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TTC or pregnancy on prednisolone or similar part 9

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sarahs999 Fri 31-Aug-12 06:24:33

Oh dear - we reached 1000 posts on thread 8 without noticing! I hope you can all find this. THis is a positive thread for all those diagnosed with High or Very High NK Cells and looking to start TTC or already pregnant on Prednisolone and/or Intralipid treatment.

Newcomers very much welcome!

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ItsIgginningToLookALotLikeXmas Thu 27-Dec-12 19:21:04

Please don't be too disappointed, there are more helpful doctors out there! I don't think I would bother trying to convince that one. I was almost 41 when I sought trea(ment for rmc, and local specialists just said aspirin and maybe too old. I saw Hassan Shehata in Harley Street - I know some others on mumsnet have seen a Dr Gorgy - and although I will never know if it was the steroid treatment that helped, my 5th attempt at pg after dc1 worked. It is offputting to have to travel far for help - for me it was just Scotland to London, but the distance put me off at first.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Thu 27-Dec-12 19:28:46

Thanks Iggi, the distance from Scotland to London is the same as the distance from where I live to London. A pig of a drive but an easy hop on an aeroplane.

I think you're right about not bothering to try to convince this doctor. French medicine generally has an issue with older mothers, much more so than in the UK. I just thought that the French love of prescribing medicines would mean they would be more blaise about it, but I guess steroids are serious medicines, not to be taken lightly.
Great news about your successful attempt, gives me hope!

freelancegirl Fri 28-Dec-12 11:29:37

Iggi always makes an effort with seasonal name changes and is rightly applauded grin

What an annoying experience with that French doc Accidental. He sounds like a tosser. I think I would have punched him with the eye-brow raising at hearing you're 39. Do French women not have children at that age? Quite a normal age in my social circles! I scraped DS in one week before my 38th birthday and if I have another one will probably be over 40. I can see how the whole appointment was disheartening.

Do give Mr S' team a call. They are brilliant IME and I know have helped people abroad who have only been able to have limited appointments with them. You'll find the contact details on the Miscarriage Clinic website and he sees people either on Harley Street or in Epsom. I will PM you his midwives email address as she is very helpful with these things.

snoopygirl Tue 01-Jan-13 12:06:39

Hello all,

Just thought I would pop in and wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

kittens so pleased pregnancy all going well for you. i've been thinking of you this time of year. x

I am just over half way thought Radiotherapy, having it every day since 13th Dec with Christmas day and Boxing day off. Finish on 10th jan and that's it for me no drugs or anything. V scary. But I just have to hope that's it and I remain healthy from here on and make the most of every minute. Which I fully intend to do starting with a nice holiday to Florida at end of Jan if treatment doesn't effect me too much.

I know I shouldn't really be posting here anymore but just wanted to wish you all BFP's, healthy babies and lots of strength to help keep your dreams alive.

This is a year I don't ever want to repeat. Goodbye 2012 and good bloody riddence!! grin

Loads of Love Snoops!

GreenOlives Tue 01-Jan-13 18:04:23

Lovely to hear from you snoopy, hope the days fly past so the 10th comes round quickly and you can be treatment free! Holiday sounds like a wonderful tonic so I really hope you feel up to it smile I also hope furry Snoopy is well? Take care and I wish everyone on the thread a year full of good health and happiness! smile

13Iggis Tue 01-Jan-13 18:28:17

Happy new year to all - even if it's not feeling like a good year now, I hope it will turn into one.
Snoopy never say you shouldn't be posting - surely once a pred-threader always a pred-threader? I will be thinking of you on that so well-deserved holiday smile

freelancegirl Tue 01-Jan-13 20:07:21

Snoops! Lovely to hear from you and wow to the treatment coming to an end. As Iggi says you are still part of the gang. What a year you have had indeed. What is the procedure after radio therapy has ended - do they check to confirm it has all gone? How are you feeling? And yes, how's furry snoops? Really hope it's a final all clear for you and all is well xxx

Happy new year to everyone else too! Xx

suemays Tue 01-Jan-13 21:38:48

Happy new year everyone!

Lovely to hear from you Snoopy! I agree with you as am also glad to see the back of 2012 but then I am dreading my due date on 25th of Jan. I was hoping to be pregnant again by then but that wont be happening now.

