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Help! Need inspiration on how to kill someone ;-)

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megrunning Mon 22-Feb-16 17:01:52

In my novel I need to kill off one of the characters and can't figure out how. She needs to be murdered by someone else, but its a mercy killing (sort of) and the death needs to be quite peaceful and needs to look like an accident or a natural death with no clues it was murder/suicide.

Other background is she's in her mid 40s, middle class and its summer. the death needs to take place at her home.

Carbon monoxide seems the best but not sure what appliance could be used and "faulty" in the summer.....Any ideas?!

ImperialBlether Mon 22-Feb-16 17:45:46

You're asking for something that's impossible, really. Any pathologist would be able to tell which drugs she'd taken and how they were administered. If a fire is started, then it's possible to tell what started it and where it started. If she's pushed over, then bruises would show.

If it's a mercy killing, then as you say it needs to be peaceful. Even something like suffocation would be horrible to do. (Thinking of cling film, that sort of thing.)

If she was highly allergic to something, that might give you a way out.

What you're looking for is something that all crime novelists and all murderers have been looking for!

Lancelottie Mon 22-Feb-16 17:51:20

A camping accident with a barbecue, in a bell tent or yurt for added middle class credentials? Bring it into the conservatory if she's not a glamping type, add a couple of glasses of chilled white wine...

ImperialBlether Mon 22-Feb-16 17:55:38

But police would be able to tell whether it was pushed towards her or pulled on top of her. If the victim doesn't realise she's going to be bumped off, then she'd have to be unconscious beforehand and it would be easy for a pathologist to figure out how that happened.

HelpfulChap Mon 22-Feb-16 17:56:38

I have read of this happening in real life even though it sounds highly implausible.

Slips (with a little assistance!) over in the kitchen and falls face first on to an upturned kitchen knife.

HelpfulChap Mon 22-Feb-16 17:57:21

Sorry, in the door of an open diswaher

HelpfulChap Mon 22-Feb-16 17:59:00


My favourite from a movie was someone being killed with a frozen leg of lamb and then the killer cooked and ate the murder weapon.

ImperialBlether Mon 22-Feb-16 18:00:09

Oh I've heard of that!

Also ice being used like a knife and pushed into someone's ear.

Lancelottie Mon 22-Feb-16 18:01:03

Well, I reckon you could easily wait till someone was snoozing in the conservatory (after a glass too many) and sneak the barbecue inside with them 'for warmth'. I wasn't suggesting setting them on fire with it, just letting the lovely fumes overpower them slowly.

Cel982 Mon 22-Feb-16 18:04:16

Push her down the stairs? Not 'peaceful' exactly, but quick and would certainly look like an accident.
(It's not a very reliable way to kill someone, obviously, but I think you'd get away with it in a book.)

cranberryx Mon 22-Feb-16 18:05:08

Highly allergic to penicillin. Taking an antibiotic for a chest infection but has been switched thus causing her throat to swell up, perhaps?

Slip in the shower?
Drown in a pool?

Wow, killing someone is difficult!

Good luck!

Tuiles Mon 22-Feb-16 18:05:44

How about accidentally consuming something poisonous - some misidentified mushrooms, the leaves of rhubarb etc. It could be staged to look like she made the mistake herself?

Cel982 Mon 22-Feb-16 18:08:21

Yes, or an 'accidental' overdose of prescribed medication, perhaps? Agatha Christie used that one a lot.

dodobookends Mon 22-Feb-16 18:09:03

Choked to death by an ice lolly stuck in the throat which then melts?

Shirkingfromhome Mon 22-Feb-16 18:09:04

Spike her drink with sedatives and drown her in the bath. Put her finger prints around the sedative pill bottle and bottle of wine and leave on her bed side table?

Am I right that fingerprints get distorted by water and so dragging her into the bath wouldn't leave detectable finger prints on her body?

MrsHathaway Mon 22-Feb-16 18:09:12

Helium overdose. Get her drunk as hell on g&t first, then when she's drowsy or asleep use a mask to administer the helium.

HoundoftheBaskervilles Mon 22-Feb-16 18:36:47

I always thought laburnum poisoning would be a good one, we used to have a walled kitchen garden with a laburnum in it and I always thought how easy it would be for the laburnum seeds to blow onto the salad leaves on a breezy day...

(Disclaimer, I did NOT kill anyone with laburnum poisoning, honest.)

ImperialBlether Mon 22-Feb-16 18:48:24

I can imagine you arguing with your husband, Hound, and glancing out at the laburnum every now and then!

ImperialBlether Mon 22-Feb-16 19:00:35

I think I've heard that fingerprints can, in some circumstances, be detected even if someone's submerged in water. Maybe if there was grease on the fingers? It could be a good way of the perpetrator being caught, after thinking he/she has got away with it.

Don't forget if you use force to hold someone down, you'll leave marks.

HoundoftheBaskervilles Mon 22-Feb-16 19:00:38

First husband Imperial, first husband...

ImperialBlether Mon 22-Feb-16 19:01:31

The current Mr Hound has paved everything, has he?

HoundoftheBaskervilles Mon 22-Feb-16 19:04:06

City living now, just a yard strangely enough.

ImperialBlether Mon 22-Feb-16 19:07:13

You've learned your lesson, then!

FauxFox Mon 22-Feb-16 19:11:57

deadly flowers?

TiggyD Mon 22-Feb-16 19:44:03

The person is on a lounger by the pool. Spike their drink until they're pretty much unconscious. Tip them off and hold them under to make it look like a drink related accident. That's how I normally do it.

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