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1 year old sick help

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Stepparentchallenges Sat 13-Oct-18 21:41:44

For the last week and a half my one year old seems to be quite sicky again. Bringing up his milk (he's on cows milk and has been for about 3 months.) it's very cottage cheese like. He seems to have a cold too. He is eating durn the day and Drinking plenty. Just seems odd. He use to have bad reflux and was on gaviscon and then it stopped. Do you think it sounds serious has it happened to anyone else's baby? Xx

3luckystars Sat 13-Oct-18 21:45:08

Reflux can come back when they are teething.

Also, a blocked nose can make babies puke (I think it's because the holes are so tiny)

Clearly, I am not a doctor. I definitely think you should get a baby checked if you are worried. Good luck.

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