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Best Maternity sanitary pads for after birth?

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NewMum26 Mon 06-Mar-17 11:22:15

What are the best pads to get for after the birth and pack in my hospital bag?

Bluebelltulip Mon 06-Mar-17 11:33:19

I found mothercare ones with wings and aloe Vera were good and better than the boots ones

BlueKarou Mon 06-Mar-17 11:49:13

I ended up using the Always nighttime pads with wings. The maternity pads I tried just felt huge and uncomfortable.

MtheWad Mon 06-Mar-17 11:51:20

Tena lady pants. The pink packet. They are expensive but there's no chance of leaking and you can't see them through trousers so no one will know your wearing them.

Boomies Mon 06-Mar-17 20:08:03

Mothercare with wings and aloe vera handsome down! I tired a few but those were fantastic even on my tonne of stitches, every other brand I tried were itchy/sore and I went straight back to those!

5hell Mon 06-Mar-17 20:12:54

I second the Tena disposable pants - certainly for the first couple of days

ILikeSalmon Mon 06-Mar-17 21:01:18

I reccomend going to a chemist.
I was in there yesterday collecting my prescription for Gaviscon when I noticed they had thick sanitary pads. Was less embarresingh buying them there than a supermarket.
They were only £1.15 thick and long

NerrSnerr Mon 06-Mar-17 21:05:36

I liked the Boots ones- the thick ones like little mattresses. I knew when in hospital they like you to use proper maternity pads so they can see how much blood you've lost as sanitary towels draw the blood away from the surface of the pad. I had a big blood loss though so don't think night time pads would have cut it, I had two thick maternity pads in my knickers when it was at its worst.

GemSingleton Tue 07-Mar-17 16:14:19

I liked the boots ones the best! Mothercare were ok but expensive compared to the others out there!

divadee Tue 07-Mar-17 20:33:12

I used tena pants (pink discreet ones) and tesco maternity pads. Worked a treat.

soundsystem Thu 09-Mar-17 05:13:04

I liked the Tesco ones. Like sitting on little pillows!

Littlelegs19 Thu 09-Mar-17 06:07:46

I bought Tesco own ones ( in a blue package) very comfortable and pillow like. Just wish I'd known there were ones out there with wings.

WantToGoingTo Sat 11-Mar-17 21:02:00

Definitely Tena pants. With maternity pads inside. Don't use disposable knickers or anything like that, Tena are great they prevent all leaks and extra padding!

Obsidian77 Sat 11-Mar-17 21:06:48

Tesco were pretty good then after a couple of weeks you can probably switch to regular sanpro.
I wouldn't overthink it, just get 3 or 4 packs of whatever is convenient.

StrawberryStar Sat 11-Mar-17 21:13:51

I went for sanitary pads and was advised the bigger and thicker the better. I got mine from home and bargain. I was also advise by a midwife to put some pure lavender oil drops on there. It really helped.

Mehfruittea Sat 11-Mar-17 21:20:48

I used night time towels and bought huge cheap knickers from Primark. I bled for a while and just boil washed the knickers with all the baby clothes covered in poo and sick. No need for disposable pants, they are never as comfy as big cotton knickers.

Obviously they need to be destroyed as soon as possible, before OH can accidentally see you in them. grin

Womble75 Sat 11-Mar-17 22:46:38

I'm using Kotex nighttime which are great. Very thick and soft. Very sticky also bit with no wings so you can double up if needed.
Much better than the boots and Tesco ones I used last time.

knockedover Sat 11-Mar-17 22:49:51

Always discreet pants first 24 hrs then aldi tena pads

kel1493 Sat 11-Mar-17 22:51:54

I just used tesco maternity pads without wings. £1 for 10, couldn't go wrong. They were soft and comfortable.
Though I did switch to normal always ultra pads without wings (light green pack) for during the day as soon as possible (about 2 weeks after the birth for me). And the always ultra night pads (with wings) for nighttime (again about 2 weeks after), as the maternity ones were so big.
In fact after about a week I mainly used them for extra padding and cushioning for my stitches).

GotToGetMyFingerOut Sat 11-Mar-17 22:52:27

I hated maternity ones. My aunty who has had five kids recommended always nighttime with wings. which I used and liked all three times. Never had any leakage etc.

Deploycharitygoats Sun 12-Mar-17 13:47:14

I really liked the Natracare ones for the start, then Always night ones once things calmed down a bit. Couldn't get on with Boots ones at all.

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