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Prolactin & irregular periods

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callypally Fri 28-Dec-18 11:26:23

Hi everyone!
I'm quite new on here!
I suffer with irregular periods (always have done really but never thought much of them before), my husband and I have been trying to conceive for just over 6 months now but unfortunately no luck so far.
I had a doctors appointment regarding my irregular periods (my last period was 2 and a half months ago now), and my results came back with borderline levels of prolactin.
I'm having another blood test done in early jan to see if the levels are stress related or my "normal".
Has anyone been in this position too? Any words of advice would be highly appreciated 😊
It's my first time trying to conceive, so it's all quite confusing and worrying that this is happening. It's also really disappointing keep taking pregnancy tests and for them to be negative, especially as I have no idea when my period will be!!
I'm 30 next month, so trying to keep my calm about it!
Anyone who is or was in the same boat, then it would be great to chat!

Willowjasmine Fri 28-Dec-18 12:55:15

Hi! In a similar position... been trying about 9 months, I'm 30 and have PCOS. I've just had bloods to check prolactin levels as my periods used to be regular until quite a stressful time earlier this year and now they're like 39 day cycles. Awaiting results! Either way I have been prescribed Clomid to induce ovulation (As I'm not ovulating according to progesterone bloods) not entirely sure what will happen regarding prolactin but just wanted to let you know I'm a similar boat!

callypally Mon 31-Dec-18 10:09:19

Aww hi! Thanks for replying 😊 glad I'm not the only one in this boat! Although sorry to hear that, hopefully it'll all work out well for us soon!!
Let me know how you get on with the results!
It's good that there are things that can be given to induce ovulation. I've got a doctors appointment booked for late jan to "discuss results" of my next blood tests. Not too sure what to expect, but hopefully it'll be positive and push me in the right direction! Have the doctors been helpful for you?

cherrylo86 Mon 31-Dec-18 13:00:23

Hi, similar position here with Prolactin levels "slightly raised" on a blood test taken on Christmas eve. I am 32 and being investigated for PCOS. The rest of my bloods were normal apparently. GP told me to go back for another blood test today so she can compare and then give me a call. I am constantly tired, have a hairy face sad, bad acne for the past few months, irregular periods (only had 3 since April when I came off the pill) so GP strongly reckons PCOS (awaiting my ultrasound scan to check) or possibly even under active thyroid. I had never heard of Prolactin before now and spent the weekend using Dr Google worrying my life away!!!

It is so frustrating not feeling "normal" with regular periods etc. I hope we all get some good news in 2019 smile

Willowjasmine Mon 31-Dec-18 17:41:26

@callypally I think they just want to establish what's causing lack of ovulation, hopefully you get an easy fix. My consultant only suggested checking prolactin because I mentioned my anxiety/stress otherwise don't think it would have come up. My GP has been quite good, they did 3 cycles of progesterone bloods and 2x semen analysis before they referred us. It felt at the time that it took forever and they were dragging their feet but on hindsight it's just me being impatient and ttc being SO important to me.

Hi @cherrylo86 sounds like you're having A tough time too , back away from the Google rabbit hole!!! Did they say what would happen if the second bloods are raised too? I'm awaiting another ultrasound scan too. Are you ttc #1?

cherrylo86 Mon 31-Dec-18 17:52:52

@Willowjasmine thanks yes I've not looked on Google since Saturday so just staying away! GP said before my bloods that she would talk to me about clomid if that's something I want to pursue but nothing on the prolactin yet as I only spoke to the receptionist who told me the GP requested I get it checked again today. Hopefully will have more answers by end of the week.

Yes TTC no 1 since September after our wedding so not been trying long but I came off pill in April to try regulate things beforehand but no such luck yet. My last few months of pill taking I noticed my periods were barely there so think it's been masking something!

anniejade88 Tue 01-Jan-19 15:00:49

Hi all just want to say do not give up hope. I was 29 at the time and I'd been ttc for nearly 18 months last December so went to my GP. They did all the relevant tests and discovered my prolactin levels were high. Got referred and then found out I was pregnant in February so didn't end up seeing anybody, I now have a beautiful baby boy.

BambiOnIce80 Tue 01-Jan-19 16:12:42

Hi All, just jumping on to say I'm a borderline/high prolactin case too (although my cycles are regular). All other fertility markers are normal except for the pesky prolactin! Been TTC for 9 months with DP (although it's actually just over 4 years when I add in the years spent TTC with my ex). Previously diagnosed with 'primary unexplained infertility', which is a crappy diagnosis because you don't know what's wrong and therefore not easily fixed 🙄 My prolactin result has been over 600 but less than 700 twice and the lab reflex tested the second one for macroprolactin (a marker for pituitary tumours) - thankfully all good in the hood with that result 😪 I have a job that stress comes as standard, so not overly worried. My oestrogen and FSH are normal too, and it's these guys that are suppressed if prolactin is high. The advice from my GP was to not worry and bring it up with the fertility specialists when I get my first appointment around January/February time, so that's what I'll do.

