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Eugin Clinic in Barcelona

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Fay30 Wed 30-Jan-13 04:32:14

Hi All,

My sister in law, has been trying for almost 20 years for a child with her husband.
They have had several UK with NHS attempts.
They have paid for approximately 3 private attempts.
All unfortunately ending in nothing.

Then they were told about Eugin Fertility Clinic, in Barcelona.

They made all the inquiries, and planned a few days "holiday" in Barcelona.
Well a holiday is what they told the family, any way.
They were in and out of the clinic in a day.
Now she is just gone past the 4 months pregnant.
We have done the free assessment, and our price quoted is £3,313

If it has the reputation that I have believe it has, perhaps we should be taking ourselves for a "holiday" also to Barcelona.

They told us afterwards, that the staff were brilliant, very caring,.


Wattsy1970 Wed 04-May-16 00:27:20

Has anyone used Eugin in Barcelona recently to conceive and what is the procedure, how long does this take and how many trips would be needed ? Thank you.

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