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TTC/ pregnancy on Prednisolone or similar

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freelancegirl Mon 13-Jun-11 16:21:35

I am not sure there are enough people here to start a thread but have been chatting on one on the pregnancy boards and was wondering if I could find any fellow ttc'ers on Prednisolone or similar?

I have just received a diagnosis of very high NK cells. It was a bit of a shock actually as it turns out I have some of the highest levels - 3.79 when anything over 1.8 is considered 'very high'.

Am trawling through Dr Beer's book and Dr Google and trying to found out more. I have been recommended 25mg prednisoline steroids for two weeks starting with ovulation, increasing to 40mg if/when BFP and then Intralipids Cyclogest too. I still have 13 days until I pop my first Pred.

There now just seem like so many hurdles - actually getting pregnant being the first one. I was prepared for high NK cells as I have high thyroid antibodies but it was shocking to be in the top 5% of people treated at the clinic. I am not sure if that gives me much less of a chance of being successful.

It would be great to hear from anyone else who is undergoing treatment and of course also if you've had successful treatment.

digitalgirl Mon 13-Jun-11 23:32:30

Hi freelance was thinking about starting a thread like this as wanted to see how many of us were out there.

My nkc reading was 1.25 so not as high as yours but I do remember another poster on here who had similar levels and did ivig too. She must be about 20 weeks or more now.

Took me ages to ovulate this cycle which hasn't followed my usual pattern following a mc...but I started the steroids the day after ovulating. Am now on day 5 and all is well. Only noticed a bit more creamy cm than usual but no other side effects.
Was thinking about testing at 11dpo (Sunday) so I could stop them early if no bfp.

freelancegirl Tue 14-Jun-11 07:48:27

Yay! Digi Thanks for joining me. Any more takers? I was hoping there might be some others so we can have some more specific conversations without boring/confusing the hell out of anyone without NK cells/steroid issues.

I imagine it was still a shock about NK cells was it? I was expecting to have some but not that high. Also I was half expecting not to have any and then be somewhat confused about what to do next. How are you feeling? Are you excited? I think in a way I might be a little excited about the prospect of trying again and also somewhat shit scared... Please hang around with me here and tell me how it all goes. Will be having a keen eye on you on the weekend!

Interesting to see that you waited until knowing you were actually ovulating before starting the steroids. The whole charting thing is new to me and I haven't yet tried ov sticks but I do have now have a bunch of internet cheapies at hand. I was going to wait until CD14 and just start taking them if I didn't notice any difference on the sticks or any symptoms. For the last 3 cycles (the only 3 post mc) I have been looking out for ovulation twinges and cm and seem to be around 14 days after period. Based on that I will be popping my first pill on the 27th June and I am guessing starting to ttc a few days before that. I will definitely try to pin it down better though with sticks/symptom watching.

Mr S did mention that cycles can be longer on steroids - what length are yours?

Ilovemysleep has been really supportive on another thread on the pregnancy boards as she has finished her steroids now and is having a good pregnancy so far.

It's all rather daunting though don't you think? Would love to find other very high NK cells people. One of my worries is that the 'very' high puts me in that 15% unsuccessful bracket. But then I thought there are plenty of other reasons people are treated by Mr S and maybe I do have a fighting chance.

It's not ivig I will be doing - it's intralipids. He thought that would be more beneficial which is handy as the former are £1400 a go and the latter £300.

Anyone else...?

Havingkittens Tue 14-Jun-11 09:53:49

Hi Freelancegirl, I've just taken my first Prednisolone tablet of this cycle which is now the 3rd cycle of being on it. The first cycle I felt awful. I had just about every side effect there is to have I think! Manic, loss of concentration, palpitations, dizzyness, shakes, the lot. The second cycle was actually fine. A couple of times I got a bit shakey if I'd not eaten for a while but other than that quite painless. Hopefully this time will be the same.

I was diagnosed with NK Cell level of 1.45. I think the normal levels are about 0.8 or thereabouts aren't they?

