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Very thin blue line on Tesco PT?

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TrafficJunkie Tue 07-Mar-17 12:25:10

Am I imagining it?

confusedat23 Tue 07-Mar-17 12:31:13

Hi OP i had a very thin blue line on a tescos test and it was BFN i would not trust these tests!

TrafficJunkie Tue 07-Mar-17 12:33:21

Which is better then? smile

WelshMammy123 Tue 07-Mar-17 12:34:55


I can definitely see a line so you're not imagining it. I don't know anything about these tests. Are you testing early? I think the general view is that the FRER's are good when testing early. Good luck!! X

TrafficJunkie Tue 07-Mar-17 12:36:34

At least I'm not imagining it. Hard to say if I'm testing early. My cycles vary, I could be due on today or it could be as late as Thursday

AmyB1986 Tue 07-Mar-17 13:07:38

Hi, these test are terrible! I got a line within the time frame on every single one of them that I did, i wasn't pregnant.

I use the cheap hpt's from eBay, you can get 100 for around a tenner and to double check I use a first response if needs be.

TrafficJunkie Tue 07-Mar-17 13:08:57

Ugh what a pain. I'm gonna go and get a FR

AmyB1986 Tue 07-Mar-17 13:42:54

They're an absolute nightmare! I don't know if Tesco are aware of the fact that they're faulty

TrafficJunkie Tue 07-Mar-17 13:57:32

It's bloody terrible! I did two tesco ones, both had faint blue lines with one darker than the other one. The FR showed a neg. Ill do a first morning one tomorrow but i would imagine I'm not.

TrafficJunkie Tue 07-Mar-17 14:25:36

Any clues? Definitely no line on the pink test is there?

ricecrispies16 Tue 07-Mar-17 15:52:08

Perhaps do a FR first thing tomorrow morning?

ricecrispies16 Tue 07-Mar-17 15:52:30

Just realised you've already said that

ShowOfHands Tue 07-Mar-17 15:54:15

Dismantling them can cause evaps so really you need to use cheap ones minus the casing or read them intact.

BertieBotts Tue 07-Mar-17 15:54:39

I think that could be evaporation/dye run rather than positive. If you look at the dye saturation on the left side of the test.

TrafficJunkie Tue 07-Mar-17 15:55:30

How does it cause evaps? Also I thought evap lines are usually horizontal. But I'm no expert smile

user1485466870 Tue 07-Mar-17 16:31:29

I had those lines on two Tescos tests in January. Had HCG bloods the next day and was negative. Sorry, I think they're bad tests sad

BertieBotts Tue 07-Mar-17 20:14:07

No, evaporation lines aren't horizontal. Evaporations or dye runs (not the same thing but similar) are caused when some of the dye runs over the little groove where the test line would go, when it isn't supposed to. So it looks like it's positive but it actually wasn't.

Dismantling the tests isn't a problem though.

haveacupoftea Tue 07-Mar-17 23:10:12

The tests are fine when you follow instructions, I got a + on mine same day i got my first + on FRER. If you leave it for hours or break it open of course you are going to get evaps.

TrafficJunkie Wed 08-Mar-17 13:27:12

Well I fluffed the morning test so I'm none the wiser, still no AF, and no moolah for more tests until Saturday. So I've just got to wait and see.

TrafficJunkie Wed 08-Mar-17 13:30:40

I should think if you dismantle the test after use but BEFORE the control line appears, it could affect the result, but after the control line has appeared the strip has already absorbed moisture so it shouldn't affect the result eg get into the indent for the result line...
Well, either way I still don't think I have a clear result. I'm not convinced for certain that there isn't a pink line on the FRER one. Maybe it's just wishful thinking though.

cottoncandee Wed 08-Mar-17 14:02:07

ClearBlue Digi, which might be less sensitive, can give clearer answer cause at least it is written there smile

TrafficJunkie Thu 09-Mar-17 09:40:01

True! Still no AF but if it's not here by Saturday I'll get a digital one

Jade123f Thu 14-Sep-17 08:03:04

Hi ladies! I think I am in the same position I have been ttc for a while now and been using Tesco tests and yesterday morning it has a very thin blue line! What does this mean!!! I promised my partner I would wait until Saturday to retest but it is driving me mad! I thought I was imagining it but he said he could see it too. What do you think? Pregnant or Evap line? Really hope it's a positive!!! Any help appreciated xxxxx

BrandNewHouse Thu 14-Sep-17 08:05:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jade123f Thu 14-Sep-17 08:28:29

Do you think so! I don't want to get my hopes up unless it's one of those evap lines! Keeping my fingers crossed for Saturday! Feels like so long away xx

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