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Having painful contractions 10 mins apart BUT......

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katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 10:50:24

I've been having them since 8.30pm last night and it's driving me mad. I wish they'd either go away or turn into 'established' labour. Really painful so I can't sleep.

Second baby so really didn't expect a huge period of contractions but with nothing happening.

Anyone else have this with a 2nd labour? Don't know what to do with myself. (spoken to hospital but not all that much they can do until the contractions get closer together)

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evilsparklystepmom Sun 21-Jan-07 10:52:25

can you not go to the hospital just to be checked? they could then maybe tell you if you are dilated at all?

how long was your first labour?

DumbledoresGirl Sun 21-Jan-07 10:53:02

Definitely had this with my third pregnancy. I am sorry to say it went on for a few days. Finally, so bad that I had a sleepless night but the contractions stopped in the morning. I was so fed up and tired by the afternoon that I went into hospital to be examined, just for some amusement really - honestly did not think I was in labour - and ended up I think 6cm dilated and had dd about 3 hours later.

All I can say is, it is happening for you, but maybe not today. Good luck.

LemonTart Sun 21-Jan-07 10:54:51

Had this with first labour for two days. 2nd labour had this for a good 12 hours before fed up of "resting" and went for a walk - kick started them into "working".
They will still be prepping the way for the baby even if not regular - you never know, until checked, you may be dilating
Hang in there thinking of you Katierocket

katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 10:55:41

thanks for replying. My first labour was very similar (although more back pains than front contractions). Stupidly I thought it might be more straightforward this time. Dummbledoresgirl - you have given me some hope - which is definitely what i need! IT'sjust so wearing not being able to sleep but not actually progressing any.

Think I will give it until this afternoon and ring hospital again.

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evilsparklystepmom Sun 21-Jan-07 10:56:17

good luck

katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 10:56:20

lemontart - I was wondering if I should go and do something more active to see if that would help.

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pupuce Sun 21-Jan-07 11:06:54

Have you tried paracetamol and bed rest ? That usually taks the edge off and allows you to sleep.

MarsLady Sun 21-Jan-07 11:08:31

Ditto Pupuce (welcome back btw)!

Just rest where you can honey. No point in going backwards and forwards to hospital.

pupuce Sun 21-Jan-07 11:09:05

Katie - I did self examination in my own labour and I can tell you that even when my labour had started (contractions every 3 to 4 min) I still was not dilated but I knew that at one point it would go very quickly and it did, 3 hours later I was in proper labour and that did't last too long. I examined myself again then and I was fully (I was in the pool).

pupuce Sun 21-Jan-07 11:10:19

Thanks Mars
BTW- sorry for not replying to your e-mail... as you may have realised you e-mailed me right around the birth and I had my head somewhere else .... and now I have a back log of old e-mails !!!

ItsMeMellowma Sun 21-Jan-07 11:11:09

My second labour was the same. I thought it would be so much quicker than the first so arranged for childcare etc as soon as contractions started, dh came home from work too.

We were still in the same position the next day, try straddling a kitchen chair and watching the tv and try to rest as much as possible, although if it was like mine just as I started resting another contarction would come.

Good luck and take care, not too long now.

katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 11:15:53

pupuce, yes tried the paracetamol and warm bath. I fall asleep for about 5/10 mins then get woken up by contraction. And when I get a contraction I have to get up because laying down is too painful.

It is reassuring to know that others have had similar experience. I just feel like a bit of a failure, I so wanted to have a quick labour this time and I feel like I'm making a bit fuss but not actually getting anywhere

Feel sorry for DS too - bless him he doesn't really understand and it must be difficult for him (DP has taken him out).

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pupuce Sun 21-Jan-07 11:17:32

You can do the paracetamol again... not the bath at the same time (I think)

ItsMeMellowma Sun 21-Jan-07 11:18:42

One more thing.... watch you do not have too warm a bath... apparently I kept slowing things down by having hot baths... although I have heard since then that NOTHING could slow down impending labour... just in case though

katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 11:19:14

OK, thanks for the tip. Am desperate so any advice gratefully received!

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Flamesparrow Sun 21-Jan-07 11:20:52

I was like this too - it was just over 24 hours for me. I had a bath at about 3am (that was 20 hours in), and it suddenly came as a rush with them getting much stronger, but I still wasn't more than 3 bloody cms.

It was exhausting though so please try and eat lots of slow release foods. I spent most of my labour online, poddling about the house, and laying down every now and then becauase I felt even sleep in 10 min bursts was more helpful than nothing.

Good luck!!

katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 14:08:51

bloody things have stopped now which is on the one had a relief and, on the other hand, very blinking frustrating.

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lulumama Sun 21-Jan-07 14:24:53

how did i miss this !! mars - you could have shouted me !

and welcome back pupuce

oooooh.....i love a good labour thread, katierocket..!

Piffle Sun 21-Jan-07 14:31:01

I had the most intense week of pre labour with dd, even though she was my 2nd I still had 2 false alarms as contractions were so regular and strong.
Drove me mad at the tiem but when I did go into established labour
Damn it was quick

katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 14:53:11

hi lulu

thanks piffle. It really is quite soul destroying but I guess I have to remember that it will happen sooner or later.

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UCM Sun 21-Jan-07 15:00:13

Katie, tell me how did you do it, start getting contractions..........

ooooooooo I would love some contractions

katierocket Sun 21-Jan-07 15:02:28

I know UCM but honestly it's soul destroying when you've been having them for 18 hours and then they stop! It's my 2nd labour FGS, it shouldn't be like this [stamps foot]

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SHHHH Sun 21-Jan-07 15:04:42

UCM, you took the words out of my mouth..!!! Good luck KR.x

preggerspoppet Sun 21-Jan-07 15:08:42

I remember this well katierocket!

I called the midwife after what felt like days of contracting, she simply said, 'phone me when you know you are in labour' at the time it didn't make much sence but a few hours later, just as i had made myself comfortable enough to watch love-soup on the tv, and all of a sudden 'I knew I was in labour'

I said to dh 'Oh no, I remember it now -it's started!'

lots of luck and I hope you have a very lovely baby soon x

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