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Has anyone else had the random test invitation in the post?

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Cattermole Mon 11-May-20 20:11:12

It seems like the COVID equivalent of the spot check tbh - it's a random sample. The thing that's concerning me is you register for the test, the test comes, a courier picks it up and bob's your Auntie Flo. A week later, you get your results.
I have no reason to think I have it, I'm a LA administrator working from home, I have no symptoms. I'm also a carer for my mum. It's what I do if it comes back positive? I can't find any guidance on this - after a week plus in which I (theoretically) was contagious and asymptomatic? Because it's a bit bloody late to start self-isolating then, isn't it?

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Unravellingslowly Mon 11-May-20 20:24:47

Is it antigen or antibody test they are offering? Do they say order if you don’t have any symptoms? Can you post a copy of the info -with your details blocked obvs.

? Or...

Cattermole Mon 11-May-20 20:31:47

It's an antigen test - - being done by Imperial College London.
It says it may indicate whether you have it, which I imagine is the point of it - it's a dip sample I assume.

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DebbieFiderer Mon 11-May-20 20:33:04

It's an antigen test. My 12 year old has also been randomly selected for this test.

DebbieFiderer Mon 11-May-20 20:33:40

My 12 year old has also been invited

DebbieFiderer Mon 11-May-20 20:34:29

Sorry for posting twice, didn't think it had posted. Tried to add photos of the letter but they don't seem to be showing up

Drivingdownthe101 Mon 11-May-20 20:35:15

Yes we’ve had a letter for my 6 year old.

DebbieFiderer Mon 11-May-20 20:35:31

It's a random sampling to see how many people currently have it, including asymptotically

Cattermole Mon 11-May-20 20:40:02

Hahahahahahaaaaaaa I'm 50 :-D maybe they think I look younger....
(I'm laughing so much cos of the three responses - 1 on another thread - all are posters' children!)

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PuzzledObserver Mon 11-May-20 20:43:47

Presumably they are sampling adults as well

Cattermole Mon 11-May-20 20:46:23

I hope so @PuzzledObserver, or I shall have to get DS to do the swab for me smile

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Rach000 Mon 11-May-20 20:56:52

I got the letter / invite today! I am an adult in my 30s so not just children. It is just a test to see if I have it now isn't it and not if I have already had it?
There is a possibility I had it at the start of April but only mild symptoms it it was.

Cattermole Mon 11-May-20 21:02:21

Probably we'll know more about what we've -let ourselves in for- I mean signed up to, when the package arrives - because there's certainly bugger-all on their website!

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wantmorenow Wed 13-May-20 10:01:16

Where in UK? I hadn't heard of this.
Is it England?

Cherryghost Wed 13-May-20 10:04:18

My son also picked, I'm in two minds whether he should do it.

Cattermole Wed 13-May-20 10:04:33

Names chosen randomly from GPs' lists @wantmorenow so whether it's just England or whether it's UK wide I guess depends whether there is a central database, I don't know and the letter isn't clear.

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Cattermole Wed 13-May-20 10:07:08

@Cherryghost I've asked to be sent the test but am still in two minds myself, mostly because the survey is so bloody vague. (What am I supposed to do if two weeks down the line a test comes back positive, mostly?)

What are your concerns, if you don't mind me asking?

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wantmorenow Wed 13-May-20 10:08:43

Interesting. Thanks. I downloaded the app yesterday as I want to contribute to the collection of data. Asks for a daily record of our health and any symptoms.

Anything that helps inform scientific judgement gets my vote. Happily take test if asked.

Rates high where I am although I personally have been unaffected so far. Thankfully.

Drivingdownthe101 Wed 13-May-20 10:09:13

We’re going to do it, but as we haven’t been anywhere except walks where we haven’t come within 5m of anyone for the past 8 weeks then the chance of my 8 year old having it is vanishingly slim.

Cherryghost Wed 13-May-20 10:12:15

I will probably be accused of having a tinfoil hat but I don't trust this govt at all is my main concern and having my child's dna.
Then there is the issue of the very very small chance that the test kit has been touched by someone with the virus and we are handling it.

Allflightscancelled Wed 13-May-20 10:12:21

I was selected to do this test. I'm 57. As I understand it, it's a dip test to try to sample who has it at a moment (well, a few days) in time. Unless the weird thing I had in late December was COVID (unlikely) then I don't think I've had it, and I also don't think I have it now. But I'm interested to take part.

So I've been happy to agree to it. It'll all help the researchers into this bastard thing.

We1shBird Wed 13-May-20 10:33:15

I’ve been selected too. Happy to do it. I do wonder though whether the percentage of negative tests will be higher due to incorrect sampling technique. I should imagine it’s quite tricky to self swab far enough back to get a good sample and then stick the same swab far enough up your nose! We’ll see...

tiqtok Wed 13-May-20 11:56:59

My parents had an ivite for this one: Its done at home and doesn't require sending back.

MichonnesBBF Wed 13-May-20 12:06:45

I have been selected as well (late 30's)
I have no issue with my test being used for further research at the college of London.

Applied this morning, just waiting now.

wantmorenow Wed 13-May-20 12:39:49

It's almost certain the government has had access to your child's DNA multiple times. I do not understand why it is a concern now or why withhold it. We need widespread testing to get on top of the spread of this disease. That isn't being debated by any country or experts. If we had the resources to test whole communities it would be done and we would have fewer fatalities if the data was acted upon.

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