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Too early for a September bus?

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KinCat Mon 30-Jul-18 08:36:05

I've (intentionally) missed out on an August BFP due to planned holidays but I'm crossing my fingers for a 7th September BFP/AF! Not sure if there's a September thread already?

Age: 27
TTC: No. 1
Cycle: 1

Getting my coil taken out this coming weekend and really hoping I'm one of the lucky ones whose cycle goes straight back to normal! I haven't had a period for years but have been tracking my bbt for the past month.

Jayjay134 Mon 30-Jul-18 22:17:41

Hi Kincat

I am new to all this but seems as though we are in the same boat.

Age: 28
TTC: No 1
Cycle 1

Stopped my pill in May, cycle 1 will be starting in Aug! Didn't realise rtf was such a challenge confused

ImpatientMammy Sun 05-Aug-18 08:09:41

Hi girls I'm joining you 😕 spotting started this morning af due the 1st. I can't remember all the stuff you put when joining a bus but I think this is my 8th cycle ttc now x

Chanel05 Sun 05-Aug-18 08:21:09

Hello smile officially hopping on the September bus now.
Age: 29
TTC: #1
Cycle: 2
AF/BFP due: 3rd September

Pawpatrolandprosecco Sun 05-Aug-18 08:40:11

Hi girls

This is my first post!

Had my implant removed 20th July

Age: 29
TTC: #2
Cycle: Not a clue as I haven’t had AF since March due to implant messing cycles up?

I’m in limbo as I don’t know when AF will show up? I fell pregnant with my first the same month I had a implant removed without having AF. I know this was super lucky so not sure if this will happen again!


KatnissK Sun 05-Aug-18 08:47:35

Ooh can I join?
Age: 30
Ttc: #2
Cycle: 2 (?) I'm similar to pawpatrol having come off the implant. I have had a period / bleed but it was very short and not convinced everything is back to normal yet.
Really hoping to get my BFP by Christmas.

FrancesV83 Sun 05-Aug-18 11:53:21

Can I join?
Age: 35
TTC#2 DS Is 8.
Going on holiday at the end of August. Not taking my contraceptive pills with me so hoping to conceive September or any time before Christmas.
Good luck everyone! smile

Elderflower78 Mon 06-Aug-18 08:48:37

Age 28
Ttc #2 I have an 8 year old
Cycle 3
I have just had a miscarriage at 5 weeks and I'm still bleeding slightly so I think I'm out for August
I've ordered some preseed and opks ready for when I'm ready to ovulate again. I'm also being careful with what I alcohol, no caffeine, no crisps or sweets or takeaways or fizzy a hoot right now but one thing this miscarriage has taught me is how much I want a baby.

Pawpatrolandprosecco Mon 06-Aug-18 09:53:16

Good luck everyone grin

LumosNox Mon 06-Aug-18 10:19:32

Good morning, everyone!

I've previously been posting on August bus, but realised I should probably be here instead since DH and I don't start TTC until after my period, due 8th August. blush

Age: 26
TTC: #1
Cycle: 1

Sorry to see some of you here from the August bus - hoping September is your month!

To all the ladies coming off contraception, I hope that your cycles get back to normal quickly for you!

@Elderflower78 I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriage. flowers You sound a lot like me with avoiding certain foods/drinks right now. I've asked DH if he'll come off caffeine with me - he didn't seem too keen! grin

With this being our first month TTC, I don't want to go too overboard with things - something I'm prone to! blush I was planning to simply start TTC once my CM changes. Is it better to DTD each day or every other day?

I am also taking Folic Acid and Vitamin D supplements at the moment. Is there anything else I should be doing? What are you doing? smile

Thanks in advance and sorry for what are possibly obvious questions!

Pawpatrolandprosecco Mon 06-Aug-18 10:48:09

I’m taking folic acid, also trying to cut down my alcohol intake... I’m quite partial to a few gins throughout the week so trying to limit it abit wink

We are just DTD every few days, not a clue where I am in my cycle as haven’t had a period yet...
not that hubby is complaining!

LumosNox Mon 06-Aug-18 10:59:25

@Pawpatrolandprosecco ah yes I've also been limiting my alcohol intake. It helps that I've recently started driving, so I can just make myself the designated driver to avoid raising suspicion. grin The bottle of gin is starting to look a little lonely, though...

Hope you're not waiting too long for your cycle to do something!

Lougg Mon 06-Aug-18 12:01:21

Jumping aboard as I don't think we managed to DTD the right time this month as DH was away and I'm still getting to grips with tracking my cycle so 99% sure August is out. (not stopping me symptom spotting though 🙈)

I'm 32
TTC #1
Cycle 2
AF due 16th

KinCat Mon 06-Aug-18 12:12:11

Oo nice, lots of people in the same boat. I got my coil taken out at the weekend which was surprisingly painful! I've had one swapped out before and don't remember feeling a thing - it was a different doctor though. Plus she said it was lying very low and maybe in a funny position.

