Feb Bus Pt 2

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Hatepickinganame Wed 05-Feb-20 17:26:01

Not sure if someone made a second thread, i couldnt seem to find one. Went to post on the old one and it had been closed! Will tag who i can remember off the top of my head, please tag the others or add me to the new one if there's a thread i missed 😊

@MrsTwentySeven @paintfairy @Anon87 @notetaker

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MrsTwentySeven Wed 05-Feb-20 17:29:20

Haha thanks @hatepickinganame!

Also @whatsthecraic91 @professorastocat


Erm @wiseowl1 ? Might have got that wrong

Hopefully everyone else sees this!

MrsTwentySeven Wed 05-Feb-20 17:29:43


Hatepickinganame Wed 05-Feb-20 17:31:44

Ah thanks @MrsTwentySeven i could only remember parts of names lol my phone auto-filled a couple 😂 my memory is shocking! @posharmchairs (were there any numbers?)

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Ylladyoll Wed 05-Feb-20 17:34:29

Found original but this one has everyone tagged, can I join?

Took cheap boots strip test nothing within window faint line a couple of hours later before putting it in bin. AF due tomo but usually have two days of brown spotting before which I've had none. I started pregnacare gummies, other pregnacare tabs have caused cycles to lengthen so wondering if that has happened to me?

whatsthecraic91 Wed 05-Feb-20 17:39:28

Thanks @MrsTwentySeven

Nothing new to report CD12 so ovulating in the next few days hopefully 🤞🏼

Lola871 Wed 05-Feb-20 17:43:26

Hi all!

8dpo today, still no boob soreness, also woke up with a very sharp cramp this morning (like I was busting for a wee) but then not much when I went to the toilet. Also had a tiny bit of pinkish orange in my pants this afternoon, so now I'm wondering if it could be implantation bleeding.

Only time will tell I suppose! Testing Thursday next week if I can hold out as I want to actually be late when I test. Help me stay strong please!!

paintfairy Wed 05-Feb-20 17:44:13

Yay - here we go again! 😂

Think it's @Wise0wl

professorastrocat Wed 05-Feb-20 17:54:05

Thanks for the tag! The bus goes on!

Hatepickinganame Wed 05-Feb-20 18:47:57

@Lola871 you can do this, i wish id waited a little longer haha 5 tests down, all bfn. Af is due tomorrow but so far no sign. No cramps either which is weird. I have one cheap tesco test left that i am trying not to use until im a few days late.

Have we had any more testers yet?

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Hatepickinganame Wed 05-Feb-20 18:49:32

@Ylladyoll im sure ive seen a few posts about pregnacare having that affect but ive not been taking it so cant really advise on that one

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professorastrocat Wed 05-Feb-20 19:27:25

@Lola871 let's stay strong together I don't intend to test until Wednesday if af doesn't show up mon or Tuesday. I literally just can't see it happening though!! 😣

Lola871 Wed 05-Feb-20 19:50:50

@professorastrocat we can definitely do this! I'm trying to not even buy any so then I can't be tempted!

professorastrocat Wed 05-Feb-20 20:00:44

Ah I have two left over from last month, beckoning me! Not long to go....seems like it's been forever this cycle. That's the thing about this ttc business you want the days to go by fast so you know, but at the same time don't want to wish your life away month by month!!

Bumblebee413 Wed 05-Feb-20 20:03:04

I'm 95% certain I'm about to come on tomorrow. SO grumpy and such a classic PM moodswing for me. DH physically just put me to bed. grin

Wise0wl Wed 05-Feb-20 20:07:37

Hello ladies and thank you @paintfairy 🙂

My FRERs have arrived but so has some spotting - no idea what’s going on but so tired I’m not stressed about it! This week is dragging on!

How are you all doing?

Jellybean252 Wed 05-Feb-20 20:17:54

I'm so glad I've found this thread again!!! I went to post on the other and it was ended

Jellybean252 Wed 05-Feb-20 20:20:26

Still no sign of AF for me. I was supposed to come on yesterday.

I started taking folic acid a few weeks ago and it made my tummy very funny. It gave me constipation and (sorry tmi) really hard stools- so I stopped taking it.
Has this happened to anyone else?
I'm going to wait it out for a good few days before I even think about testing. I just don't feel "pregnant" this month but still hoping AF doesn't show fingers crossed!!

Hatepickinganame Wed 05-Feb-20 20:35:40

Ah sorry @jellybean252 i tried to remember all the names but with the numbers its too much for my poor memory lol glad you found us 😊 i was taking a standard multi vit as i have low iron levels but ive had the same issue... it's not nice 🙄 your willpower at not testing even though your late is impressive!!

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Jellybean252 Wed 05-Feb-20 20:51:23

@hatepickinganame I had a look through some other forums but so glad I found this again.
Well my will power isn't as impressive as you think!! I did do a test at 9dpo and it was a BFN sooooo that's why I am not holding my breath

Hatepickinganame Wed 05-Feb-20 20:57:41

@jellybean252 That could have been way too early though. I see posts on here all the time of bfps at 8/9/10dpo and then people who were bfn until after their period was late. Its different for everyone i guess and youre not out til af shows!

Tomorrow i will be mostly going to the loo approximately every 6 seconds to see if af arrived yet 😂

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Jellybean252 Wed 05-Feb-20 21:02:20

Thankyou for your positivity! I'll wait until Sunday then test and hope she doesn't turn up in the meantime! I have thought I started a few times but it was just very watery CM.
My DH is away for 10 days from today it would be a lovely surprise for him before he gets back.
How long have you been trying? x

MrsTwentySeven Wed 05-Feb-20 21:12:48

I thought AF due today based on OV day 22nd with 14 day LP ....maybe tomorrow. FFS wish it would show so I can move on 😭 BFN on 11dpo so don't know what I'm waiting for anyway

Glad this bus is here though!!!smile

Jellybean252 Wed 05-Feb-20 21:13:43

@MrsTwentySeven that's exactly how I feel!!

Needallthesleep Wed 05-Feb-20 21:17:47

Also jumping on. 6dpo today of cycle 4 TTC number 2 (2 years old).

I went for an internal scan on the NHS today (due to very heavy periods after my first DD), the woman doing the scan said that she couldn’t tell me anything. She will analyse the results and send them to my GP. I’m so anxious now about what she has seen. I feel like if everything was normal she would have told me.

Anyway, anxiety in overdrive. Thinking about having a private fertility scan now. Just a really bad day and I feel so sad for some weird reason.

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