Hope my experience helps fill in some blanks and wishing you all luck on your TTC journeys 🤞🏻🍀

gebs Tue 01-Jan-19 18:31:40

I'm also 30 and was diagnosed with hyperprolactilmia (sp) when I was 20, I had a tumour in my pituitary gland which has now gone from meds' I'll need to take probably until the menopause at least.. But I decided to stop taking the pill in June and was pregnant by August so just wanted to say have the conversations with your doctor and they will give you the best advise for ttc. There are lots of positive high prolactin situations out there so don't worry - it happened quickly for us which I'm grateful for, but there's no reason you won't have a positive outcome too smile

Fairylea Tue 01-Jan-19 18:35:01

Not sure if this will encourage anyone but I have very high prolactin - mine has been 3000 + at times and I’ve gone on to have two children. When I’ve wanted to conceive the consultant has put me on dostinex to bring my periods back regularly and then I conceived within a year. It’s a lot more common than people think.

cherrylo86 Tue 01-Jan-19 18:44:10

Thank you all for jumping on. It's nice to hear others experiences smile

Willowjasmine Wed 02-Jan-19 12:40:07

Wow it's nice to hear some positive stories! I hadn't even heard of prolactin before so really helps knowing it's quite common. So other than medication for inducing ovulation there's nothing else they need to do? I'm not sure when I'm going to get my results, I have to start Clomid on my next cycle (currently on cd21) and have progesterone bloods on day 21 of that cycle. Found out at Xmas that my sister is expecting. Feeling fed up.

gebs Wed 02-Jan-19 20:23:58

I took bromocriptine for my high prolactin, not sure if that's common/uncommon but when I last spoke to my consultant at my yearly appointment I said I wanted to start ttc and she recommended I keep taking the tablets until I had my first positive then stop as the prolactin will rise with the pregnancy. I have shared care with midwifes and the same consultant and have had a couple of extra blood tests but it's been pretty okay otherwise smile

callypally Mon 07-Jan-19 17:18:17

Hi everyone!
Thanks so much for the positive replies, it's really good to hear 😊
Doctor google is definitely a pain, best not to look sometimes, it's difficult though when it feels like such a confusing situation!
I've had my next round of blood tests to check the levels, so fingers crossed I'll get the results tomorrow and hear from the doctor!
Not too sure what to expect, feeling a little nervous but trying not to think about it!
My last period was almost 3 months ago now, wondering when it'll turn up! Has anyone tried using the ovulation sticks? I'm wondering if there is much point in trying those when it's been so long since my last period 🤔

Willowjasmine Mon 07-Jan-19 18:23:14

@callypally everything crossed for you! I had my results back last week and apparently it came back normal. So for me think it's just PCOS.

I used the opks and used to get a positive maybe every third month. I found it way too stressful and demoralising so haven't used for the past 2 cycles. However reading these threads, loads of ladies swear by them, So may be worth a shot for you!
Good luck flowers

callypally Tue 08-Jan-19 13:07:47

@Willowjasmine thank you! Just had my results back from my second set of blood tests and mine came back "satisfactory" too (I'm assuming it means normal or good.. I didn't think to ask that on the phone when the receptionist said!)
It does make me quite confused though as to why my last period was almost 3 months ago!!
I've got a doc appointment in a couple of weeks time to discuss it.. not overly sure what to expect to be honest! I think it's best I try and forget about it until then as it's easy to overthink 😫
Can I ask how you were diagnosed with PCOS? I always had irregular periods before going on the pill and never bothered looking into it before, it's only now I'm trying to conceive that I wish I had it looked at earlier, might make things less confusing and complicated now!
I see what you mean about the ovulation sticks, i think I'd be the same, probably best to avoid when my cycles are so sporadic!

cherrylo86 Tue 08-Jan-19 14:17:15

Update from my end. GP receptionist has just called to say my Prolactin was raised again on my second bloods so got to go speak to GP next week sad So no idea what is causing it yet, could be PCOS, could be the thyroid could be one of those pituitary gland tumours. We shall see! Will update next week when I have seen her. Still awaiting my ovary ultrasound.

