Would you vaccinate your children?

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mrsnw Wed 24-Mar-21 06:35:58

So children could possibly be vaccinated by the autumn term. I've had the vaccine and my children have had all the other available jabs including flu. I'm not sure where I stand with this one and I don't know why!

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NoGoodPunsLeft Wed 24-Mar-21 06:36:54

Yes because why wouldn't you?

MrsBertBibby Wed 24-Mar-21 06:37:09

Yes of course

Sirzy Wed 24-Mar-21 06:38:01

Without a doubt. If there had been a trial on children locally enough for us to do we would have looked into it.

Ds is CEV he has spent the last year shielding. The sooner he can have the vaccine the better. The sooner his peers can have the vaccine the better to to increase the protection for him and for others who for whatever reason may not be able (medically) to be vaccinated

nervousnelly8 Wed 24-Mar-21 06:40:11

Once it had been appropriately tested, yes.

MyOtherProfile Wed 24-Mar-21 06:41:14


lunar1 Wed 24-Mar-21 06:41:45



Doublechins Wed 24-Mar-21 06:42:09

Yes I would

rainbowfairydust Wed 24-Mar-21 06:43:15

I think I would because I'm concerned about any long term unknown effects of covid on children and also worried about mutations that might occur if left to run wild through children at school.
But I will feel really nervous about it

TimeForLunch Wed 24-Mar-21 06:43:51

I feel the same as you, OP. DH and I have been vaccinated but I am nervous about the kids having it. In any case my youngest (10) would outright refuse as he is extremely resistant to needles! He has had Covid so that is reason to not have the jab in my opinion. Teen DD says she would probably have it and I would leave the final decision to her.

VashtaNerada Wed 24-Mar-21 06:46:29

Definitely! Although children are rarely affected badly it would still reassure me. It might stop bubbles closing at school as well which would be a relief.

DinosaurDiana Wed 24-Mar-21 06:50:35

Yes. The sooner the better.
It’s a shame they can’t get done before the start of the new year in September. It would be nice to have a, hopefully, unaffected year.

Layladylay234 Wed 24-Mar-21 06:50:43

Prob not with the current goal posts moving.
Vaccinate the top 4
Vaccinate the top 9
Vaccinate everyone
Then we'll get back to normality

Now it will be vaccinate the kids but we can still all spread it so masks,social distancing,self isolation will all still be part of the problem. Hence I don't see what vaccinating the children would do.

daffodilsandprimroses Wed 24-Mar-21 06:51:54


cryh Wed 24-Mar-21 06:54:02

I am refusing to believe the dates touted, but if appropriately tested then I am 90% yes. I can't give definitive answers because the government can not be trusted, but scientists can so I will await more info.

Ephe17 Wed 24-Mar-21 06:54:05

Inject my baby with an experimental therapy? Not a fucking chance.

Geamhradh Wed 24-Mar-21 06:54:40


Spied Wed 24-Mar-21 06:55:12

Yes, definitely.
My DS 11 was very poorly last year with what we believe was Covid.
I'd do anything not to go through that again.

PicsInRed Wed 24-Mar-21 06:55:48


GiveMeNovocain Wed 24-Mar-21 06:58:33

No. Not until it's been around a few years so we have the long term data. I'll have, dh has already but the side effects for dd will probably be worse than the virus.

Ethically I think that it should be allocated across the world equitably so all the at risk groups have the vaccine at roughly the same time. I'm not sure why I'm getting it before someone elsewhere who's at more risk. Same applies to dd.

TheAuthorityofJackieWeaver Wed 24-Mar-21 06:59:15

Not yet. In a few years maybe.

My children have had all of their vaccines because the diseases they prevent would directly affect my kids and make them ill. Covid probably wouldn’t, and so the only reason to do so would be to protect others. I’m not averse to doing that, but every vaccine has a risk, and I wouldn’t run it for my kids at the moment when they would be totally unaffected by Covid.

ThatDamnKrampus Wed 24-Mar-21 06:59:26

Yes, in a heartbeat. I'm concerned about the unknowns of long covid in children.

bumbleymummy Wed 24-Mar-21 07:00:29

No, they are at very low risk. I don’t think that the benefits outweigh the risk of side effects in this group - unless they have an underlying condition that makes them more vulnerable to the virus.

DoggyDoolittle Wed 24-Mar-21 07:00:56

Yes. Well one of mine is an adult and will make her own decision (which will be yes) but the 15 year old, yes I would encourage her to get it. She's as fed up with all this as we all are and finds it pretty stressful being the one most likely to pass it on to someone she loves (as in, she's going to school and seeing 100s of people every day where her parents are working from home). Teenagers have lost so much already. In many ways she needs that vaccine more than I do.

TheRedBalloon Wed 24-Mar-21 07:01:07

I've had the first jab but I'd be very hesitant about letting DS have it. He's had all his jabs apart from MMR and gets the flu jab each year but I'm wary... Maybe once it's been thoroughly tested.

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