So how are you feeling Snoopy? One of my friends is in remission from leukaemia at the moment and he was telling me how tired he gets. He was only given 2 months left to live last summer but has made a good recovery so far and is managing to get back to work in the mornings. I know he was also counting down the days to see in 2013.

We had some more awful news on Christmas day - not sure if anyone heard about the M6 car crash in Staffordshire but it was one of my DDs classmates and his brother who died. Awful as they were only 4 and 10 and were lovely kids. Makes me realise again how precious life is and if I dont manage to have another child I should be happy with what I have already with my family and friends as you really dont know when it could all be taken from you. I dont know how their mum will cope with life after losing 2 kids at once. Its only a small village school with 15 kids in each year so their deaths are already a massive impact on our community. The school is holding a memorial service next week which will be awful. I couldnt attend the funeral as it bought back too many memories of Scarlet's funeral.

My period finally turned up today after waiting for 9 weeks to arrive! I was booked in to have a scan with Mr S in a couple of weeks so that he could kickstart my cycles again so I am glad it has happened naturally. That means we can start to TTC again this month. Have very mixed feelings about TTC again, dreading the whole business but glad that my body seems to be getting back to normal.

Anyway, lets hope that 2013 is the year for us all!

sarahs999 Wed 02-Jan-13 10:34:31

Happy new year all - hope this is your year.

I'm just having a clear out before the baby arrives and have a selection of ov sticks and pg tests - all Internet cheapies, all still in date. Pm me if you would like them - happy to pass them on to someone who can make use of them.

50 days exactly til I meet my little boy - feels utterly unreal. shock

Arianrhod Wed 02-Jan-13 12:00:50

Happy New Year to everyone, and big hugs especially to you snoopy and sue, admiring your fortitude and courage in the face of everything you've both gone through. And snoopy, definitely you should be posting here, you're one of us even if you're not TTC - it's always great to hear from you.

choccy How are you doing? Have you got your first dates for starting IVF yet?

ChoccyPud Wed 02-Jan-13 18:01:01

Hi all and for those of us who haven't had our bit of luck yet, let's hope 2013 is a happier year then 2012! And Snoopy it's great to hear from you and do come back here whenever you want - and have a fabulous holiday.

Feck knows what I'm doing and when Ari.

Since mc-ing, then norovirus both at end November, and a dodgy stomach until, well, it's just about normal now, I've been spotting or bleeding. Spent most of Xmas Day in bed in agony with cramps and stomach pains. Ended up going to hospital on Sunday, as I had cramping again and felt dreadful. My main fear was a uti or something GI and acute but the only thing owning was my BHCG was 236. That's about what you'd expect at 6wks according to the Dr. Given that I mc'd five weeks ago at 7wks that isn't great.

So I'm into NLC tomorrow for another BHCG test. Knowing my luck there'll be something still growing where it shouldn't, despite Mr S scanning me twice since I passed the products and finding nothing. I know that's very negative but I seem to be utterly unable to catch any sort of break so I'm almost expecting this whole episode to leave me with some sort of damage/lasting effect.

I'm exhausted from the month of bleeding and constant upset stomach and not eating properly. Emotionally at the end of my tether frankly. And to cap it off I've got a fecking cough now! Anyway, as I clearly haven't even got to not being technically pregnant in terms of hcg levels, I can't even think about ttc again, and presumably IVF can't happen until I've had a normal cycle either? I can't bring myself to research IVF or read all the bumf NLC gave me, I just think there's no point while I still have this mc to get through.

Sorry this is such a long "me" whinge, just needed to get it out.

Arianrhod Thu 03-Jan-13 09:22:02

Oh yuck choccy, what a cr@ppy end to a very cr@ppy year. And you whinge away, this is the right place to do it! I sincerely hope whatever's left of your last pregnancy hurries up and buggers off, that your cough and general under-the-weather-ness clears up ASAP, and you can get your normal fighting spirit back up and running. God knows you deserve a break (as does everyone else on here), fingers crossed you get that RSN (Real Soon Now)!

suemays Thu 03-Jan-13 23:21:36

Choccy are you still getting a positive pregnancy test then?
Are you sure its not just a very heavy period you are having? You are right that you do have to wait for your periods to come back to go for IVF. I know how you feel about being exhausted from bleeding as this period is the heaviest and most painful I have ever had - was going through a superplus tampon and a maternity pad every 30 mins yesterday and I feel awful. Its bad enough having a MC but even worse when it seems to be taking ages for your body to get back to normal so you can TTC again - v frustrating but you will get there. I started to worry I had something wrong when my periods vanished for 9.5 weeks but I dont think there are any hard and fast rules when it comes to cycles after miscarriages especially with the amount we have had. Have you been to your GP to be referred to the local hospital? I would go down that route too incase you need a D&C (not sure if you had one on Nov?). Keep on whinging - its what we are here for!!!

