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dh and I have it, no-one else at home, how to buy food

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tengohambre Mon 30-Mar-20 00:18:03

We both have CV, and are on quarantine. We have very limited food at home. We are running out of hand wash, cleaning product and fresh food. I have been looking online, most supermarkets have slots for vulnerable group but no slot for those who are currently sick and can't leave home.

Does anyone has any suggestions? We are in London

PumpkinP Mon 30-Mar-20 00:19:36

have you not seen that there are volunteers on fb who will get it? Covid mutual aid then your area in the search

Isla727 Mon 30-Mar-20 00:25:47

That's horrible- hope you get through it ok and get well soon.

Try your local Covid support group- most towns and villages have one. Also see if there is a phone number for any local corner shops who might be willing to bring food.

I've never used it but Amazon also have a 'Food cupboard' section but delivery might take up to a week.

Amyspickledlime Mon 30-Mar-20 00:28:02

Morrisons food box. £35 and it's delivered.

CtrlU Mon 30-Mar-20 00:28:24

Have you guys been tested and diagnosed with corona or you just think you have it ?

I’m just asking as I’ve read so many threads on here recently of people having the virus but not actually being tested.

Babyroobs Mon 30-Mar-20 00:28:36

As above search your local facebook sites for volunteer groups. Our village has a food hub and designated volunteers on every road who will pick up basic foods and medications for those in isolation. They will also walk dogs etc if needed.

ineedaholidaynow Mon 30-Mar-20 00:29:10

There are lots of support groups available. Go onto Facebook. Smaller shops/farm shops will do deliveries where they probably haven’t done in the past.

Robinjr2 Mon 30-Mar-20 03:24:44

Agree about the small shops delivering; our pubs are now doing deliveries because they have kitchens of stuff they're not using they are selling ingredients as well as meals. Facebook is a good source of info or just phone local small shops and ask.

Bilboard Mon 30-Mar-20 03:39:01

As above there are volunteers in every town who could collect your shopping. There are not any deliveries available at Asda in the immediate future but they do offer click and collect service so maybe someone could get your groceries.

SandAndSea Mon 30-Mar-20 03:40:45

Some ideas:

Local fb groups.
Local volunteers.
Local greengrocers who are delivering.
A friend/neighbour.
Local restaurants/pubs which are now delivering.

Hope you get better very soon.

SorryDidISayThatOutLoud Mon 30-Mar-20 03:44:51

Try Beelivery. They deliver in a couple of house and the delivery charge is reasonable.

browzingss Mon 30-Mar-20 03:46:41

There are more shops that actually deliver groceries/household items on Uber eats/Deliveroo now, so definitely have a look, they can leave it on your doorstep

Inkpaperstars Mon 30-Mar-20 03:49:05

Local church has put something through our door with a number to call in we find ourselves in that position...maybe try calling local churches to see if they have a similar group?

ShastaBeast Mon 30-Mar-20 03:59:38

I’m sure I saw someone say you can nip to the shop but be extra careful and quick. Remember you only need to isolate a week after first symptoms. We were lucky as we had one long life milk bought before the panic buying. We had to be imaginative with some meals.

@CtrlU nobody is getting tested but this virus is far more widespread than most realise. It’s not rare in the slightest and most people will get it, that is still the plan.

EmmaGrundyForPM Mon 30-Mar-20 04:11:40

I’m sure I saw someone say you can nip to the shop but be extra careful and quick.

Please don't do this.

As other have said, local volunteers should be able to help

RubaiyatOfAnyone Mon 30-Mar-20 04:16:27

@CtrlU no one can be tested in the uk unless they are admitted to hospital, and only those with very severe and life-threatening cases are being admitted. It does not mean no one else has it.

bananabob Mon 30-Mar-20 04:38:59

I’m sure I saw someone say you can nip to the shop but be extra careful and quick.

Definitely don't do this!! No matter how careful and quick you are it only takes one cough to spread it to someone else!

ShastaBeast Mon 30-Mar-20 04:41:29

As I’ve been in this position recently I’ve been paying very close attention and the advice was to go get food but be quick. I didn’t do it myself but unfortunately some people will be in that position.

I did go out after 7 days and still symptomatic. But I’m symptomatic after 18 days.

PotholeParadise Mon 30-Mar-20 04:43:52

At some of the supermarkets, people isolating are also priority for slots. Bear with me while I check which ones.

ShastaBeast Mon 30-Mar-20 04:48:40

Official government guidance.

‘ If possible, you should not go out even to buy food or other essentials, other than exercise, and in that case at a safe distance from others. The 14-day period starts from the day when the first person in your house became ill.

If not possible, then you should do what you can to limit your social contact when you leave the house to get supplies.’

Dontsayyouloveme Mon 30-Mar-20 04:54:35

I’m sure I saw someone say you can nip to the shop but be extra careful and quick

OMG, No, No, No, No, just no! Is the governments advice to ‘just nip out quickly even if you think you’re infected’ .NO, the advice is stay at home even if you aren’t! The mind boggles, it really really does, that some people think ‘nipping out quickly’ even you’re infected is actually ok 🙄😤😫

The 2 of you going out could infect, along the line, tens/hundreds of people, and some are DYING of this virus, so PLEASE don’t even THINK about going out!

PotholeParadise Mon 30-Mar-20 04:59:04

Iceland- priority for slots goes to people sick, vulnerable or self-isolating.

Your other option could be to check for click and collect at Tesco, Sainsburys or Asda and call a local taxi firm to collect the shopping for you and leave it outside your door. Do not think this is a weird request.

Taxi firms are struggling and couriering over shopping, which means they don't actually have to be in contact with a passenger, is fine by them. My local firms have been advertising the service on facebook

PotholeParadise Mon 30-Mar-20 05:02:47

Morrisons do click and collect in some areas too.

EvenMoreFuriousVexation Mon 30-Mar-20 05:19:10

Tesco Click and Collect is sold out for the next 3 weeks in all stores in my area.

OP have you got enough funds to order takeouts until the isolation period is over? If not I'd approach one of the local groups or ask a friend/family to get some essentials and leave outside your door.

NormaLouiseBates Mon 30-Mar-20 06:46:12

Try Amazon Prime Now; they've been a god send to me the last couple of weeks. They don't have the same range of choice as the supermarkets but they certainly stock enough; fresh, frozen, dairy etc...]]

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