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8dp3dt - is this a BFP?

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cazinge Fri 08-Sep-17 08:24:10

After 3 failed IUIs & 1 failed IVF (all BFN - didn't even make it to test day) I am 8dp3dt & feeling sick as a dog so I POAS.

It's faint, but I think I can see a line? Could it be the end of my HCG shot (took it on 26/8)? Also it wasn't fmu.

Misssmoo Fri 08-Sep-17 08:29:44

I can defo see that line...not sure re hcg shit as im not familiar with it but I really hope it's your BFP xx

Misssmoo Fri 08-Sep-17 08:34:42

That was meant to say hcg shot not shit bloody phone xx

BiggerBoatNeeded Fri 08-Sep-17 09:38:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chintaria Fri 08-Sep-17 10:01:00

I can see a line - to be me it looks too strong to be a false positive, but yes definitely check with a First Response!
8dp3dt should be long enough for your hcg shot to be out of your system. I think it usually takes 10 days, but check to see if the line gets darker maybe?
Please update us, will have my fingers crossed for you!!

Chintaria Fri 08-Sep-17 10:01:21

But to me - sorry, typing in a rush 🙈

TeacupsAndDaffodils Fri 08-Sep-17 10:03:26

I can see a faint line but it might be stronger with fmu or in a couple of days.

slapmyarseandcallmemary Fri 08-Sep-17 10:05:01

I can see a line too 😊

cazinge Fri 08-Sep-17 10:14:29

Thanks all. Will nip out at lunchtime for a FRER & do it tomorrow with fmu.

CatsCantFlyFast Fri 08-Sep-17 10:17:07

Serial tester here. I've used all tests and done hundreds in my time. Used Superdrug tests from July 15 to January 2016 without a sniff of a false positive. Used them with the same urine along with a frer and a amazon cheapy when I was pregnant and they were the only test to show positive for two days
Looks like a bfp to me. I believe the trigger takes 7 days to be out of your system

LapinR0se Fri 08-Sep-17 10:21:52

I have done IVF and an FET and I would really say to sit on your hands until at least 10 days post transfer if you can, just to avoid the remnants of the hormone injections giving you a false positive. It's horrendous waiting, I really really know that it is.

cazinge Wed 13-Sep-17 04:27:37

So it's 4.25am on OTD. I am 13dp3dt & even I don't need a 2nd o0inion this time! grin

LapinR0se Wed 13-Sep-17 05:21:37


Brenna24 Wed 13-Sep-17 05:29:32

I am so happy for you. flowers

Brenna24 Wed 13-Sep-17 05:32:13

Oh and ...... CONGRATULATIONS grin

McTufty Wed 13-Sep-17 05:52:39


Jamon Wed 13-Sep-17 06:06:01

Congratulations 😁 I'm starting IVF next month

PollytheDoily Wed 13-Sep-17 06:23:13

Congratulations!!! grin

RedDahlia Wed 13-Sep-17 06:33:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WrittenandGrown Wed 13-Sep-17 06:35:59


Misssmoo Wed 13-Sep-17 06:37:01

Excellent xxx

Bluereally Wed 13-Sep-17 06:40:08

So happy for you! Made my morning! When I read your opening post last week I was really rooting for you. Fingers crossed for a strong sticky bean xxx

GreggsSausageRolls Wed 13-Sep-17 07:12:54

Fab news OP!smile

cazinge Wed 13-Sep-17 14:15:38

Thank you everyone. Appreciate there's a long way to go yet but said to DP that if something does go wrong we won't be any less sad if we haven't let ourselves get excited so we are being cautiously excited!

@Jamon - good luck xx

Jamon Wed 13-Sep-17 16:40:02

Thank you and all the best 🌸

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