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TTC after depo

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Pebblez Tue 21-Mar-17 09:32:21

DP and I have been ttc no2 for over a year now, after our first DC I went on the depo injection (I was on pill before but fell pregnant on it so thought it best to switch it up!). I had 2/3 injections with my last being November 2015.

We were relaxed about it at first but I'm getting concerned it's not happening. I've started doing CB ovulation tests this month and I'm on CD19 and still nothing...

So my question is, can the depo injection stop you ovulating after it's worn off? Has anyone got any success stories to give me hope? sad

DappledThings Tue 21-Mar-17 10:12:16

Hey, took ages after depo bring got there in the end. My timeline is below, hope it does come across as a positive story in the end.

First depo - Jan 2009
Last depo - Nov 2012 so started to wear off Feb 2013
First period - April 2014. Not a spot of blood for those first 14 months then cycles were all over the place from 14 to 39 days.
Dec 2014 were referred to Assisted Conception United
Jan 2015 told we need IVF.
Feb 2015 - Pregnant! Just like that. Sadly ended in miscarriage but May 2015 pregnant again and about to get 13 month old DS up from his nap now.

It can take ages and ages for ovulation to return. Up to 2 years is not unusual. Good luck and happy to answer any other questions

DappledThings Tue 21-Mar-17 10:13:36

Oh and for a while even after periods came back I was still getting no positive results on OPKs. So you can bleed without ovulating for a while

Pebblez Tue 21-Mar-17 11:42:33

Thanks Dappled, so glad you had a happy ending! You've definitely given me hope that one day it'll happen! smile

How long were you told you had to wait before they'd investigate? I've been to the GP recently but was just told to eat healthily, exercise etc and "relax" (like it's that easy!) and to come back in another year if nothing happens. Got the impression that they're not interested as we had our DS easily so there shouldn't be anything wrong as such.

I'm finding it hard as it seems like everyone around me is announcing pregnancies too! And I feel like such a cow for feeling so jealous sad

DappledThings Tue 21-Mar-17 13:41:33

As far as I remember I first started getting blood tests to check hormone levels after nearly a year so Jan 2014. Over the next few months that progressed to having cycle monitoring where they check the thickness of the uterus lining at various points over the month. All revealed nothing wrong.

When we had appt in Dec 2014 and they said we needed IVF I think age was a factor. I was 35 and I'm sure that sent a great big klaxon off for them! I had been asking on and off for ages if any of the tests could show I was actually ovulating and nobody really answered that question.

Then 4 days before what was meant to be our first appt to start the IVF process was when I got my first positive pregnancy test.

So although it was 2 years in total it was only 10 months from when I actually started having periods again and only 4 months really from when they became regular. But it was a long old journey. Keep your hopes up, it's really likely it's just taking your body a while to reset.

Lemondrop09 Fri 24-Mar-17 14:47:53

Hi there

I had a bit of a nightmare coming off depo but want to share my success story with you!

Last injection October 2015, therefore wearing off around Jan 2016

First period of sorts, May 2016.

Periods before depo were regular. Periods are depo were all over the shop, mostly short (21 days) but the odd 32 day cycle thrown in, just to mess with my mind! I was getting positive opks some months but not others.

We TTC actively between May 2016 - Jan 2017.

Saw the GP in Aug 2016, 21 day bloods taken. Progesterone was borderline, unsure if I'd ovulated

GP suggested re-doing bloods on both Day 3 and Day 21. Suddenly, periods went haywire!

October - December 2016, I have a 14 day cycle followed by a 21 day cycle! Very frustrating, didn't know what to do about blood tests.

Went in Jan 2017 for 21 day blood, planning to do Day 3 blood at start of next cycle if possible. Except, next cycle never came grin

I went into see the GP at the start of Feb 2017 and he said "hold on while I check your records....hmmm, yes, I can't see your 21 day bloods were fine and you've ovulated". I replied "I KNOW!" and slammed my positive pg test on his desk. Very satisfying lol.

I'm now 12 weeks pregnant.

I assumed the "it can take a year for your fertility to come back" was worst case scenario. Apparently it's actually quite common. It appears mins really did take a whole year to wear old. I think my crazy short periods in Oct/Nov 2016 was my body resetting itself after the depo finally worn off.

Funnily enough, the month I got my BFP, I assumed my cycles were mucked up, I didn't really do opks and was more focused on finding out if I was even ovulating. I didn't think I'd get pregnant that month. Also I was very unhappy in my job that year but started a new one in Jan. I'm convinced relaxing about the whole TTC thing and also removing myself from a stressful job helps.

Anyway don't despair yet. You are literally coming up on the 12 months of it coming out of your system. Bloody thing can take ages but that's normal. That doesn't mean you'll have any long term issues though. Hang in there!

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