incidents that the police did not do anything about as there were no witnesses prepared to come forward. I am looking for any advice or suggestions on what I could do if anything? Or if anyone else has similar issues with Cafcass?

Ilovecaindingle Wed 11-Jan-17 13:06:25

Sorry you are going through this. I have been there with cafcass also. A 4 year case in which I brought their senior welfare officer to his knees on the day of the final hearing. He admitted he had based his entire report on info given to him by my ex!!! You need to go through the report with a fine tooth comb in your own time and highlight errors. Report then to your solicitor /barrister and make cafcass accountable for the 'facts' . You dont have to accept their findings. Question everything you aren't happy with and take it to the judge. . Good luck.

melpearl Wed 11-Jan-17 19:29:21

Thanks for your reply Llovecaindingle. I did exactly what you say regarding the fake accusations and comments. The judge said i had no right to question Cafcass and dismissed all my solicitor said. And some of the accusations I could prove with evidence. I guess it depends on which Cafcass officer, which judge, which way the wind blows.....

Newbrummie Sun 15-Jan-17 16:06:02

Can you request a different cafass officer ? I don't know but that might be worth a try if you haven't already

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