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OPK sticks - light line/dark line/no line at all - please help!

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nh101 Mon 02-Jul-07 13:00:43

How do these work? Do you get a second line when you are nearing ovulation which goes darker than the control line when you are 24 hours away, or is it random as to whether you get a second line?

I have used these for the last eight days and just got the control line, no second line at all. The thing is, I think I ovulated the week before (lots of EWCM). But that was only day 17 of my cycle, my last cycle lasted 42 days (this is only my third cycle after MC in March) so thought day 17 was probably too early. I am on day 27 now.

I have been BDing loads so not worried, just wondered how likely it is that I OV'd at day 17 as I suspected at the time or whether I haven't OV'd at all yet this month.

Also I drink lots of water during the day, I stop 2 hours before i test but I wonder whether my urine isn't strong enough to detect the surge.

Any advice greatly apprectiated!

Treenie Mon 02-Jul-07 13:04:37

I would say don't use them at all as they are totally unreliable. Used them one month got a surge and then nothing this pasy month but I def oved - ov pains etc.
All they do is stress you out and it's so easy to miss the surge. My top tip would be look for the natural signs and bd every second day and you can't really do much more.
From what I can gather you can ov any time in your cycle and it can vary every month.
Have a look at for more info.
Hope that helps

nh101 Mon 02-Jul-07 14:35:51

Do you know why the second line appears when it is not darker than the first? Is it the LH hormone (but not enough) or is it just an evap line?

I can't access for some reason...

Thinking Tue 03-Jul-07 10:11:40

Ovulation tests are negative if there is only one line AND if the second line is fainter than the test line.

The ovulation test is ONLY positive if the second line is the same or darker than the test line...ovualtion should occur 24 to 48 hours later assuming nothing delays it (like stress, illness etc)

It is best to take ovulation test with your second morning urine as the wee overnight may not show a morning surge.

It is also possible to miss your surge unless you do two tests a day about 12 hours apart. So if you do an ovulation test at 10am and one at 10pm you are a lot more likely to catch the surge.

Lastly even if you BD at the perfect time in your cycle you still only have between 12% and 25% chance of conceiving...good luck

I buy cheap ovulation and pregnancy test strips from Fertility Plan on Ebay. If anyone knows a cheaper supplier could you post it, as I waste far too much money on tests

nh101 Tue 03-Jul-07 10:22:32

Try access diagnostics

Thanks for the info

Thinking Tue 03-Jul-07 10:31:57

Thanks for the link but that place ismore expensive than the Ebay shop I currently use.

I spend £4.75 on 20 pregnancy tests including postage where as it is £6.99 on your link

Am I looking at the wrong page ?

Does anyone sell tests cheaper ?

newkid Tue 03-Jul-07 11:05:27

I've had the same thing with OPKs this month. I got no line on day 1 (cd10) or day 2, day 3 (faint line), day 4 (faint line), day 5 (no line). However, other signs there and temp soared as I would have expected this morning so I have ov'd. Think we timed it pretty well. 3 times over the last four days. Have also read about doing two tests a day being more accurate and might do that next month if no BFP this month (fingers crossssed!!!)

Impatience Tue 03-Jul-07 11:11:32

The twice-a-day (well, 4...) did it for me. I hadn't got a positive test for months, although fainter lines would appear for a couple of days. Then one day I got faint line first thing, then again a few hours later, then still faint late pm, then last thing before bed I got a positive. By the next morning it was back down to faint again.

Having been reassured that I do actually have an LH surge I now avoid the sticks at all costs: No way do I have time or money for 4 a day! I just go by cm, ov pain and bloatedness now.

newkid Tue 03-Jul-07 11:25:51

Yeah, timing a test is a pain. Hmm, when did I last pee, how much have I had to drink, is there a clean container to hand (prefer this to midstream testing iykwim)....

Will only use tests for another month to confirm LH and then just cm/temping. Will be going to dr in any event once I have a few documented months.

Renee2007 Tue 02-Oct-07 12:51:34

I have bought these pregnancy "Advanced HCG" one-step test strips from access diagnostics. If the results line is a lot lighter than the control line what does that mean? I have had this result 2 days in a row with the control line slightly darker today.

MissJayne86 Wed 14-Jun-17 16:25:59

Iv been ttc iv used an app on my phone since jan i have a 25 day cycle reading your posts and comments ladys iv just got some ovulation strips off amazon im due on in 4 days iv got 2 preg tests ready but its to soon yet so if its a bfn and i come on ill use the ovulation tests next cycle xx good luck

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