I reckon you should try to pinpoint your ovulation Freelance. I have been using OPKs for ages now and I tend to take my first pill the day after my 'surge' - ie. after my +ve OPK result. It's hard to second guess. I often ovulate on CD16 of a 28 day cycle, but last month I had a short cycle and ovulated on CD14 and my cycle was only 24 days long. This month it seems to be back on CD16 again.

It occurred to me that all of us on the "Recurrent Buns" thread who have been to Mr S have had a diagnosis of high NK cells, so it doesn't surprise me that in his leaflet it states that this diagnosis accounts for 50% of lost pregnancies. The pretty much makes it a travesty that this testing isn't included in the NHS tests in my book!

BrownieGecko Tue 14-Jun-11 10:33:08

Hi Freelance and Digital may I join you both for some support and chinwagging on the NK cell/TTC thing?. I have been with St Mary's for over 2 years and decided after 6th MC to go to the CRGH in London to see if we could look at things from a different angle. Our last MC surprised St Mary's as was genetically normal, and was a little boy sad. They have said there was no reason for me to have miscarried and something else must of caused this to happen. I wasn't on Aspirin, but was on Clomid and Metformin and Thyroxine as have PCO, insulin intolerance and hypothyroidism.

Since being at CRGH they have tested for NK Cell, Ovarian Reserve Test, Sperm Fragmentation DNA test for DH, and am going in this afternoon for HyCoSy test and Dummy Embryo Transfer to see if IVF is a viable option for me.

Results for NK cell test came back at 2.9. They have told me I will definitely need steroids, intralipid transfusions, heparin, metformin, thyroxine, and progesterone injections if we try again. There is still a question around whether they think we should go down the IVF route. All very confusing to be honest. It took 8 weeks for my period to return after my ERPC and we are contemplating trying again on my next cycle which could be in next 4 weeks...yikes!

I too would love to know what is involved/side effects of NK treatment. Sounds rather daunting, it was hard enough going through this before without throwing in IVF drugs, steroids and blood transfusions. Would love to hear success stories from ladies who have gone through this to keep reminding myself it is worth trying this as this will probably be our last attempt. x

digitalgirl Tue 14-Jun-11 14:15:02

freelance must have been a shock for you getting such high results. But now you are under the right treatment - so your chances of having a successful pregnancy have shot up immensely. Have you thought about doing complementary therapy to perhaps see if that can lower your nk cells? To be honest I'm only asking because I think I read somewhere that nk cells can lower of their own accord.
With regards to pinpointing ovulation I've heard that steroids can actually delay ovulation so that would be why your cycle would work out longer. So it's best to be sure you've ovulated before starting the prednisolone. I use opk's and also chart my temperature - i have to cover all bases as my pco means I usually get ewcm and near positives on the opk's several times before I actually do ovulate.

kittens hello! Fingers crossed for third time lucky! smile

browniegecko so very sorry to hear you've had so many miscarriages sad. I had four before I decided to go to The Miscarriage Clinic. For me, I've always thought until I had a diagnosis that ivf was just an expensive way to miscarry.
I'm also on metformin for pco - although it seems to have lengthened this particular cycle - didn't ovulate till day 34. My luteal phase is usually 15-16 days so we'll see if the steroids affect it.

Possible steroid side effect today - I think I look a bit fatter. But it could be because we had a big party at the weekend and I've been eating unhealthy leftovers since.

freelancegirl Tue 14-Jun-11 14:18:51

Sorry if post isn't very full but am sneaking in a quick check mid conference and trying to look like am working! Kittens yes it is a travesty testing is not available on the Nhs especially as it is just a blood test. Your experience with steroids doesn't sound hideous so far, I guess it's a case of being a necessary evil. Gecko so so sorry to hear about your experience. In terms of treatment I heard people say the intralipid iv is not actually that bad at all. I spent all yesterday dr googling it. In tests it has shown to reduce nk cells significantly for up to four weeks. In the US some Docs also seem to do it preconception but mr s has told me we will do it at a bfp. I really understand you worries, I too worry that it won't work particularly as I seem to have very high levels. Let's stay with this thread if we can and swap experiences and do some hand holding. I might see if I can get the lovely lady who posted on the pg boards who is pregnant on mr s programme and managed well with treatment. Gecko if you need any advice on thyroid issues do let me know, I've dealt with those for many years. Best go, conf restarted xx

freelancegirl Tue 14-Jun-11 22:57:02

Right, am back out of my conference now so can have a proper look through posts.