My BBT dropped today so officially starting my first cycle. Think I'll avoid a period this time though as the coil only came out a couple of days ago so no time for a lining to build up. I've been diligently recording every headache, cramp, backache, breast tenderness and mood swing the past month to try and curtail my symptom spotting! Didn't stop me POS the day after I got the coil out though confused !

Sorry about your miscarriage Elderflower. Positive thoughts for us all this month.

LumosNox Mon 06-Aug-18 21:24:00

@KinCat the coil removal sounds unpleasant. Great news about your cycle starting so soon afterwards - fingers crossed you don't see AF at all!

I just want my AF to come now so we can start TTC! My lack of patience probably doesn't bode well for the TWW... 😂

Pawpatrolandprosecco Mon 06-Aug-18 21:37:49

Oh god coil removal sounds awful! It took three different attempts this time to get my implant removed 😷

I don’t have any patience either... lucky we have a busy month of weddings and christenings so hopefully it takes my mind off the waiting game!

LumosNox Mon 06-Aug-18 21:53:36

@Pawpatrolandprosecco keeping busy definitely help - glad to hear you have so many things to look forward to this month!

DH and I are hopefully getting a quote this weekend for having our bathroom redone before the end of the year, so I'm trying to focus on that for now. Since I'm sat on here, you can probably tell it's going well... grin

KinCat Tue 07-Aug-18 02:31:23

It was quite toe curling although only took one attempt.

Period arrived this morning just as I was on the way out the door. Need to buy some black underwear! I've been charting for a month and think I was ovulating even with the coil in.

Anyone trying SMEP? DH is keen to try it although he's away for work a lot so not sure we'll follow it that closely. Trying not to get too obsessed with it all...we've got a couple of holidays coming up which should be a distraction (although one is to Bali so will have to check if that can go ahead given the earthquake).

LumosNox Tue 07-Aug-18 07:39:17

@KinCat at least you've got an official "day one" now.

I'm not trying SMEP yet. Like you, with this being our first month, I'm trying not to get too obsessed. DH and I will be trying to DTD more frequently based on my CM, but we won't be using OPKs (yet). Definitely something I'd want to try though if Plan A isn't bearing fruit.

What OPKs are you using?

Holidays sounds great! Where else are you off to?

KinCat Tue 07-Aug-18 09:19:04

I'm not using OPKs (yet!), just bbt. It's really easy and cheap.

We're having a long weekend in Bali and then shortly after that a week on the beach in Malaysia (which is where we live right now).

Elderflower78 Tue 07-Aug-18 11:59:16


Folic acid is good. I'm taking cod liver oil capsules as well and drinking grapefruit juice although I have no idea if they will help.
I've also been eating a small bag of leafy salad each day
I'm taking this too far aren't I?

LumosNox Tue 07-Aug-18 12:27:40

@KinCat ahh I forgot about using BBT for SMEP. I haven't been tracking temperature yet, for some reason I'm paranoid I'll end up with a dodgy thermometer or something. Do you have any recommendations? grin

@Elderflower78 I've heard about grapefruit juice as well! I've avoided cod liver oil because isn't it supposed to contain vitamin A? You are absolutely not taking this too far, don't worry! I've found this has been the motivation I needed to eat better! I've been eating leafy greens with most meals now whereas before I'd just leave them out.

ununpentium Tue 07-Aug-18 12:30:37

Well I'm out of the August bus as my period starting today! So onto September bus.

First time TTC
Cycle #2
CD 1

I started taking folic acid last week, in liquid form as I can't swallow tablets. You put 2 drops under your tongue or in some water. However I may purchase the liquid Pregnacare as it contains other vitamins and iron, however it is about £8 a bottle and I think it only lasts 20 days. I do feel in extra need of vitamins as I have an ileostomy so I'm not absorbing nutrients through my large bowel anymore.

KatnissK Tue 07-Aug-18 12:34:51

Ooh the coil thing sounds horrible - kind of puts me off having it in the future!
I think I am gearing up to ovulate soon based on a few signs here and there...fingers crossed! If nothing else it will mean my next AF will be the real deal and I can track everything properly!
I am taking folic acid but that's all I've done preparation wise. I will probably buy some OPKs at some point if no luck but trying (!!) to be relaxed about it for now.

veeboo Tue 07-Aug-18 13:37:33

Hi everyone. Jumping on as I had to hop off the August bus! 👎I'm on CD3 currently so AF due around 5th September.

I'm 31
Ttc #1
Cycle 3 ish...I actually came off the pill in Jan but we don't dtd enough to not pay attention. Used opks for the last 2 cycles but only managed to dtd at the right times in August.

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