ChoccyPud Fri 04-Jan-13 07:52:55

Oh Sue I'm so sorry that you're having a shitty time. My bleeding isn't heavier than the heaviest bit of a normal period - it's just been dribbling on for over a month. It's all fresh red blood too now so its like its being produced then flushing straight out!

My urine pregnancy test at hospital was positive so they did a blood test on Sunday- 236. It's 102 as of yesterday so is finally falling. Hopefully once its back to 0 I'll stop bleeding?!

I felt so positive and balanced and calm before this last pg. now I'm utterly exhausted. Not sure how and when I'll be ready esp with feeling the pressure to ttc before the Humira runs out. DH says sod the Humira try not to worry about it as its obv not been the defining factor. Easy to say...

Big hugs to you Sue and here's hoping we get some luck and an easier time very very soon xx

Stogan Fri 04-Jan-13 09:19:21

Hi ladies

Not sure if any if u remember me??? I had the first baby on this thread in march last year???
Anyway I haven't been back on here and haven't had chance to read anything yet or see if I recognise anyone I just had to post while I'm sat here in the reception of the new life centre about to embark on the journey again hopefully. If anyone is in the reception (a lady and her husband just went in to see mr sshockshock and another couple have just arrived) I am the one sat here with my husband and our little miracle, thanks to mr s, at 10 months old munching on her biscuit !!
Here we go again !!!wink
Massive love to everyone and here's to 2013 xxxxxxxxxx

Havingkittens Fri 04-Jan-13 09:21:51

Choccy and Sue, so sorry you're both having such a rough time sad. You both really deserve a break!

Choccy, when I had my second termination I had the same problem as you. Bleeding and cramps for an extended (excuse the pun) period. It turned out there was a tiny bit of retained "product" left behind and that my uterus was still supplying blood to it as if it were a pregnancy and that was why I was bleeding constantly. The first approach was to give me very strong antibiotics, which was meant to help pass what was remaining but it didn't work and I ended up having another ERPC. Have they sent you for another scan yet?

Great to hear from you snoopy, and to hear your treatment is finally about to come to an end. I hope it doesn't wipe you out too badly and that you have an absolutely fantastic holiday.

Sorry for brief post and lack of other personals. Just rushing off to Sussex to help out and visit my granny.

Picked up a load of hand me down baby stuff from BIL the other day, the reality is dawning on me now that there's an actual baby due to arrive in about 3 months!

freelancegirl Fri 04-Jan-13 09:45:37

Stogan of course we remember you!! Oh gosh - you were our first Pred thread baby and now youre going to be the first to start on number two!! Your post arrived just when i am having a morning of contemplation as to whether I could go for it/go through it again and when that might be considering age, wanting to get fit and strong though first and, oh, persuading a reluctant DH into it too. Please come back and post now youre trying again! I still lurk and chat despite DS now being almost 6 months. Let me know what Mr S has to say about number two.

Kittens I'm so bloody excited that in three months you're going to have a baby. To see you having struggled so much with getting pregnant too it's fabulous. I hope there is more good news like this all the time.

Choccy and Sue, so sorry you're both having such a rough time . You both really deserve good things to come out of this shittiness.

BellyD Fri 04-Jan-13 12:07:25

Happy New Year to everyone!
Snoopy so good to hear from you and to know that you have nearly finished your treatment. Here's hoping you respond well to it so you can enjoy your well earned holiday to Florida.

Sue sorry you have had more bad news, how upsetting for everyone, a really tragic and awful accident. Glad AF has turned up and you can TTC again as daunting as it must be.

Choccy you sound as though you have had a rough time since November. I really hope 2013 brings you the strength to continue your journey and the luck you deserve.

Stogan can't believe your little ones 10 months old already, reminds the rest of us that there is hope. Good luck with no. 2 and good to see you back.

Hello to Ari Free Kittens and Sarah and anyone else I have missed/lurking. It will be good to have some new Pred babies arriving soon.