Kittens that sounds rought that you got those side effects int eh first cycle of taking Pred but thank goodness the second one was ok. I wonder if the body gets used to it? It would make sense to a certain extent. How long has it taken for you to get pregnant before?

Thanks too for the advice on usng the OPKs, I think I will do. I have been looking through the Sperm Meets Egg plan so will probably test on CD8 and start from there). I only have internet cheapies so hopefully they will be ok.

As well as your point about the NHS not testing for NK cells it seems that if all of Mr S’ patients on the recurrent board have been diagnosed with NK cells that there are a lot of us out there. I truly hope that being in that very, very high category doesn’t make me automatically in his 15% unsuccessful rate. I am hoping that because there must be other reasons why people aren’t successful there that these affect the stats. Ah, I want to use that word again…daunting.

Gecko so sorry again honey for what you have been through. They are pretty high NK results too at 2.9 (mine are 3.7 and anything over 1.8 is classed as very high). Yikes indeed, that is an arsenal of drugs you will be taking. I have mentioned a couple of success stories who I have chated to on the pregnancy boards. I have posted a link to us here to see whether they can join us for some support but here is a link back to that post:

Early pregnancy on Mr Shehata's Plan.

From what I hear treatment isn’t always so hideous although it does sound it at first of course and it’s never nice to be piled full of so many drugs.

Talking of looking fatter Digi (which I am sure you haven't and it's just the result of a nice weekend smile , I am still 10lbs over my pre pregnancy weight from the mc! It’s really annoying. Ok I am not overweight but I was a real gym gunny before (and am back at it now) so it’s frustrating. That and the fact the steroids might add to it. What have you been eating? I am planning to cut up lots of vegetables to try to stop myself from being so hungry but not sure whether this will work. Also on that thread the ladies said that when once they were pregnant any steroid weight gain evened out. Ovulating on CD34 is frustrating and it is a good point to illustrate that it might be odd for me too, so I should definitely POAS. What ones do you suggest I get? Maybe I will start charting my temp too. I haven’t yet done it so I guess I need to pay a visit to my Fertility Friend.

I was wondering – does anyone know why treatment stops after a while? Is it because the placenta takes over? Wonder what happens to the NK Cells.

BrownieGecko Wed 15-Jun-11 11:32:13

Thanks Freelance for the link, it definitely makes me feel better reading about other ladies' success stories. The furthest I have ever managed to get to is 12 weeks, so am just keeping everything crossed that one day I get to have my very own little bump smile. Treatment doesn't sound so bad really. Am focusing on positive thoughts and suck it up and see attitude in the hope we will get there.

The weight gain is my least favourite side effect if am honest. Since first MC in 2007 am over a stone heavier and hate it. Am on low GI diet and cycle/run a couple of times a week but love handles and belly still there smile

Digital - Know what you mean about IVF being the expensive way to miscarry. I really need them to explain to me why in addition to NK treatment, I need IVF so that we can justify spending that money!. Have appointment on 28th June so will find out finally what they recommend and why and then hopefully start treatment a couple of weeks later.

I was also ovulating late in my cycle around Day25 - 28 onwards with a 40 day cycle and found that the only way to rectify was to take Clomid which brought it back to day 14-16. Have got to 12wks twice on Metformin/Clomid combo and seen HB's. Am on 1000mg a day, what doses are you on?

Just out of interest, do the OPK's work for peeps with PCO, I have never used them before as thought they weren't accurate for those with the condition?. If not, then will definitely use them. Have always used the "sticky" indicator to know when I am ovulating (TMI sorry smile)

Keeping fingers x for you Kittens for this cycle, and definitely agree with you about NHS testing, tis shameful that it isn't readily available, it would save a lot of heartache.

