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Ok, a word about early testing...

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chocolatecoveredlissielou Sun 10-Apr-11 15:46:47

dont do it. seriously, its shit. companies like FR and CB will sell their "find out 6d early tests" (what they actually mean is 6d from missed period, so still only 10dpo) to you by taking advantange of the fog of insanity that comes from ttc. they manipulate all that hope and fear to try to convince you that you NEED to know as soon as youve had sex. in fact, it takes up to 10 days for an egg to implant. many women dont ovulate on CD14 and have longer or shorter luetal phases. they dont publish the stats on how many women actually get an accurate result at 10dpo (about 50%, shall find the stats if anyone wants to see) or how many women get a faint bfp, start planning and getting excited, only for their period to start on the expected day.

seriously, early testing will NOT make you any more pg. you wont get to meet your baby any earlier. you wont get an earlier scan (most hospitals will only scan from 6w) or MW appointments. in fact, you wont believe the result (esp if its a BFN) so you will retest the next day with FMU. then the next day. then the next day. until either your period arrives or you get a clear BFP.

and while Im on the subject, tests should be read within the time scale on the leaflet. you shouldnt take it apart and its so much better to see a clear bfp than one you have to hang out of the window, tilt to the left and squint to see.

I know some people will come on and say "I got a bfp at 6dpo, and just gave birth" but for every story like that there are 10 more who didnt get a bfp til 14po (or later) or 20 more who got a bfp then their periods started.

<steps off soap box>

DreamingOfABump Sun 10-Apr-11 16:04:33

sensible advice, its so hard to be sensible with something as emotive as ttc, but early testing is a recipe for disaster. So many women book appts to see gp/mw only for their period to come and be heartbroken. damn you early tests.

chocolatecoveredlissielou Sun 10-Apr-11 16:10:45

thank you dreaming. and I do understand, Ive been there. but I worked out last night that the average woman takes 12m to conceive, so if you buy 2 packs of CB HPT tests and one of the OV kits (which I have nothing against btw, I dont really like them, but hey ho) the average woman will spent almost £500 in a year. its really not worth it.

oh and this is interesting reading too.

hairylights Sun 10-Apr-11 16:35:01

Sorry but that's not the case for me. I need to know as early as possible as I've had 3 x losses and have to consider medication from day one and taking absolutely no risks at all.

chocolatecoveredlissielou Sun 10-Apr-11 17:02:36

but hairy, how early? Ive had 13 mc's and I take asprin from 7dpo (just in case) but my cons wont prescribe heparin until I am 6w pg

what meds are you taking? (its lissie btw)

sevendwarves Sun 10-Apr-11 18:25:59

Sorry hairy and chocolate for your mc's.

Except for exceptional circumstances I agree completely. I had a very faint line on an early cheap test and started getting excited. The next day was a BFN. That was 2 weeks ago and still no AF or BFP. The stupid thing is after that line a small part of me still thinks 'could I be pregnant?' but I know full well BFN's 3 weeks after ovulation means I'm definitely not.

buggerlugs82 Sun 10-Apr-11 18:51:42

For some women, inclu me, its hard to know when its early and when its not! My cycles are all over the place and im currently on CD45! I have no idea when i ov'd, or if i did at all so sometimes women will test, not to do it early, but just so they know. Its driving me bonkers not knowing where AF is!

WorzselMummage Sun 10-Apr-11 18:56:29

No-one should be lining clearblues pockets at any time of the month anyway. They make shit pregnancy tests and even shitter television adverts.

Don't give them a penny and buy cheap tests from amazon or ebay which are more accrate, easier to read, don't give false positives and cost about 1% of the price.

Buggerlugs, have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility ? that should halp you work out when you're ovulating

cherrychoo Sun 10-Apr-11 19:07:31

Buuuut i need want feel that i would like to know ASAP so that i can then prepare, as you know lissie for the next mc that will inevitably happen.

I solenmly declare that i shall never ever do a test early ever ever again.

I promise
I do, i promise you......
i will not
nor will i test early, till af due
not the day before
not two days before
not till the actual day.
the day itself....

Bexamundo Sun 10-Apr-11 20:00:17

Amen Lissielou! Will be sitting on hands for next two weeks...

DuelingFanjo Sun 10-Apr-11 20:04:31

I have to agree with the OP. When I was ttc I started off testing early but pretty soon realised it was better to wait until my period was late otherwise I would just keep hoping (and testing) that it was just too early and I really was pregnant. This usually meant a few days of false hope which made me even more miserable when I finally got my period.

When I eventually had IVF they told me not to test until 16 days after the embryo transfer and I stuck to it even though technically I could have tested a lot earlier.

sevendwarves Sun 10-Apr-11 20:19:57

Dueling love your name by the way, I thought with IVF if you tested early you would get a positive test regardless due to the hormones you have to take. No experience to back that up but we looked into PGD as DS has an inherited genetic condition.

worzel I think cheap eBay tests are crap worse and strongly encourage anyone not to buy them.

chocolatecoveredlissielou Mon 11-Apr-11 08:21:23

buggerlugs, have you seen your gp about your cycles? I second TCOYF to help you out.

I just hate the way that they twist the facts and manipulate people when they are desperate. there are obviously times when you need to know early, but the best way to get a definate result early on is through a blood test, HPT's just arent that accurate before 4w, and there isnt a lot that can be done before 4w to improve an embryo's chances other than taking FA. in fact, some reporrts suggest that taking asprin before implantation can hinder implantation.

