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Very early pregnancy symptoms

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Poptart4 Fri 25-Aug-17 16:05:16

I'm currently in my 2ww and am feeling bloated and very gassy. I swear I never fart, never! But I haven't stopped since I ovulated blush. I'm only 3/4 dpo so surly this couldnt be pregnancy related? Could it?

Anybody else have this before a bfp?

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physicskate Fri 25-Aug-17 16:13:46

It's far too early for symptoms...

It's probably just progesterone. I've had it too ever since my last chemical...

Poptart4 Fri 25-Aug-17 16:26:17

Thanks @physicskate I know it's too early and I'm normally more sensible than this, I'm just letting the 2ww drive me crazy 😜

Need a slap to bring me back to my senses lol

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IfeelFloopy Fri 25-Aug-17 16:51:42

Well, that was my first symptom at about 6dpo and went on for a couple of days. I was on a thread during the 2ww and another lady had been talking about this being her first symptom. I didn't even know it was one. She went on to get her bfp that month and it's only because of that that I noticed when it happened to me.

dowhatyouwish Fri 25-Aug-17 17:00:11

Non stop farting and belly rumbles started for me at 5dpo to the point it was very embarassing and constipation randomly at 2dpo. Defo a sign for me.

NimbleKnitter Fri 25-Aug-17 18:34:06

Slower digestion is a symptom of raised progesterone.

You get raised progesterone from ovulation, and it raises even higher during pregnancy. So yes, women who go on to get a positive pregnancy test have these symptoms.

But so do those who are just reacting to the progesterone from ovulation. If the symptoms get worse, or don't ease off around the time of your period, that could be a sign of pregnancy.

But any symptoms before 7 days post ovulation (at the earliest) are more likely to be related to ovulation than pregnancy.

Take it as a good sign - you've ovulated and your progesterone levels are high. All good for implantation in a few days

Poptart4 Fri 25-Aug-17 18:42:00

@nimbleknitter thanks for the explanation, at least I know for definite I've ovulated. I've just never had gas like this. But your right it's too soon to mean anything. Gotta get a grip of myself lol

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mystvpn Fri 25-Aug-17 18:45:27

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