I too have wondered what criteria they use as to when they stop treatment, some seem to stop at 12 weeks and others as late as 28 weeks?! Will ask when I see consultant at crgh.

digitalgirl Wed 15-Jun-11 19:17:23

browniegecko I'm on 1500mg of metformin. Started about three months ago - 2 weeks after my last mc. It didn't make a huge difference to my post mc cycle. Was 57 days rather than 60 (in my previous 3 mc's all post mc cycles were 60 days). Then this cycle I was expecting to ovulate at cd26 at the latest. But didn't till cd34. So not sure if the metformin has made it worse. I've been told by so many people that I don't need clomid as I am ovulating, so interesting that you've been prescribed it to shorten similar length cycles to mine.

freelance Mr S said the placenta takes over after 12 weeks and nk cells don't attack once that's in place.

lovemysleep Wed 15-Jun-11 20:47:24

hi ladies - have come to visit you on freelances glad to be of any assistance.

I'm currently 23 weeks pg with a girl. I was diagnosed with VERY high NK cells back in December, after 4 mcs and all the tests being clear that the NHS provide. I had managed to have my DD after my first mc, but then went on to have 3 mc's, and a horrible period of depression in between them. No-one could give me any answers, and I just had a gut instinct that something wasn't right.
I had an unplanned pg last June that resulted in my 4th mc at 5 weeks - my earliest one to date. We had given up on having another child, so this spun us out a bit, and the fighter in me kicked in - I'd had enough of people telling me it was just one of those things, so went research mad!
Read Dr.Beers book which was a revelation - then faffed about at the Zita West clinic (rubbish, IMO) and then decided to go private with Dr.S.
The tests showed that I had very high nk cells (couldn't tell you the exact amount but they were 3 times what they should be), so we started treatment in January. We were blessed to get pg the first month of trying, which floored me, if I'm honest...
I've done the same treatment plan as freelance - 40 mg prednisolone, intralipid infusions, aspirin and progesterone. I've honestly found the treatment to be surprisingly easy - I was concerned about the steroids - and the only side effects were weight gain and an altered sleep pattern. I put on about a stone in the first trimester, but now only weigh an extra half a stone more, so I'd say it's evened out. They did make me hungry, and I could eat BIG portions, but i think its a small price to pay for the much wanted baby. I did wake up early - around 5am - but that didn't last either.
Most of the symptoms are the ones you'll get when pg anyhow - mood swings, weight gain etc, so it can be hard to work out what is causing it.
The intralipid infusion were fine, and I even had an extra one at 12 weeks due to my high NK cells.

I just wanted to reassure you all that there are success stories out there, and that the treatment can be a doddle. I am feeling great now, although I still get the fear about the outcome will end in tears - perfectly natural for any pg woman, let alone someone who's had 4 mc's!

Sorry I've not replied to your individual stories - just wanted to let you know mine, and then I can nip back on here later on.

Good luck to you all - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you all xxx

lovemysleep Wed 15-Jun-11 20:48:06

Oooh, and meant to say, if you need to ask any questions, fire away! x

LIBBY70 Wed 15-Jun-11 21:04:07

Hello everyone, really interesting reading. I have my first appointment with Mr S on Monday. Not sure if I have high NK cells but have had 4mcs in the last 18months all showing a pregnancy sac but no real development. Do NK cells attack at this early stage or do they usually cause late miscarriages?.
Really surprised to learn that miscarriage testing was covered by my private health care after 3 mcs-thought they avoided all things pregnancy.
Sorry for short post but trying not to get too hung up on NK cells in case this is not the problem and its just because I am old (was 39 when started miscarrying now 40). Will post again when I have my results. Assume they will just take blood on my first appt? Thx and fingers hugely crossed for everyone on here.x

freelancegirl Thu 16-Jun-11 09:32:00

Hi Sleep, thanks SO much for coming over to the thread and filling us in on you story. I went research mad too, I did it earlier than you did in the case that I have only had 3 mcs (and only the last one 'counted' emotionally as I was very young for the first two and didn't want kids then) so I kind of jumped the gun in terms of going for treatment. Like you I think I had some sort of gut instinct. I was out last night with five ladies I 'met' on the miscarriage boards - we have really helped each other get through it - and they were wondering how I almost instinctively knew NK cells might be my issue - being that I harped on about it for ages before I was actually diagnosed. I feel sorry for those people who don't stumble upon it through research. Your story is so inspirational to those of us still in the early stages of treatment though.