Hope everyone gets some answers or good news soon.

callypally Tue 08-Jan-19 15:21:58

Aw sorry to hear that @cherrylo86 😔 hope your doctors appointment next week is useful and can point you in the right direction! Try not to worry about it! Let us know how you get on 😊 when did you first start seeing the doctor about it? Mine has just asked for a blood test and then a repeated one the month after so far!
It's such a confusing time isn't it, I feel a bit lost and not too sure what's going on, feels like it's hard to wait for appointments too! My doctor only works one morning a week, so it's tricky to get appointments quickly! Ideally I'd like to stick with her, she's really friendly and understanding, I just need to be patient!
Hope you get a positive outcome from your appointment!

cherrylo86 Tue 08-Jan-19 15:32:05

@callypally thanks, I will do smile

I saw GP originally last April because I was still on pill (and had been since 17 and was approaching 32nd birthday) but my periods where becoming non-existent to the point where I was only bleeding for a few hours. So saw her then and she sent me for bloods then which I believe were normal but couldn't quite tell as I was on pill. However I made the decision to come off the pill then as I knew wanted to start trying after our wedding in September. I thought I would try and regulate my periods so I knew were I stood but obviously that hasn't happened. For the first few months I didn't really notice any symptoms and felt exactly as I did on the pill just lack of periods but since we started trying my skin has been awful and full of acne, hair has grown more on my face, periods still very irregular, sore boobs all the time, constantly tired, no motivation for anything, feeling generally rubbish so went to see GP again just before Christmas and this is where we are at. Anyway, sorry that went on a bit, hopefully we are on the track to some answers now and if it is PCOS then it is what it is.

Hope your appointment is a positive one too. It does feel a bit like being lost doesn't it, I know it is a common thing to have but sometimes just wish I was one of those super fertile people who had regular periods and such! sad

Willowjasmine Tue 08-Jan-19 17:17:49

@callypally hmm maybe it's PCOS then? When I was in my early 20s I had alot of hair loss - I've had it since I was about 16 actually. And PCOS runs in my family so GP referred me for an Ultrasound scan. What I'm still unsure of though is at the time, they said I had polycystic ovaries but not PCOS as my testosterone was normal and I had really regular 28 day cycles. It's only the past 3 years or so that I've put on weight and now I seem to have more symptoms. So the consultant is doing another testosterone blood test and I have another scan at the end of the month.

Sorry for my actual life story 😂 but just wanted you to know this saga has been ongoing!

callypally Tue 08-Jan-19 18:01:08

Don't be silly @cherrylo86 and @Willowjasmine it's good to know both of your stories, it's really useful to see how you've got on so far! Gives me a bit of insight of what's to come instead of being completely in the dark!

I'd been on the pill for the last 9 years, I did have irregular periods before going on the pill but to be honest I never gave it a second thought.. it was almost like I was glad I didn't need to suffer with a period as often as most people! Gaah looking back now, I really wish I'd got it looked at, I probably wouldn't have been in such a confusing situation now!

I don't particularly have any symptoms really, i sometimes have light cramping that makes me think a period is coming but it doesn't end up coming!
Hopefully it'll all work out well for us, I've got all my fingers and toes crossed!
And yesssss @cherrylo86 I'm with you on that one too, all my friends have either got pregnant first time trying or by accident! It's so frustrating!!

cherrylo86 Tue 15-Jan-19 19:32:31

Hi all just thought I would update as saw GP today. So she's pretty certain it's polycystic ovaries based on my blood results and She's referring me to fertility clinic to just get ball rolling... She said I could get pregnant at any time but just in case she said the ultrasound would more than likely show cysts and then I'd get referred on anyway and re scanned so essentially cutting out middleman. She's a good GP. Some docs won't refer to fertility clinic until after a year of trying so she's doing me a favour really. She said it's not fair to expect me to wait a year because I might not be ovulating at all and may have had no "tries". It might turn out it's nothing serious and just need a bit of help stimulating my ovaries butbest to start ball rolling on those type of tests etc. However I got home and a letter was waiting for appt for the original ultrasound so just going to go along any way as suspect the referral to fertility clinic may take some time.

callypally Wed 16-Jan-19 10:38:23

@cherrylo86 aww thanks for sharing that! Glad you have got referred nice and quickly, that's nice that your doctor did that instead of making you wait it out for a whole year!
I've got my doctors appointment on Tuesday next week, eager to see what will happen! I'd assume more tests as I've only had prolactin blood tested for so far.. so we'll see!
Wishing you all the best, please let us know how you get on as you go along smile

agteacht Wed 06-Feb-19 20:25:20

Hi ladies
Just found this thread when searching for similar experiences with high prolactin when ttc. How did you all get on? X

callypally Sun 10-Feb-19 12:18:52

Hi @agteacht
Hope you are okay smile
Sorry to hear you are having some troubles with prolactin too.
Mine is still on going unfortunately, although I have now been referred to an endocrinologist to have my prolactin levels looked at. I've also been referred to an infertility gynaecologist too as I've been trying for a baby since June last year. I don't think I would have been referred so early if it wasn't due to my periods being so irregular (most likely due to the higher than normal prolactin levels). I haven't had a period since October last year now, definitely a pain when you're trying for a baby!!
I'm not overly sure what to expect from my referral appointments to be honest, definitely nervous about them and a little worried, but hopefully it'll go well!
Have you got irregular periods too?
How are you other girls getting on?
There are some positive stories on here of girls that have had high prolactin and still got pregnant, so we can stay positive smile

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