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Clarks shoes do not deliver to Ireland!

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MikeWyzowski Fri 20-Jul-18 15:22:43

They have a europe (.eu) site and deliver all over but not to Ireland. shock I was trying to buy Clarks sandals for my son earlier in the year but couldn't and now found some shoes for me but couldn't find an Ireland delivery option so emailed them. And no, they do not deliver to Ireland. I can find a local shop (none actually near me) and see if they have the shoes I'm looking for but cannot have access to the full, range.

I lived in a lot of hideous Clarks shoes as a kid. How has it come to this?! I would have put this as an aibu to be so upset (probably) but fear that none other than my fellow shunned would Care too much!

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Radyward Fri 20-Jul-18 23:02:15

Just use the uk address service provi ded by an post. 3.75 cost providing you with a uk address ! Easy peasy

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Sat 21-Jul-18 00:06:21

I can find a local shop (none actually near me) and see if they have the shoes I'm looking for but cannot have access to the full, range.

Thats not what the email says !! The email says in ireland you can ORDER the shoes listed ON THE WEBSITE in your local store.

Ie you can go to your local store and say I've seen some shoes i really really want on the clarkes website, they will order them then you will pick them up from the local store.

You can access the full range from your local store, its not a case od seeing wether they happen to have them in THEY WILL ORDER THEM IN FOR YOU.

MikeWyzowski Sat 21-Jul-18 13:28:15

blush naught you could sympathise with many of my school teachers who were mithered telling me to read the question for years. It's obvs still an issue. Will try that next time I find a Clarks shoe shop.

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beanaseireann Sat 21-Jul-18 14:32:46

The An Post AddressPal works very well and only costs €3.75

MikeWyzowski Sat 21-Jul-18 20:53:47

Never heard of that rady and bean. Given that there are no Clarks shops within a couple of hours drive it will probably be the better option for me. I will look into it.

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beanaseireann Sat 21-Jul-18 21:23:58

Google AddressPal.
An Post runs it- they give you an English address.
The item is then delivered to your local post office for €3.75
You may have had free postage in the UK for the item you ordered so the postal charge is just €3.75.
It's so handy.

WhatchaMaCalllit Wed 25-Jul-18 19:15:00

Use Parcel Motel either - If you join Parcel Motel, you get an address in Northern Ireland associated with one in the Republic and they will transfer your package/parcel from one to the other so you can pick it up from your nearest motel area.

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