Cally35 Mon 11-Apr-11 10:01:08

here here Lissie-. I would love to have a few words with FR and CB about their marketing, their early tests and opks actually. They prey on the vulnerable and charge an unreasonable amount for the priviledge. FR OPK tests say over 99% accurate so I did their tests, followed their instructions and couldn't get a positive. I'm not the only one it seems - but with these figures on their box , I panicked that I wasn't ovulating and used a pack of 20 sticks in the process.
Then I even waited to miss my period before using FR and it was negative. Again, there are stupid statistics on their box which made me think I couldn't possibly be pregnant as according to them, you can test up to 6 days early plus I got negative OPKs every day. It was 18dpo before it showed positive...Ok so i m/c'd later but they need to be more honest I think and stop barking on about "accuracy" because they clearly are not accuracte for a hell of a lot of people.

buggerlugs82 Mon 11-Apr-11 12:03:49

So, now we've established CB are poo, i was thinking of splashing out on the CD fertility monitor this week - Thoughts please? (Be honest!) I can buy a lot with £60!

chocolatecoveredlissielou Mon 11-Apr-11 12:08:59

I would honestly buy a copy of TCOYF and a BBT instead. especially if your cycle is irregular. and definately go to the gp, PCOS and endo need to be ruled out.

LineOnTheLeftOneCrossEach Mon 11-Apr-11 12:16:39

I must admit, I do test early. BUT never ridiculously early, only with ebay cheapies (20 for £2) and in the sure and certain knowledge of everything that means. Faint positives, possible chemical pregnancy etc. If the technology is there, I avail myself of it. I am very, very, very fortunate though to not have any serious fertility issues and to know my body inside out. I've actually only ever tested when I already know I'm probably pregnant (bbt and just knowing how my body behaves).

BUT I would never give my money to cb or fr and I test early from a position of informed choice.

bemybebe Mon 11-Apr-11 12:29:57

Early testing also brings the heartache of the dreadful 'chemical' pregnancy. It is a miscarriage in all but name especially to those longing for a baby, but ignorance is bliss sometimes... (I may be wrong of course).

chocolatecoveredlissielou Mon 11-Apr-11 12:35:01

exactly bemybabe, some people (like line) can cope with and are prepared for the posssibility of a CP. but for many its a huge loss. esp if you have been ttc for a long time and this is/was your first bfp.

LineOnTheLeftOneCrossEach Mon 11-Apr-11 12:42:26

My first bfp ended up as a chemical pregnancy. My second as a miscarriage. My third produced dd. I've been pg two further times. No more children yet, but this pg seems to be fine thus far.

I would say that early testing is inadvisable for the majority. I already know I'm pg when I test, the testing is academic and doesn't tell me if the pregnancy is viable. I don't do it for viability, I do it well because I can I suppose. I have a home doppler for similar reasons. Having lost pregnancies before and having had a problematic first trimester with dd, the confirmation it gives outweighs any problems until I can feel a kicking baby. But like I say I am informed and acknowledge any risks/possibilities. And I only test once! And only listen to the hb once a week between the dating scan and 16 weeks. Then I stop. I am not beholden to cb and their fecking nasty lure.

chocolatecoveredlissielou Mon 11-Apr-11 12:47:37

see, Im the opposite. up until my 6th mc I was testing early, thinking "I need to know, I need reassurance" but now the idea depresses me blush and I would really rather not know for certain iykwim. but I see too many times "I just POAS and got a v faint bfp... am i pg?" or "I am 8dpo, just POAS and BFN, but I feel pg...." and CB and FR take advantage of that.

and I would love to send "claire" to room 101.

buggerlugs82 Mon 11-Apr-11 12:48:17

Re going to the doctors - I only came off the pill in Sept and until Jan my cycles were around 35 days. I then went to Thailand for 3 weeks and had a 42 day long cycle and assumed it was the jet lag that caused it. my last cycle was 37 days however i'm now on CD46!

I'm taking agnus castus and have been since Feb so will wait a couple more months before going to see GP.

Re BBT, i get up at different times every day due to my husband working shifts so think i'd prefer the digital fertility monitor.

i'm trying not to think or worry about it too much and just be as positive as possible but i wish AF would just arrive.

chocolatecoveredlissielou Mon 11-Apr-11 12:50:44

were you advised to take the angus castus by a homeopath?

chocolatecoveredlissielou Mon 11-Apr-11 12:51:55

sorry, that was a bit blunt. I just saw the AC and had a moment. have you done a HPT?

LineOnTheLeftOneCrossEach Mon 11-Apr-11 12:54:27

I'd like to piss on claire's foot.

I don't feel reassured by a pregnancy test. It's odd. Either I'm pregnant or not. My bbt and cervix tell me I am. The testing? Weirdly academic. Doesn't convince me of viability or change any hopes (well pessimism really).

I've never tested at 8dpo and would never ever stare at a test for more than the 5 minutes, take it apart or fuss over it for hours. I can't explain it. I had a couple of years to get used to ttc before I had a cp and then finally dd. I never tested until I knew I was pg. I might have had the odd hiccup along the way but my body outweighs weeing on a stick and I have always hung onto that as a balance.

But if I could have 10 minutes alone with Claire and a pot of wee, she'd have a very wet foot. It's cruel. Bloody nasty, cruel, false-hope raising. And they're clever aren't they. How many times do you see 'they're the best on the market' or 'buy a cb digi, don't trust your supermarket's own'. Clever, clever bastards.

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