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Advice needed! Conception Support tablets

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rachd77 Mon 04-Feb-13 23:03:26

Hi there! smile I'm a newbie here with my other half and I only TTC in the past few weeks.

I usually run a 30 day cycle and with that am due my period on Friday however since yesterday (Sun), I've been experiencing light spotting with sore boobs to boot! I am never early and wondered if the spotting was a side effect of the tablets at all and if anyone else has experienced this? (I'm taking Boots Conception Support tablets).

As an aside, I did do a pregnancy test just in case it was the implantation bleed I've read about but got a BFN.

Therefore, can only figure it is the tablets and now wondering if they're doing me any good or if this is the norm!

Thank you in advance for any replies! Xxx smile

setayharas Tue 05-Feb-13 07:10:26

It could still be implantation spotting but you haven't produced enough hormones to be picked up on a test. Give it a few days and test again.

I started taking the boots tablets and they really made me sick, have no switched to pregnacare and feel fine. Howeve iv never heard of them causing spotting.

Sorry not much help but didn't wanna leave you waiting for a reply


rachd77 Sat 09-Feb-13 18:32:48

Thanks for your reply.

It's now Sat night and I'm even more confused!!

As the week went on, I realised I was actually due on on Thurs, not Fri, and it's now Sat night and I've still not come on.

I did a test this afternoon and got a cross although the pregnancy line was much fainter than the other line (it was a clear blue plus test). My partner agreed it appeared to be a cross too. Both lines appeared quickly and within the alotted time.

I kept the test and hours later the second line in the cross seems barely there although I took a photo so am sure of what I saw earlier it just seemed rather faint as I say.

I have a feeling the test has a fault so plan to take another in the morning. In reality I really think the conception tablets I'm taking may be delaying my period this month as I've read online this happens a lot with pregnacare although I'm using boots own brand but would imagine it can be similar? If anyone has advice here it would be so welcome.

I am all a mixture of emotions tonight! So glad this forum is here as feel like I am going mad!

Has anyone else experience any of the above?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Xxx smile

MrsHuxtable Sun 10-Feb-13 12:22:35

Take a digital test. Sounds to me like you're pregnant.

Soph80 Sun 10-Feb-13 12:26:00

I think you might be too you know, check again (or a digital). If its positive though, take a pic of it as the symbol can disappear on the digital ones x

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