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Assisted delivery and later eyesight problems - a coincidence?

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Posey Tue 19-Dec-06 20:32:10

My dd has recently started wearing glasses. She had a ventouse delivery. My mum said that after my sister's eye problems became apparent, she was told it was probably because of forceps delivery. Anyone aware of any research backing this up. Just interested.

MerryChipmonkAndAHappyNewey Wed 20-Dec-06 01:54:49

Posey, I have heard this but IME, ( I'm an optometrist) most eye problems in children are either hereditary, particularly long-sightedness; or caused by eyestrain while doing closework, which seems to be the case with shortsighted children, usually older. I have heard of astigmatism being caused by assisted delivery but have not seen any research to back it up. I can look it up tomorrow or perhaps jabberwocky has more info?

lulumama Wed 20-Dec-06 12:11:41

the only way i can think of it happening is the forceps causing nerve damage..but would have had to be done very badly to cause damage to the eyesight.....i think what your mum was told was probably incorrect, IMHO..... although depends on what sort of eye problems..i need glasses, and have the same prescription as my dad! more likely to be hereditary.....i'm sure assisted delivery can be blamed for all sorts of things, whether it is true or not is another matter......a ventouse would is placed on the top of the head and not anywhere near the eyes, so highly unlikely to be a cause of any eye issues, IMHO...

i had to wear glasses from very young, and i was not an assisted delivery!!

MerryChipmonkAndAHappyNewey Wed 20-Dec-06 14:13:29

Lulumama I think the theory is not that there s nerve damage but that the way the ventouse causes the head to become misshapen "squashes" the orbital cavity, causing the eye to flatten in shape. I don't really buy it because their heads are very flexible at that age anyway!

lulumama Wed 20-Dec-06 14:17:05

i see...thanks for that.... the ventouse can cause an upward swelling, so i was sort of thinking that a crushing injury would be more damaging, IFYSWIM...and that could happen with misapplied forceps....

but yes, the bones of the skull are moveable at birth .

interesting question.... ~!

ta for the info !

lulumama Wed 20-Dec-06 14:18:35

that sounds horrible!! the forceps could bruise , rather than crush, should read my posts more before posting .

Posey Wed 20-Dec-06 17:31:40

Thanks for that!
Dd is short-sighted. Dh and I both have very good sight.
My sister wore glasses from age of 2, had a squint. Don't know if she's long or short-sighted
My parents have just worn glasses as they've got older.
Anyway, interesting stuff, thanks for taking the time to respond

lulumama Wed 20-Dec-06 17:51:51

i am short sighted in one eye, and long in the other,.just like my dad!!!

if you find out anymore..let us know !


Bookaboo Fri 23-Sep-16 18:48:59

Sorry for revitalising an ancient thread, but my DS has just been diagnosed with astigmatism and he had a ventouse delivery. He had a very misshapen head with it too.

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