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Has anyone been using their Bell tent/soulpad tent this summer?

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Ripeberry Sun 31-Aug-08 16:31:34

Hi, back in Feb/March, there was a discussion on MN about bell tents (the white canvas tents).
Just wondering how everyone else has got on with theirs?
We've just come back from the Gower today after having a lovely day on the beach until 10pm at night (had a nice campfire).
Today was a bit grim, so we packed up to go.
Lots of people came up to us to ask us where we got the tent from and they were quite surprised by how easy it is to put up and take down, when they are all struggling with their tunnel tents.
We've used ours at least 6 times this summer and it's been in a gale and a hailstorm and has not leaked.
We are planning to use it this winter, but using the electrical hookup for our convector heater! and we will be re-treating the canvas with some waterproofing agent just to make sure it copes with winter weather.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 16:33:03

Which one did you get RB??

Can you link please ?

HotblackDesiato Sun 31-Aug-08 16:33:45


decided i had to wait until my indestructible diabolo died before justifying new tent. will be trying harder to ruin it next year.

Ripeberry Sun 31-Aug-08 16:50:10

It's the Soulpad 4000 ease with a sewn -in groundsheet.
Sorry can't do links, the website is

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 31-Aug-08 16:54:19

this one?


Ripeberry Sun 31-Aug-08 21:37:03

Yes, that one, but they seem to have gone up in price since January!

Surfette Tue 02-Sep-08 00:44:13

We got ours for 159 euros plus postage from the Dutch website back at the end of February and have been camping in it loads from early March until this weekend. It has coped with cold weather, storms, torrential rain, wind, and even the odd sunny few minutes here and there, and has been great the whole time. If it is warm in the morning it takes longer to heat up than our previous nylon tents, allowing for longer lie-ins. As there is a lot of air in it, it can be a bit chilly at night but with a gas lamp to go to bed with (or a proper heater in the colder months) that has not been an issue.

Like you, Ripeberry, wherever we go people admire it and are impressed with how easily it goes up and packs down.

We love it and are off for a fortnight in the north of Ireland next week with it which should be a pretty good test of its weather proof qualities!

Pixel Tue 02-Sep-08 20:23:42

It looks great but I can't tell from those pics how the door is fastened. Does it have a zip and can you do it up high enough to stop an 8yo with Houdini tendencies from reaching it? Also, how sturdy is the central pole? ie how likely is it that a child hanging on to it could collapse the whole tent?
Sorry to be nosey, we aren't getting a new tent just yet (also have indestructible Diablo grin) but I'm determined that next time we will get one that is as easy to put up as possible. Dh has got used to me eyeing up the other tents on the site and he and dd give each other knowing looks and say "she's off again" blush.

Ripeberry Wed 03-Sep-08 10:45:15

The opening has 3 large zips, two on the bottom and one going from top to bottom, so all the zips will meet in the middle at the bottom.
You could maybe tie them up with a small plastic locking device if he is that determined.
The central pole is very strong once all the pegs are in place on the outside.
My 6yr old daughter climbs up and down it and it has been up in a gale, only the tent pegs let us down because we used the straight metal ones, but with all the pegs out the pole was still up.
For lighting we use a battery powered lantern and tie it to the pole with a bungee cord.

Pixel Wed 03-Sep-08 23:42:50

Ah I see, thanks Ripeberry. Not sure the doorway would be suitable then as he is that determined! Shame, it looks like a fun tent.

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