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The Clomid Crew - Part 2

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goldengirl71 Tue 20-Nov-12 14:33:17

"Come on, ovaries! Let's get this party started, yeah?!"

Soph80 Mon 28-Jan-13 20:33:39

Annalou - if you do decide to get them off the net, you won't have any monitoring / scanning not that my consultant is bothering to scan me

guys - my doc requested a 23 day blood test, not 21, does that sound normal?

slippysnow Mon 28-Jan-13 21:53:41

Hiya, well my journey so far...
Me and dp are both 24 and have been TTC for 2years. Before starting I was on the pill and my body seemed to take ages to get over it. Before starting the pillI i had ridiculously heavy periods and I never really took notice of cycle length etc.

We have had all the blood tests done and they were a bit pointless as my cycle length ranged from 19-46 days and never seem to follow a real pattern.

Dp has had sperm analysis done, normal but for some reason they didn't do morphology (so we will prob have to repeat this).

Just had a hycosy with good results except I was told my ovaries were polycystic in appearance but the doctor seemed unphased - would love to know if any one has info about this?

So all this means we are in the unexplained catergory, hence the need for clomid. It seemed to take forever for someone to take us seriously because of our age. But, we pushed and pushed and hopefully we will get the result we want !

slippysnow Fri 01-Feb-13 19:25:33

I've got a feeling I joined the thread when everyone's clomid journey was over. But thought it might be worth a shot, had my scan today which showed good results. I have two follicles on one side and the others slightly smaller. I still get a bit confused with the process especially when I had to relay in to dp (he couldn't come as he was working) smile anyone scan show similar? So glad I'm responding well

Sarahb8990 Fri 01-Feb-13 19:55:17

Yeh it's gone really quiet lately on here

That's really good slippysnow, my clinic always looks for 1-2 good sized follicles so that's good smile good luck

I'm currently waiting for af as I'm pretty sure I'm not preg this time round sad

slippysnow Fri 01-Feb-13 20:11:48

Thanks. She said that I'm at risk of multiple pregnancies I almost laughed in her face. One would be a blessing. Fingers crossed. But dp has had the flu for the last week so although I'm trying to think positively, also being realistic smile

slippysnow Fri 01-Feb-13 20:12:23

And how come your doubting it this time?

npg1 Fri 01-Feb-13 21:50:33

Hi everyone. well im currently on cd40! I had a test done cd37 but negative so wondering if af will show up or not??!!!!

Its stranger because normally my boobs hurt 2 weeks before af is due but this time nothing and they are only hurting a little bit now, feel very bloated, have been constipated for a week which has been awful.

I dont know when to test which will prob be neg anyway. Its hubby birthday wednesday so im hoping so much I can wrap up a little baby gift but doubt it!

Sarahb8990 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:05:28

Yeh you would be slippey, but that's up to you wether you would like a multiple, personally I wouldn't mind been waitin ages so 2 at once would be a blessing. Dont worry about Dp having the flu it can still happen.

I dnt think I am as iv got all the symptoms of af coming plus iv been tryin for 2 years and doubt if be so lucky to get a bfp first time round.

Npg, how long are your cycles normally? Maybe you tested abit early? Try again in a few days if af doesn't appear

npg1 Fri 01-Feb-13 22:55:14

Hi. Thanks. I have pcos, had mc aug and a short cycle, then they have been varying from 36-40 days (40 days being the longest several months ago) generally speaking 36-38 days.

I had a colposcopy tues and they did a test and it was negative at the hospital x

Sarahb8990 Fri 01-Feb-13 23:20:24

It's horrible having pcos ain't it? I have it and mine have been really bad lately,I went 17weeks without a period! Hopefully will settle into normal ish cycles with clomid.

The test they did could have been early or not enough hpg for it to pick up, I no the ones my hosp have ain't sensitive at all, I think theirs are measured at 50mlu. Try a sensitive one (10mlu) least you will deff know then x

Meluv Sat 02-Feb-13 17:44:54

Elo all sorry for my quietness I dropped my phone down the loo grrrrrr so had no way if getting on as my lap top broke too ... Oh well am back now welcome to the new girls annalou am so sorry hunny your specialist must be realy strict as I've told u before am overweight to by alot I no it don't help but the truth is u no loads an loads of people who r overweight sum bigger than me sum smaller an they all have two or three kids I don't no y they can't give you clomid Hun an tell u to loose say 4lbs by the next month ya due to take it if u don't get caught that wud make u stick to healthy eating an loose weight too my weight has spiralled when my back went in me now I have no feeling in my right leg so I can't do a lot in the form of excersise I do eat healthy but hardly loose any weight ... I want me an u Anna to help each other CUM ON GIRL we can do it start Monday an lets see what we can loose in one week we both must be honest .... Did I pay private to see that specialist Hun too ? ... V how the heck r ya girl any news luv what cd r u now I have my scan Monday cd 12 for me they have me my two months back I complained about too ... Congrats is in place too for one of r girls so happy for u Hun big hugs all xxx

npg1 Sat 02-Feb-13 20:40:29

Yeah pcos is awful. My cycle is now 41 days and its the longest its been since about July. Had quite a bit of whitey cm today too x

Annalou84 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:57:53

Hi meluv we paid £190 just to be told to lose 2 stone, I see where the consultant is coming from but it's just so distroying and when so many people are over weight and having kids left right and centre!!!!