The way you describe the treatment and side effects sounds a lot less scary too. You are right, mood swings, weight gain etc are also all part of being pregnant and it IS a small price to pay, presuming it all goes well and we get to that stage. I too would be floored if I got pregnant in the first month of trying!

In answer to the question on the thread I dragged you over from Sleep it seems that Digi is right about Mr S saying the placenta takes over after that. I would like a little diagram or something to try to work out where the NK cells are and how are they attacking the pre-placenta supported foetus! Just to try to work it out in my head but also as it might help us visualise the blighters being attacked themselves smile

I have another success story to add to our minds and hearts though. My mum has put me in touch with a friend of a friend who at 40 was diagnosed with very high NK cells (after 5 mcs), treated with the same treatment we are having/about to have and is now sitting at home with a 12 week old baby. Mum gave me her email address and I sent her a message yesterday so hopefully she might get back to me.

Digi I joined my fertility friend bought a thermometer yesterday and took my first temp today - 36.48c just after waking before 9am (sorry - not setting an alarm is a freelance prerogative smile ) so I am now officially charting. It's only CD4 so am hoping it's still an ok time to start. Your very long cycles must be very annoying. Mine, pre mc, used to vary from 29 to 40 (average around 33) days which was annoying too. So far they have been 28,29 and 31 so it looks like they are getting longer again.

Gecko am not sure about ov sticks and pcos, but am pretty sure they would work. I am glad (in a not-sadistic-way at all smile ) that you too are frustrated with the weight gain. And that's even before taking the hard core drugs! It sounds like you are not overweight either but that extra few pounds or stone is still very frustrating. None of my clothes fit nicely (and definitely pushing a size 12 now) and I too am hitting the gym with a vengeance and low-carbing. That said I do keep 'cheering myself up' with wine and, last night, a huge pizza with my 'miscarriage friends' grin.

And finally Libby sorry you are here after a terrible run of luck (or NK cell activity of course). In your first meeting Mr S will chat through your history and organise the testing. Does your private health care cover all of it? You lucky thing. I have health care too and have never been able to use the damn thing. My NHS referral for him has finally kicked in so am going to get NHS prescriptions from him at Epsom on Tues but everything so far has been private and intralipids aren't available on the NHS anyway. Hmm. Maybe it is worth me checking again with the insurance but am not holding my breath.

In answer to your question Libby I think it would seem that NK cells attack early on and cause early mcs rather than late ones, as the placenta takes over. Something that must be comforting to bear in mine when like Sleep we have got to that stage.

Phew. Long post. Who haven't I address? Kittens! Hope all is well with everyone, do keep us all updated xxx

LIBBY70 Thu 16-Jun-11 11:54:46

Hi Freelance, thx for replying. Regarding the private healthcare, mine is BUPA and they said they cover for miscarriage testing after 3mcs. I was really surprised and they also didnt mind that I was older and already had children.

Nice to hear the success stories! Can I ask at what stages your mcs were? Mine were all MMC's with just a sac and no visible fetal pole, does this sound like NK cells or just old/bad eggs??

Will be back on after my appt on Monday, fingers crossed for all.x

freelancegirl Thu 16-Jun-11 13:06:25

My last one I started to mc two days before my 12 week scan. Contractions for two days and everything. Painful stuff. But it turned out the baby had died around 7.3 weeks. There was definitely a foetus there on the scan. I have no idea what if anything marks out an NK cell miscarriage compared to a non-NK cell miscarriage so that would be a good question to ask on Monday and share with us! It would be really interesting to know whether there is a 'cut off point' or average time, or anything along those lines.

