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who's the dad

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evie1990 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:47:23

Hey all I'm new here so don't know if I'm posting in the right section.

Please don't judge me I know I have been careless and stupid but I'm pregnant and due on 7th August.

My last period was 31st October and I had sex with my ex on 9th November.

I then had a one night stand with a man of different race (but not sure if he finished) on 17th November. Then slept with a different ex on 19th November.

Who would you say the father is? Please no rude comments this is stressing me out

DaisyMay25 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:54:02


How long are your cycles normally? Do you know when you normally ovulate at all?

SqidgeBum Mon 19-Feb-18 17:56:28

It would be between candidate one and two I would guess but it does depend on when you normally ovulate. That can be kind of guessed by the length of your cycles.

EllenJanethickerknickers Mon 19-Feb-18 17:56:37

Evie, have you posted before? We can't tell you, you'll have to do a DNA test once your DC is here.

HidCat Mon 19-Feb-18 18:46:51

Bizarrely your dates match the ones from my mmc exactly. I know I conceived after sex on November 12th so I would expect one of the first two but without knowing when you ovulate it really could be all three. You really need to look at your options for DNA testing.

On a light hearted note - Didn't this happen in Mama Mia?

unicorncow Mon 19-Feb-18 18:49:04

@HidCat dot dot dot!!!

QueenAravisOfArchenland Mon 19-Feb-18 18:51:00

It could be any of them. You will need DNA to tell. Have you had a scan yet which dated you?

Redtartanshoes Mon 19-Feb-18 18:52:31

Was that the first day of your period?

When did you expect next period? Ie how long are cycles? If 25-28 I’d say 1... but could be 2

TittyGolightly Mon 19-Feb-18 18:53:07

I’m having deja vu.......

Accountant222 Mon 19-Feb-18 18:53:44

This happened to someone I know, her daughter, a choice of 3 partners, 1 white and ginger, the other 2 mixed race. She isn't white and ginger now she's almost 2.

rascallyrascal Mon 19-Feb-18 18:56:28

I think it's a case of DNA check once baby is here sadly. Also, forgive me if I offend, I assume you have been checked for STD's? Congratulations on your baby xxx

Bluedoglead Mon 19-Feb-18 18:56:43

Oh it’s you again. Hasn’t that wean been born yet?

evie1990 Mon 19-Feb-18 20:05:48

The first day of my last period was the 31st. Yes I've been checked for std's. I noticed a brown spot of blood on the 20th November could that of been implantation? Also I'm unsure of how long my cycles are usually 28 but sometimes different

Bubblegum89 Mon 19-Feb-18 20:50:34

Here’s the simple answer: nobody on an Internet forum can tell you who your baby’s dad is. If they could, Jeremy Kyle would be out of a job. The only thing you can do is have a DNA test done once your baby is born. Or better yet, when your baby is born, if it’s mixed race you won’t even need to bother with the DNA test. You can’t (and won’t) get your answer here I’m afraid

raraa Tue 20-Feb-18 02:44:12

Why are some of the comments thick with unsavoury tones? Obviously the only way to know is via dna but come on, the poor woman just wants someone to talk to about it all.

louise5754 Tue 20-Feb-18 03:06:03

Did you use contraceptives with any? It could narrow the chances?

Rtmhwales Tue 20-Feb-18 03:13:43

I conceived on November 16 and am due August 11 so working backward it’s likely option 1 or 2 but if you ovulate early or late it’s impossible to know.

Slms86 Wed 21-Feb-18 13:19:59

No judgement here! I’m in a similar situation and help would be greatly appreciated please! smile
Hi I have had a scan today and told I am ‘under 6 weeks pregnant’ but they couldn’t be anymore exact. When I held my breath on the internal ultrasound-there was a little heart beat. I only stopped taking the pill 2 months ago and although I had a light bleed (spotting) 12.1.18 ish, it was not heavy like a normal period. My concern is I was with one partner on the 11.1.18 and another on the 25.1.18 (2nd guy ever since)- which is more likely the dad? Not sure if this info helps but on the 6.2.18, the preg test was negative but the 8.2.18 it was positive please help I’m so worried

Miserablemouse Wed 21-Feb-18 13:27:19

@slms86 If you're under 6 weeks pregnant then the longest ago you conceived is 4 weeks, i.e. 24th Jan. That also fits with your spotting around the 12th Jan actually being a light period.
I'd say it's likely the second guy on that basis but you might want to do a DNA test when baby arrives just to be sure.

Slms86 Wed 21-Feb-18 13:34:09

@miserablemouse thank you! I worked out the same thing but being very paranoid! Let’s just say guy number 1 wasn’t consensual angry what would you say the odds were between the two?

Miserablemouse Wed 21-Feb-18 14:16:32

@slms86 oh gosh you poor thing, have you had support and have you reported him? You might also want to get an std check if you haven't already? I hope you're okay flowers there are charities you can talk to if you need.

I'm not sure on odds but if it was man number 1's you would have had to ovulate no later than 5 days after that, so the 16th of Jan, and would now be 7 weeks pregnant so I think if they've said with some certainty that your scan looks like you're less than 6 weeks then it can't be his. That said I don't know how much of an exact science the early dating is at scans. It might be worth discussing with your midwife?

C0untDucku1a Wed 21-Feb-18 14:21:38

evie my guess would be man 1, but it only a guess.

C0untDucku1a Wed 21-Feb-18 14:22:30

slms have you had some support?

Slms86 Wed 21-Feb-18 14:28:31

I haven’t told anyone about it and I just want to forget it happened which is why I’m praying it’s number 2-my husbands. Scan said it’s under 6 weeks and the baby was only 2.1mm too

Miserablemouse Wed 21-Feb-18 14:40:21

Oh @slms86 I really hope so too. I think it must be but nothing is ever an exact science.

I know you don't want to talk about it now but there are people who can support you. If you change your mind -

Be gentle with yourself and good luck with your pregnancy flowers

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