I'm deff joining weight watchers this week my hubby is coming along with me too as he could do with loosing a few pounds. My plan is to try and lose the 2 stone before may and to get back on the clomid.

We are having our honeymoon next month so that's something to take our minds off everything. But we will keep tabs on each other ad I suffer from lower back pain and sometimes it goes and I can't move for days, so yes meluv we should support each other. X

Hope everyone is ok

Sarahb8990 Sun 03-Feb-13 10:17:17

Npg1, I also forgot to say when I had my little boy I don't test positive till I was 6 weeks gone and that was only very faint. I was told that I don't produce loads of hcg, until around week 10 I think I was, because of my pcos. So I'd wait to see if af comes before testing again. Good luck x

Meluv Sun 03-Feb-13 12:44:34

anna we will help each other lovely & it's fab your hubby going along to support you aswell we will do it girl ... Can't believe he took that money from u an told u that was the clomid making you ovulate properly lovely and what mg were u on if I can remember rightly when u were on clomid u were never been monitored in any way was u ? ( am asking this because if it was me an I was not been monitored before I wud buy them from we're ever an carry on as I was if I ovulated an the dose was doing it its supposed to ) how long have you been on clomid Hun I thinks it's r V has got them for 6 months so if u had 3 months u no u cud go on to try another 3 months .... Don't give up your dream lovely we will all get there one day soon big hugs lovely xxxx ... Waves to all the girls x

Sarahb8990 Mon 04-Feb-13 09:08:57

Well af is due today, did a test got a bfn! So just want af to hurry up now so we can try again!
Hope every ok smile

Meluv Mon 04-Feb-13 10:57:21

R sorry Sarah u got bfn big hugs lovely am just having my scan in a few minutes x

Sarahb8990 Mon 04-Feb-13 11:12:28

Thanks meluv, do you have a scan and blood test each cycle? My specialist doesn't want to see me again for 6 months n that's only if I dnt get pregnant on the 6 cycles he has given me

Meluv Mon 04-Feb-13 15:22:58

Ya Sarah I do hey scanned an blood test done every cycle of clomid I have infact got to go for another scan on fri as they think they scanned me to early got three follies but only 10mm an 2 at 8mm I normally ovulate around cd 22 so hopefully when I go back fri they will be bigger an fit to burst ha ha they told me to get together from Thursday anyhow to be on the safe side my cycles vary from 29 days up to 40 ish days so hard to pin point ov fingers r crossed for this cycle Hun xxx ... V I hope ya ok lovely not heard off u in a while xxx

npg1 Tue 05-Feb-13 14:12:30

Hi everyone. Well on cd 44 today and still no sign of af. Boobs r sore most of thr time and seem to get more sore throughtout day. Tiredness but all these signs could just be my head playing games. Part of me doesnt want to test yet!

Sarahb8990 Tue 05-Feb-13 17:00:08

Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows what's the longest luteal phase you can have on clomid? I'm on cd 31 and before (when I used to have normal cycles) my luteal phase was 14 days, which would have made af due yesterday. There is no sign of af I did a test n get a bfn. I have been told that clomid can lengthen it tho so just wondered if anyone knows how long they can get on clomid.

Meluv Tue 05-Feb-13 18:49:10

Hi girls I hope use both get a BFP that wud be amazing .,. Just don't get ya hopes realy up as I did because Sarah u r so right clomid can make your cycles longer I think my LP was about 18 days I had sore boobs tiredness heartburn intergestion in my head I was convincing my lil self I was preggers an then came the crash af .... R both your cycles very regular girls ?x

npg1 Tue 05-Feb-13 19:03:55

Bfn sad dont know why my cycle is so late this month

Meluv Tue 05-Feb-13 20:31:03

Npg1 am so sorry lovely I was the same as yourself it's so heart breaking but e turn will cum lovely do u have regular cycles anyhow luv x

Sarahb8990 Tue 05-Feb-13 20:34:18

Thanks meluv that would be amazing but tbh I'm pretty sure I'm not pg. tbh I havnt had a normal cycle since I had my lb 5 years ago and he wasn't planned. For a year after I had the implant and then the coil for 2 years both with no af. Since coming of them my afs have got from 6-17weeks apart so varied a lot. So I'm going on what I know my luteal phase was when I had normal af which was 14days. This is my first cycle of clomid so I dnt know what to expect with how long it could be as all the staff at the clinic keep saying its 14days and never different but I know that's wrong.

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