Looking forward to hearing all about it! I have another appt on Tues too so will see what else I can glean.

PrettyVacant1 Thu 16-Jun-11 13:56:34

Hello Ladies smile
Just popping in to say that after 5 early MC and a molar preg I took part in a trial for the effects of pres v placebo against NK cells.
My cells were also above 3. something.
I'm very pleased to say that I am currently 29+5 and fit as a fiddle with the bod I waited so,so long for currently performing a tap dancing routine on my bladder.grin
I took 20mg from about 5 weeks (as soon as I found out) until 12 weeks when I gradually reduced to 5 mg.
All the very best of luck to every one of you.
I'll be keeping everything crossed that you get there .

digitalgirl Thu 16-Jun-11 17:38:47

waves at prettyvacant smile so pleased to hear everything going well for you! Such an inspiration.

Libby I'm not sure there's a 'typical' nk cell caused mc - other than they're all usually first trimester. My first mc was approx 5 weeks. My second was just before 7 weeks but when scanned during mc couldn't find a sac larger than 4-5 weeks. My third mc showed a sac, yolk and fetal pole but heartbeat was v slow and never picked up. Growth slowed after 6 weeks and I miscarried at 7+3 weeks when baby only measured 6+3. My fourth mc had progressed well with growth and hb up to 8 weeks but heartbeat stopped around 8+1. I've since found out that this last baby had chromosome problems and would never have made it - so it was interesting that the nk cells didn't kick in till 8 weeks (if they did - it was the only pg during which I took aspirin.)

freelance well done on joining ff. It can take a while to get the hang of charting (remembering to take temps was trick for me at first). I set my alarm for 7 to take it then go back to sleep if I don't need to get up. I find my temps go up the longer I lie in.

lovemysleep lovely to hear from you too, so pleased it's all going well. And great to hear the weight gain evened out!

freelancegirl Thu 16-Jun-11 22:54:41

Prettyvacant At the risk of sounding like some odd American chat show host, thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your story. Genuinely, that is the sort of thing it is wonderful for us - at the start of treatment and ttc - really need to hear. I am so pleased it is going well for you especially after everything you have been through to get to this stage. Were you aware that you were definitely on the steroids rather than the placebo eventually? It's good to hear you had very high levels too, from my part. I was concerned that my extreme levels would put me out of the game but maybe that's not necessarily the case.

I love the idea of your little one tap dancing on your bladder too smile

Digi what an awful run down of miscarriages. How have you coped? Do you just get more pragmatic about it and try not to be emotionally involved (not easy to do I realise)? I ask because there's a huge chance it might happen to me again and I imagine that if I get pregnant I will be trying to stay calm and detached. Not sure I will be able to though! But I guess you are in the same position too.

Also, am pretty outraged at the suggested, Digi that maybe I might need to set my alarm earlier grin. Am freelance! I can't compute... I will try to get up a bit earlier from now on I promise.

I am actually starting to make a documentary about miscarriage - did I mention that? I am going to film my treatment and am also talking to some other ladies about following their journey from now to trying to have a baby/have another baby. I am not a hard-hitting journo in any shape or form (my field is fluffy and more PR than news!) but I just think this is something that needs more attention and that women going through this need a lot more support. But anyway, whilst I was chatting to a producer friend explaining that someone (it might have been Dr Beer) described raised NK cells like having a 'womb full of lions' and we were laughing (sometimes you just have to don't you?) about tongue in cheek titles for it involving Killer Wombs etc and he pointed me to this area of mythology:

I've got no comment on it and I realise it is totally irrelevant! You're all going to think am a bit odd now aren't you...

