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Lovelife12345 Thu 08-Nov-18 21:49:02

Please help put my mind at ease. I currently rent somewhere that is £700 a month th privately. Long story but the landlord is evicting us, refusing a section 21 until he sell the house so and I quote "because then you will keep paying the rent and my mortgage until I sell it as I can't afford to".. and he also knew this was happening when he allowed us to move in 6 months ago with two kids.

So I have found a house through a agency. She is adambet we won't pass the referencing because out credit rating isn't amazing. Neither of us have CCJ or bankrupt. I have a default from 2 years ago thanks to my ex husband and my partners history isn't great. We earn over the £18255 that is required so will pass that and we both will have good ref from landlord and have always paid on time. The rent for this house will be £625. However I read online that the credi search usually just checks for CCJ and bankruptcy. They are going through rent4sure.

I have a guarantor and originally she was skeptical as he is self employed but has been for 8 years and earns well
Over the £22000 they need. More like £46000 a year and his accountant will confirm this. Am I worrying over nothing about passing with him? My mum
Would have been my guarantor but she is £46 a year below the £22000.

Can anyone give any advice. Really stressing as I need this house

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Lovelife12345 Thu 08-Nov-18 21:52:34

She submitted it this morning and I haven't heard anything back yet. My employer hasn't either. Only know that because she told me I need to work out my yearly earnings from last November tk this November. She seemed funny that it's because my contract was only 8 hours (use to be zero hour) but I'm guaranteed 25 a week. Just don't see why she is being so negative when surely there is still a chance we won't need a guarantor

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mrsoutnumbered Fri 09-Nov-18 13:58:04

As far as I am aware, they can only check public information (eg the insolvency register). They can't access your credit report and see defaults.

Good luck, hope it all goes through and you hear back from them soon. It's a stressful period of time isn't it xx

Lovelife12345 Fri 09-Nov-18 16:21:51

Apparently we have failed our credit check which I get my score isn't wonderful but thought with no CCj etc we would have passed. So frustrated as she called me at 2
And asked to ring her back and didn't ask why, spoken to rent4sure who said everything has gone back now to her st the agency and now when I ring no one is answering so looks like a long weekend for me. Unless she is just reminding me I have paid for the guarantor and waiting for my guarantor to give me details to send 😡 he promised he was doing it last night and nothing

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bumbother Wed 28-Nov-18 19:32:03

Or the discrepancy where you state on one thread that neither of you have CCJ's, but then on here blast his mum for not being your guarantor when it's "her son's CCJ's that made us need one". Although that thread also says she can't be your guarantor.

Don't tell me he lied to you about his CCJ's?

bumbother Wed 28-Nov-18 19:33:04

Wrong thread. Struggle to keep up with this OP

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