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Asda delivery passes and slots

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Sundayschild4 Sun 29-Mar-20 14:59:54

Hi all, I've had an asda delivery pass for the last year but only had deliveries to myself in that time.
I'm 34 weeks and self isolating and luckily have the next couple of weeks slots booked in. If I use my pass to arrange a delivery to my parents (4 hours away) does anyone know if I would still be able to book a delivery for myself too? I know other supermarkets are limiting to one slot per week but is that per household or per pass? Also does anyone know what time the slots actually appear? Thanks!

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Sundayschild4 Sun 29-Mar-20 15:26:45

Hopefull bump?

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DevaDiva Tue 07-Apr-20 16:19:29

I don't have a delivery pass but I have booked 2 deliveries for my parents and a click and collect for us. It lets you add other addresses and you just select which one your placing the order for, hopefully you can do the same with your delivery pass.

I luckily managed to snag the slots a few weeks ago, just as well as were now self isolating until the 16th. A lovely friend has offered to go and collect our shopping and my mum and dad will get theirs delivered so that's a load off.

I think it was mid morning but it could be random. I need to get another one for my parents for next week so I'll be checking at regular through the day.

Good luck!

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