digitalgirl Fri 17-Jun-11 20:50:50

freelance how have I coped? I don't really know. I think having my wonderful ds (2yrs 10 months) has been a major help. My DH has been incredibly supportive. MN has been a lifeline. And I have a couple of RL friends I've been able to confide in. I tried counselling after the third mc but didn't really get much out of it - felt completely unproductive. I found the emotional aftermath of the third mc very difficult - waiting for tests, waiting for my long cycles to kick in, not knowing why it kept happening, and accepting that I was now part of that 1% that suffer from rmc. I desperately didn't want miscarriage to define me - but unfortunately it is a major part of who I am now. I can't pretend the last 19 months of pregnancy loss hasn't happened. But here I am - with a diagnosis and a treatment plan and even the knowledge that one of my previous mc's was a 'bad luck' mc. Perhaps I've had my run of bad luck. Hopefully next time will be fine. smile

PrettyVacant1 Sat 18-Jun-11 09:52:36

Waves at Didge smile How you doing? wink
Freelance wowsers, a documentary. Fantastic!
I'm on a train with approx 4 mins before tunnel so s'cuse the short post.
It was the second time for me with the 'roids .
The first was the molar sad so I was promised them next time anyways.
I think I was on them with the molar as I got to nearly 12 weeks and got a hb , which had not been done before.
This time, found out Christmas day when I was already over a week late.
Not the best time to try and get hold of drucks!
Cue crying to an NHS direct Doc on Boxing day and him faxing over a prescription.

freelancegirl Sat 18-Jun-11 11:48:35

The coping thing is interesting Digi as I get the impression from some posters on mn that they have had to try to somehow 'switch off' a little bit when they next get pregnant. But I realise that must be hard to do. You are right, now you have treatment there are many reasons to feel very positive. Saying you don't what miscarriage to define you is very poignant. I never wanted to be one of those people who 'try' for a baby and struggle as I have seen it define other people. And yet here I probably am. For these reasons I don't really think I am going to tell many RL people about the treatment. Not sure how to play that if I do get pregnant as they are so used to me drinking!

That Christmas Day thing sounds awful Prettyvacant. So glad it has worked out well!

Am on countdown to drug taking now - going to start poas on Monday (CD8) or Tuesday and start to SWI (!) and maybe start taking them next monday, which will be CD14 and around when I have had ovulation signs for the last three months of making myself aware of them. Am terrified actually. But part of me thinks it is so bloody unlikely I will get pregnant the first month or so anyway.

eurochick Sat 18-Jun-11 19:10:47

Interesting thread ladies. Thanks for sharing. I have found reading this thread very interesting.

I haven't had a BFP yet but my acupuncturist mentioned that she thought it was possible that NK cells were causing early miscarriages (because of other conditions I have) so it is a topic of interest to me. I am at an early stage of investigations though and still having the basic tests done on the NHS but if they don't show anything, I might start hunting down Mr S!

freelancegirl Sat 18-Jun-11 19:28:56

Hi Eurochick welcome to the thread! Sorry you are having earl miscarriages. What other conditions do you have, may I ask. You don;t have to mention if you don't want to of course. I have raised thyroid antibodies and high enough NK cells to be in the top 5% Mr S has seen! Great...

This is a list of tests I put together a couple of months ago as I wanted to do as much testing as I could on the NHS. Sorry about the caps - it was from my old email and I can't be bothered to retype.

Antiphospholipid antibodies
Antinuclear antibodies

Do let us know how it goes xx

freelancegirl Sun 19-Jun-11 10:42:53

I have a ttc question actually. Tomorrow will be CD8 for me and according to the Sperm Meets Egg plan that is a good day to start SWI every other day. BUT if we are not actually staring Predisolone until actual ovulation signs are seen do you think there's any possibility that things might go wrong because of that? Obviously am aware that we can't get pregnant until we actually ovulate but am just wondering about sperm being there, poised as it were, and being damaged by NK cells.

Another thing I have been wondering about is whether NK cells can only half attack. Brutally, I guess what I mean is that they attack enough to damage but not to kill.

What's everyone else doing about ttc in terms of starting before taking steroids or waiting until the day you take them?

I have an appointment at Epsom on Tues (my first NHS one with them!) so I might well wait until then and see what they said. Anyone have any theories though it would be good to hear them!

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