Can totally empathise with Choccy about not being able to contemplate the next step whilst her mc is still continuing. I m/c eventually in early Dec and have been for a couple of NHS scans to see if everything has come away and am now waiting for AF to return. Had my AMH tested in the meantime which has literally fallen off a cliff from when I last had it tested in April 2011 when it was 8.6. It is now 0.59 - dire! Gutted when I opened the result after we came back from Xmas to find it on the doormat, but then I did manage to get pregnant in May and Sept last year albeit through SO so not sure what to make of it. DH and I took Xmas/NY off from talking/thinking about it and we are now back on the case doing loads of research in to what our options are now. Everything from trying again, IVF, Surrogacy and Adoption. Here we go again.

Big hug to all those having a tough time and waves to everyone. X

Arianrhod Fri 04-Jan-13 12:54:30

choccy and sue big New Year hugs to you both for the feckin' sh*tty time you're both going through. And bellyd, you too, I have to say I'm too scared to get my AMH test done as I am doubting it will even register on the scale!

stogan woohoo, welcome back .. there are (unfortunately) a few of us still lurking here and still TTC, and there are also (very fortunately) some of us still lurking here and wonderfully successful on Mr S's plan. Great to hear you're trying again, and wishing you a speedy and successful TTCing!

kittens Can't wait to hear of the safe arrival of baby kittens .. doesn't make up for everything you've gone through (and possibly still, with your gran?) but it does help.

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sun 06-Jan-13 19:15:45

So decision made.
I fly to London this weekend to see Mr Shehata on Monday the 14th grin.
I'm so excited, it's ridiculous. We have decided to try another pregnancy if he can give us some support but if he finds nothing wrong, we'll give up.
I hope he finds something wrong that is treatable.
Obviously I don't know without testing but it seems to fit that the cause would be HKC. Fingers crossed that he can help.

freelancegirl Mon 07-Jan-13 10:34:44

Great news Accidental It IS exciting when you have made the appointment. I remember getting results back in a couple of weeks too so not long to wait. I hope he finds something wrong and treatable too. My offer of a coffee etc still stands if you're bored!

Cheerfulcharlie Mon 07-Jan-13 13:33:42

Happy New Year everyone who remembers me. Just checking in to say hi and wish some good luck in 2013 to those that need it.
My boy is 5 months and a strapping wriggly thing. Really good to see Stogan going for number 2!

Snoopy glad to hear you are doing well on the treatment, nice to hear from you.

Kittens sounds like your pregnancy's going great!

'freelance* how's your little man now? Have you started solids yet? That's our next step.

freelancegirl Mon 07-Jan-13 17:06:52

Charlie! At least once a week I've thought about pm- ing you to see how you are. Strapping wriggly thing here too - 6 months on the 17th. We're just starting a few tastes now, yesterday in fact. I've got to learn to cook myself so it's a good way of starting from scratch smile

Hoping Stogan returns to let us know what Mr S had to say about number 2. Isnt there a theory that having a baby can reset your nk cells?

Digi - are you lurking? Keep meaning to see how you are too.

Any other of the Pred baby mothers thinking of trying again? I know there have been a couple of people who have Pred babies from ore thread days here already.

Kittens, I know youre still trying to get your head around number one (believe me you'll still be doing that when the baby is here!) but have you ever thought about whether you'd put yourself through it again or not? And PQ and others too...? We're not sure here as DH always wanted one and I always thought two (if I could of course) and we're not getting Ahh younger.

Stogan Mon 07-Jan-13 21:31:36

Thanks for all your kind words ladies ,I was never any good t personals but u were always a bloody lovely bunch of ladies grin

Well we saw Mr S on Friday and he (as always) was lovely and very pleased to see us($$$$, no pound sign on ipad board sorry lol)

He basically gave me the sme treatmentplan as last time, he said the cells normlly get worse but becase I ws at thelower end of the very ih cells I shuld be ok on this plan. He sid I coud take test againif I likd to confirm so obously I did. He said because we had `been there and got the t shirt` we didnt need to go back for the results (phew, its a long way) we could just get them over the phone and then adju the reatment accordingly

Stogan Mon 07-Jan-13 21:36:45

sorry posted the message before id spell checked it and now relised my ipad keyboard is not very touch sensitive lol !!!

We arent TTC yet as waiting for DD to turn one in March but once she does DH has no excuses lol

massive hugs to everyone and I promise more personals next time (started back work today and after a year off its hard to adjust)

thankswink xx

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