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Dominic Cummings using his child's autism as an excuse

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Almahart Mon 25-May-20 04:01:15

So it looks as if the next excuse to be wheeled out is that Dominic Cumming's child is autistic.

My child is autistic. I know many families with autistic children.

This is what I have heard of happening for these families during Coronavirus:

- no school (yes I know schools should be taking vulnerable children. But many are not)
- no respite
- no transport to school even if they are open
- regular activities cancelled
- the fear that provision provided by local authorities through Education Health and Care Plans and suspended under the Coronavirus Act will slowly disappear

I know of many single parents alone with their child who are seriously struggling and who did not break the rules during lockdown.

To use autism as an excuse is beyond low. It is revolting and has made me even angrier than I was before

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monkeytennis97 Mon 25-May-20 04:08:18

I feel the same. DS has autism and lives in a residential home. Have not seen him for months. He is not coping well and we are the same. Disgusted at Cummings.

Topseyt Mon 25-May-20 04:10:47

There are no depths to which Cummings will not stoop.

I am sorry his child is autistic, but still there are many families with autistic children. As you say, they had to manage and they did so. Dominic Cummings isn't as unique as he thinks he is.

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 04:21:53

So what could he have done for the child in Durham that he couldn't have done in London?

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 04:25:47

Fact is, he chose to go to visit his family up North, during lockdown. It had nothing to do with childcare, if he was self isolating, he could have done it.

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 04:29:38

He could drive 260 miles, but couldn't manage a grocery shop? That's the shopping excuse eliminated.
He was incapable of looking after his own son? That makes him a pathetic piece of shit.
He behaved with integrity? He fucking did not. He broke his own rules.
He has got to go.
Using his child's disability as a fucking excuse to save your own arse makes him the scumbag of the earth.

rosie1959 Mon 25-May-20 04:34:57

I am not a fan of Cummings but what other reason could there have been for this move of location other than the care of his child
Many have broke lockdown and probably put more people at risk than one man and his family moving location

downtheplug Mon 25-May-20 04:39:26

Has he actually said this or are you speculating?

DC1 is also autistic. The change to routine hasn't been easy.

I am furious at Cummings but I don't have the energy to be angry about things he might say in the future.

Lucywilde Mon 25-May-20 04:41:32

I have two autistic children. One has complex needs and his specialist school is only taking very vulnerable children. We haven’t accessed any family support despite them being 10 minutes away.

Isn’t there an article in which his wife wrote he was in bed for 10 days and nursed by his son?!

This feels like another low Mr Cummings is happy to stoop to.

I didn’t like Boris before but now I’ve utterly lost faith and any shred of credibility is in the toilet.

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 04:57:27

what other reason could there have been for this move of location other than the care of his child

Birthday parties to celebrate! And Abba and stuff.

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 04:59:35

And because he couldn't be arsed to look after his own son. Loser.

SUBisYodrethwhenLarping Mon 25-May-20 05:08:37

I think his brother lives 2 streets away from his house In London

There is also somebody (can't remember who atm) that lives around the corner, in London, who has strong connections to the family

How did his land rover do a double trip of 250 miles so 500 ++++ Miles on one tank of petrol?

Did any of them use a service station for a toilet break?

Does the mum WFH or do they have childcare normally? No nanny?

He obviously has no morals and quite agree to use a DX of ASD is just the cherry to go on top of the cake

Redwinestillfine Mon 25-May-20 05:13:05

It doesn't matter why he did it. It doesn't even really matter what he did. It does matter that he lied about it, and it certainly matters that our prime minister made the judgement call he did.

eeehbyegum Mon 25-May-20 05:24:18

I’m not a fan, nor do I protest to know all the details, but frankly if you are helping run the country, your wife is sick, do you not think he predicted needing some assistance? Or to potentially isolate his child if he wasn’t already infected? We can all spout individual situations, and I do think he broke the rules Which is wrong. But he’s part of a few individuals trying to run our country under extreme and unprecedented circumstances. We need him available and well.

We need these handfuls of people to run the lives of millions. Why did he travel that far unless for altruistic reasons? I have no idea, but I doubt it was for fun or any reason other than to protect his child, and himself - ultimately to assist running our country for the greater good.

TerrapinStation Mon 25-May-20 05:33:42

If we are to believe anything he says eehbygum he didn't get any assistance in Durham that wasn't available in London. What are you referring to to?

Was there something about the shopping delivery that could only happen in the North East?

SpaceDance Mon 25-May-20 05:35:50

No that's silly. Even if DC had not been able to care for his ds, why not be open and transparent about his journeys?

What about all the other families with vulnerable children, autistic kids that have not been able to access any support from family, have not been allowed to go to school. The public was told to stay at home we were not encouraged to make our own arrangements based on our instincts.

On a different note, is DC also autistic?

Rosehip10 Mon 25-May-20 05:36:10

bloody hell, I've heard it all now. Dom works for the "greater good" hmm

Settlersofcatan Mon 25-May-20 05:38:09

If it was all fine and within the guidance why did they try to conceal it for so long?

Why did his wife not say in her article "and then we drove to Durham which is completely fine within the rules and actually helps stop the spread of the virus"?

Rosehip10 Mon 25-May-20 05:39:27

The wife is as much as a bullshitter and as arrogant as her husband.

Itisbetter Mon 25-May-20 05:45:00

IF the child is autistic then he has the right to some privacy surrounding his diagnosis and needs.

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 05:46:04

We need these handfuls of people to run the lives of millions.

We don't need these particular cunts, no.

twinnywinny14 Mon 25-May-20 05:46:29

@eeehbyegum if his wife had symptoms the 3 of them should have stayed at home. She should have isolated herself within the home as per the advice at the time and he could look after the child. In the event that he got symptoms too and with both of them becoming seriously ill then of course a childcare plan would have been needed. But it wasn’t, they travelled when DC wasn’t even ill and they didn’t need the childcare because they’re saying they looked after him themselves the whole time.

whocanibe2day Mon 25-May-20 05:47:44

IF the child is autistic then he has the right to some privacy surrounding his diagnosis and needs.
So what needs were being met 260 miles away from his home? They were still isolating according to themselves? So why Durham and not their home?

Lostvoiced Mon 25-May-20 05:48:57

At the end of the day the country asked the government to obey the rules IT set out, which we have all been following, some at great personal loss. And the PM said no.

It should be the end of both of them.

Funny how when it's Brexit "the people have spoken" but when its accountability it's "shut up plebs, we're special".

They have absolutely no credibility left.

Bleepbloopblarp Mon 25-May-20 05:50:33

Either he knew he and his wife were possibly going to be feeling ill and wanted to be near his parents for help which Considering one of the whole points of lockdown has been to prevent the elderly from catching it I cannot imagine why he thought this was a good idea.

OR he/his wife wasn’t ill at all and it’s all a big fat lie....maybe they just wanted to get out of London to the countryside. Now it has backfired spectacularly.

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